The Last Kiss: A Type of SacrificeMature

I watched in frustration as Flemeth set the bubbling pot down before me, humming something to herself. "Shall I drink it yet? I need this day to be over.." I muttered, almost incoherently to myself, tapping my fingers on the tiny table next to the bed I was on. She looked up from the pot, sitting down beside me and Anders.

"Just be aware that you might encounter Justice in the Fade instead of Anders, but you are the one I fear for.." Her eyes narrowed at him, a worried expression I had not seen from her before. "We still are unsure what is inside her, and she will most likely not be.. herself. Just know that you have to calm whatever it is down and get her out of there. Your going to have to leave together or else one will not be coming back, and that person might be you, Warden. You must find her as soon as you enter and keep her as close as possible."

"I'm well aware of this but sacrifices must be made sometimes if necessary." His reply was short as he watched her carefully. I sniffled as I tightened my grip on his arm, shaking my head.

"No, no. You can't do this Anders. I won't allow it. I can't lose-" He placed his finger over my lips, smiling at me with an unknown sadness looming in his eyes. He pressed his lips to my forehead, kissing me gently as a hot tear fell onto my face.

"And I can't lose you. This is a risk I'm willing to take. I will not let this happen, love." Anders looked down at me as he pulled away, gnawing at his lip as he dug into his pocket, "If you feel like your losing yourself in there," He held out his hand, pulling my towards it and placing something in it, "Just remember what you have here. Look at this and maybe just maybe.." Another deep breath. "Maybe you can come back to me."

I looked down at my hand, opening it shakily. I stared down at the small object in awe, tears filling my eyes. "A Fereldan Wildflower? How did you get this?" I examined the long glass tube, seeing the pastel purple peeking back through at me. It's vines wrapped around a thorny stem, the leaves looking that they also had spikes on the tips. It was frozen inside the tube and there was something etched into the side of it. "... Now, always and forever in my heart, until the end of time."

"I remember the day we were in the Deep Roads and you told me about how you lost the flower Malcolm gave you when you left Lothering."

I smiled at him, slipping it into my pocket. "I will hold onto this forever. But Anders, I'm not going to lose you, right? Why do you keep saying that?" I whispered, looking to him as another tear left my eye. Flemeth slid the pot into his hand, smiling at me weakly. Why was he doing this. I tried to reach my hand up to stop him from drinking it but he grabbed my hand, pulling the pan to his lips in one swift motion. "Anders!"

I cried quietly to myself as it was sat on my lap, half gone and steaming. I wiped the tears from my eyes once again, drinking the rest of it in one large sip before grasping back onto him. "I'm not going to hurt you, Anders. I promise. Just please tell me that your not going anywhere." He turned towards me, pulling my face into his hands.

"I can't promise you that. If we haven't enough time for both of us to slip back through, I'm pushing you in before me. I will try my best to keep us both safe, I do promise that, but do know that no matter the circumstances you will always come first." I reached my hand up to his as I felt my mind starting to drift away. "I love you."

I cried harder, pressing my lips to his as my eyes fell shut. "I love you, too. Don't leave me, please." My heart felt like being it was ripped from me carelessly as we shared that kiss. I didn't want it to be the last one we had.

"I won't leave you, darling. Just don't let go. Remember this while your in there. Remember what you have here with me."

The End

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