The LettersMature

There I sat, staring down at the letter in front of me at the table, the dim lit room barely casting light on it. I tapped my hand on the book next to me, plopping my feet onto the table. "Aren't you going to open it, love? It can't be that bad. Nobody writes that neat while near death." Anders leaned over my shoulder, flicking the letter at my hand. I chuckled at him, catching it right before it fell without trying. "Are you sure your not an assassin? Or something else sneaky and quick?" I soon felt myself giggling at his comment, setting the letter on top of the other one.

"How does catching a letter make me capable of an unseen back stab flip attack?" I grinned, reclining on the chair. He looked at me in thought for a second, staring down at the letter.

"Well, I'm not sure anyone can do an unseen back stab whatever other words you said attack." He looked at me in complete belief of what he had just said, not even cracking a smile due to how short his attention span was. He couldn't even tell me what I had said not seconds earlier.

I shook my head, dipping my finger in the black ink on my desk slowly, trying to not let him see me. "I think 'Bela could do it." I bit my lip, looking up at him and poking his cheek with the ink on my finger. "Your so silly, have you forgotten how fast 'Bela is? She's bloody fantastic with those twin blades of hers."

He looked down at me, an odd look appearing on his face. He raised an eyebrow at me, looking at my hand and then back to my face. "What did you just poke me with?" He glared at me jokingly, leaning closer to my face. I giggled, slipping away from him just as he was about to kiss me. "Why must you be so quick? You make me feel.. Old."

I smiled, putting my hand under his chin and lifting his head to mine. "Darling, your only three years older than me. What ever happened to your great Warden abilities? You must be holding something back."

Anders stared deeply into my eyes, his breath hitting my face as he came closer, a devilish smirk crossing his mouth. "Woman you tempt me." Then, just as I had closed my eyes to kiss him, I felt his lips against my neck on the opposite side of where he had just been not seconds earlier. I gripped onto the seat of my chair, tipping my head as he bit my neck. "How many times have I told you not to tempt me?" He breathed onto my neck, sending a chill down my spine, a whimper escaping my lips. Just as I was about to turn to him, he was gone. I laughed, jumping up from my chair and seeing him across the room.

Crawling into the darkness, I quickly made my way to him, jumping into his arms with a grin from ear to ear. He must have saw me because his arms were already out when I jumped. "Why do you tempt me and walk away?" I whispered, wrapping my arms around his neck and moving closer, finally reaching his mouth and pulling on his bottom lip with my teeth. Just as quickly as before, I was pressed to the wall farthest from us, groaning as his hips dug into mine.

"Because it pleases you all the better when I finally get to have you." I blushed as his words hit my ears, never once had I imagined him to talk like this. He slid his hand to my blouse, trying to undo the chord that kept it shut. I untied the bow with only the pull of a string, slipping out of the blouse and sliding behind him and tugging my arms around his waist, my hand trailing down his pants. I heard a smile in his voice as he spoke, turning around in my arms. "I won't give up that easily, love." He faded back into the darkness, his breath suddenly hitting the back of my neck as I was pushed to the wall.

"You honestly think that I'm going to give up, Anders? You must have gone mad." I giggled, soon becoming silent as my hands were pinned to the wall.

"You honestly think that I'm going to let you go? Your the one whose mad." He chuckled, breathing in my scent as he leaned forward to kiss the back of my neck. I flipped around, pressing my lips to his in a sweet kiss before moving away. He had caught on to me, spotting me through the darkness of the corners. I heard footsteps behind me as I passed the desk, stopping dead in my tracks as I hit a hard warm surface. Damn.

"Around the opposite side of the table trick, yes? Very sneaky of you. You always get me when you do that. Fall for it every time." I muttered, staring up at him as his hands wrapped around my waist loosely and low, hanging right above my ass almost as to tease me. A smirk played on his lips as he looked down at me.

"I know what else always gets to you." He whispered, his lips running over my chest as he lifted me easily, taking a giant step forward and when I looked again I was sitting on the desk. I bit onto my lip, staring up at him as he hovered over me, his hands resting on my thighs.

"And what is that?"

A low growl left his throat as he looked up from my chest, his sparkling eyes meeting my own with lust. "Would you like a demonstration of some sort?" His hand ran up my side and under my skirt as his lips found mine. There was no need for words. The kisses we shared were short and passionate and the breathing uneven. Things became strewn across the room minutes later as we both flopped our arms around the table, trying desperately to make room. Just as I had leaned back on the table, I felt something soft and furry on my forehead.


Anders looked up with widened eyes as he heard my cats quiet meow. Dusty was a little orange cat with bright blue eyes, his fur was grey on certain spots and his chest was white. His stripes faded as they came down his torso. "Oh my. Dear Maker! Is this real?" Anders muttered reaching his hand towards the cat that was now on my chest, I winced as I felt his nails claw into my chest in the wrong places when Anders had patted his head lovingly. "What a beautiful tabby cat! He looks like.." Anders looked down, sad for a moment before turning his head back towards Dusty that had started purring at him. "You look like Sir Pounce-a-lot." He lifted the cat up, wrapping his arms around him with a grin. "Why didn't you tell me you had a cat, darling?"

I bit my lip, attempting to keep myself from smiling as I saw the automatic bond between them. "I really haven't had the chance to, now have I?" I motioned to my half naked figure and my ripped skirt. I lifted my hand, sitting up and leaning towards him. "Three times today, Anders. Three times just today and it's barely noon. Not including twice last night. Andraste's ass, I haven't had a moment to do anything." He blushed a little, rubbing his foot on the floor as he cradled the kitty in his arms. He looked like he had his feelings hurt. I pulled him forward, smiling and kissing his head. "I don't mind, love, honestly. It makes up for the years I was without you."

