The Last ChanceMature

I lifted my face from the pillow slowly, feeling a knot in the back of my head as I heard a knock at my bedroom door. "Yes?" I groaned, drooping my head as I rubbed my eyes with a little yawn.

"It's me, Bodahn, madam. May I come in or are you.. Busy?"

I giggled, looking over at the sleeping mage beside me. "Not at all, Bodahn. He's still asleep. If we were up to anything I think you would know by now."

"Oh, well. That's good to know, dear. I suppose." He spoke quietly, peeking into the room before stepping in. "You weren't kidding, were you?" He smiled, walking over to the side of the bed Anders was on and leaning onto his pillow, examining him before looking back at me. "He's asleep like a baby. How.. Odd."

I raised an eyebrow, chucking as I looked over at the dwarf. "What, do you think apostates don't need rest?"

Bodahn scratched the back of his head as he shuffled back to the foot of the bed. "Well, no. I just have never seen him so peaceful." I bit my lip, smiling more to myself than to him. Hm. Anders was peaceful. What a concept. "Anyway, back to why I have disturbed you to begin with. There was a knock at the door earlier. A note of some sort. From Fenris, perhaps? Though it looks like a females writing. Male elves do sometimes write like females, though."

I frowned, looking down at the sheets. "Fenris can't read so I doubt he wrote me an apology letter. Do you have this letter present?" He nodded, sticking out his hand. I gently grabbed the it from him, realizing there were two. "You didn't mention a second letter.."

"Oh! And this." He passed me a tiny crumple of parchment, smiling at me. "I believe the other letter to be from Bethany, madam. And the note is from Mister Varric. I'm sure you will find it most pleasing. I couldn't help myself from taking a peek, I find him quite amusing."

I laughed, nodding in agreement. "He is quite the story teller. Though I do not approve of the ones about me at times."

"Speaking of stories, a few days ago he told me about how on one of your ventures to Sundermount, you had just woken from a deep sleep to find a high dragon outside camp. You then slew the dragon, in only your undergarments and you wore it's wings to depart from the peak of the mountain and kill the darkspawn that were headed for your camp! You are mighty brave, my friend!"

I stared at him in pure disbelief before bursting into a fit of laughter. "Oh, Varric! That blasted fool! I can't believe one could come up with such nonsense!" I howled, holding my stomach as I fell over from laughing so hard. "Have you heard the one about my darkspawn sensing pantaloons that glow when 'spawn are near?"

Bodahn smiled, looking at me as if I had gone absolutely mad. "In fact, madam, I have! I also heard of how you ripped the Vartarral limb by limb with your bare hands, and how you wear the Arishok's skull as a helm!"

I grinned, trying to keep my composure as I saw Anders beginning to move from the corner of my eye. "Well, tis good to catch up with you. Maybe later you would care to join me and Anders for dinner so I can hear more of these batty stories he tells everyone."

He nodded, bowing at the waist before starting towards the door. "As you wish, dear. I would very much like that. I'll be seeing you later.. Though I do suggest you go see Mister Varric.. The note he wrote had some important information in it."

I nodded back, watching him shut the door before clenching my jaw shut as the pain hit my chest. Not again.. I pushed the thought to the back of my mind, trying my best to keep a level head as I laid back down, watching Anders flip over. He opened his eyes, staring at me nervously as he scooted back a little. "What- Wait. Why am I-" He looked down, realizing that his chest was bare, making is eyes widen even more. "Oh my. What in the name of Andraste-"

I giggled, watching him continue to stutter and freak out as he finally figured out that he was in my room. I think I might just have a little fun with this, I thought, smiling to myself as I leaned up. "Why, don't you remember how you got here?"

He looked over at me, his eye twitching a little as his mouth opened. "How exactly did I get here? Please refresh my memory because I haven't the slightest idea. Last thing I remember was passing out in Darktown. Wait a minute.. Did-"

Oh no, he's starting to figure it out. I bit my lip, trying to think for a second. "Don't you remember Anders?" I frowned at him, forcing my eyes to widen, "Don't you remember carrying me from Darktown to Hightown? The passionate kiss in the dark alleyway? The rain falling on us as you lead me back to my estate? The wild, hot, love making?"

His mouth dropped even more, for a moment he stared at me. Just staring at me utterly speechless. His face became more and more red as the minutes passed "Oh dear Maker, I'm so sorry, Hawke.. I mean, Storm. Or darling in this case, whichever you prefer. Please don't beat me for this. You scare me when your angry with me."

I laughed, hitting him on the arm with a smirk, "Anders, there's no need to trouble yourself. I was only joking with you. When you passed out in Darktown I had Fenris and Varric help me get you to the bed, but then I heard that templars were raiding the undercity so I had them help me get you here through the basement."

He look over at me, calming down a little and putting his head back on my pillow. He looked at me confusedly, pulling the blanket over my arm when he saw me shake. "Why would you do that for me? After all I've done.. You helped me?"

I smiled reassuringly, reaching over to the dresser to grab the small key. "Anders.. I don't think I can lose anyone else, especially you. You've been the only one whose helped me through everything. In fact, I have something for you." I grabbed motioned him to give me his hand, holding the key tightly in my own.

"Another present? You shouldn't go out of your way for me, Hawke.."

I grabbed his hand, smiling wider as I placed the key in it. "I would do more if I could, and I will go out of my way for my friends, no matter how much they argue about it. Now, here. This is a key to the cellar, you can get here right from your clinic. Hopefully this will reassure me that you'll be safe. I know you won't stay here despite how much I despise you sleeping in that dingy clinic, so this is all I can offer until you stop being so bloody hardheaded."

He looked at the key in his hand with a smile, holding it as tightly as I had before slipping the chord around his neck. "Thank you. But.. Since when did you ask me to live here?" He furrowed his eyebrows, his gaze transferring from the key to my eyes.

"Well, Anders, I had brought up your safety on many occasions but you ignore it, I've slipped it into conversations, tried to bring it up as nonchalantly as possible that you need somewhere safer to go if anything ever happened."

Anders stared down at the sheets, the smile drifting from his face. "I don't know how exactly to say this, Hawke.. But.. I don't think I should stay with you. It's not safe for me to even be here now.. I shouldn't trouble you like this. I need to get going." He spoke quietly in monotone, raising up from the bed slowly, looking over his shoulder at me. "I'm.. sorry. I just know I'm not good for you. I'm terrified that I'll hurt you."

I leaned up from my spot slowly, trying to move with the least amount of pain possible. I gripped onto his arm, taking a deep breath as my nerves got the best of me. He started to stand, making my heart beat faster. Bloody hell, please don't fall. "Anders.. Please wait. Your not well." I scurried off the bed and to his side, grasping onto his arms as his feet wobbled under him. "You've used far too much of your magic trying to heal me. I can't let you leave even if you were okay. The templars have been down in Darktown for two days looking for you. I'll be damned if I'm going to give you up that easily. And I don't care if you think your not good for me, I know who you are and I know you wouldn't hurt me. Even if you did, I would still be right here. What I feel for you is unconditional."

He looked down at me with a childish frown on his face and I could see in his eyes how we was holding back the urge to smile. I huffed, scrunching my nose