He smiled again carefully placing Dusty in one arm and wrapping the other around me. "Does this little guy have a name? Is there more? Doesn't the mabari try to eat the cat? Do they become friends?"

I laughed, nuzzling against his chest as I saw the child-like innocent look on his face when he was talking about the cats. "His name is Dusty. He's the oldest. I have one more. I just got him around the time we met, and when I heard about Sir Pounce-a-lot I wanted to give him to you. I've wanted to let you over to see them and have dinner but things haven't been so well around here and we haven't really had a moment to just sit and breathe.. And yes Brute loves both of them. Would you like to go see the other?"

He nodded, his eyes lighting up in excitement as he looked up from the cat to look at me. "Would you like to go see your friends, Sir Dusty?" He lifted the cat in his arms, rubbing his nose on the Dusty's.


"Where is the kitten now?" Anders grinned, placing the tabby on the table and lifting me up in a hug. I grabbed the letters, leading him out into the main room to get Bodhan, Dusty following close behind us just purring away. "It's like we have our own little family now." My heart skipped a beat as that word fell from his lips. Family. Anders wanted.. a family? With me? Maker's breath, this must be a dream or he must be taking too much lyrium. I gripped tighter on his hand, looking over at him just as we passed Sandal.

"Sandal, where is Bodhan? Do you know where Dusty's friend is?" I spoke loudly, looking around the corner to find him no where. Sandal looked at me confused, his mouth hanging open.

"No enchantment?"

I giggled, looking at the box next to him. "Maybe Anders would be interested in your enchantments later, Sandal. You've already done my weapons for me. We just need to find your father to see where the kitty is."

Sandal looked up at Anders, smiling with his mouth open as he clapped. "Anders! I like Anders."

Anders smiled at him, stepping forward and opening the box to look inside. "You must do a lot of enchanting, Sandal. I haven't seen this much equipment in one place in my entire life."

Sandal looked over at the box, swaying back in forth as he watched Anders stand back up straight and walk back over to me. "Do you like Lady Hawke?" I tried to hide the smile that was growing on my face as he stated the quite obvious. Ah, Sandal. You make me laugh.

"I like Lady Hawke a lot, actually." Anders looked over at me, smiling as he squeezed my hand tighter. Sandal laughed, clapping even louder as he watched us.

"Marriage!" He nearly screamed, laughing a little as he seemed to bounce up and down. "Lady Hawke and Anders. Marriage, marriage! Yay!" I turned my head down, looking to my side. The more Sandal said it, the more the pain grew in my chest. That would never happen. We could never have a family or be married. It would always be just us. That thought killed me. I could never marry him because he was an apostate. Anders saw the look on my face and pulled his arms around me in a hug.

"One day, love, we will. This gives me all the more reason to fight for the freedom of mages, so one day I can marry you." My heart dropped deeper. It was somehow like he read my mind and what he said hurt me even more. Yes, I wanted to free the mages, but I knew somehow in the process I could lose him, and I probably would by how he's been talking about it.. Was it really worth it anymore? I drew in a breath of air, turning back towards Sandal and trying to put on my best mask.

"Yes, Sandal. Marriage." I forced a smile, my lip quivering as I kept blinking quickly to keep the tears from welling up in my eyes. "Now, do you know where your father is?"

"Behind you Lady Hawke!" He grinned, pointing over my head. I turned around, looking around but not seeing anyone. I looked over the whole room and couldn't see him, he was always in the main room, odd that he wasn't there.


"I'm up here, madam. What is it you need my assistance with?" I heard Bodhan beckon from the stairs. looking up, there he was. How did I not see him? I smiled, making my way over to the start of the stairs.

"I was wondering where the new kitten went. I can't seem to find him and I haven't seen him all day." I spoke, just loud enough so he could hear me but not loud enough to hurt my burning throat. Dear Maker, I had to read these bloody letters soon. Maybe Bethany has heard of my ailment and knows what's wrong. But Anders didn't know what was wrong and he's more powerful than her. I hope I haven't caught some off beat disease from slaying all those toxic spiders in the mines.

"Oh, Anders you mean? Yes, missere. I know right where he is. He's been sleeping under your bed all morning! When I went to clean your room I heard a purring under the bed and there he was!" Bodahn spoke happily over my thoughts. Anders raised his eyebrow in confusion, turning towards me.

"Darling? Why did he call the kitten Anders?" His foot tapped on the floor impatiently, his arms crossing as he waited for a response. I bit my lip as my face heated up, looking back at the ground.

"Uhhh. That's... his.. name..?" I chuckled nervously, looking up at him out of the corner of my eye only to see that damned crooked smirk pasted on his face again. He looked quite happy about this.

"You named your little kitten after me even though you found him around when we first met?" He smirk grew as he spoke, stepping closer to me. I shook my head shyly and looked up at him confusedly. He laughed, grabbing back onto my hand. "That is the cutest thing I've ever heard. Now can we please go see him?" Another nod. I could barely mutter a reply because of the growing pain in my legs and the embarrassment of him finding that out. Just as I had reached the door to my room, I felt my body sway from under me.

Bodhan walked over as soon as he saw me almost fall, placing a sturdy hand on my back to hold me up, trying his best to keep Anders from seeing the scenario behind him. I gripped onto the door frame, placing my feet firmly on the ground again. "I suggest you read that note from Mister Varric immediately, dear. I fear that you won't hold up much longer in the condition that your in. If not for your own sake, at least for his." Bodhan whispered, his eyebrows both raising in worry as he patted my back.

"I will, I promise." I winced, slowly making my way into the room, the door closing quietly behind me. Well, here goes nothing.

The End

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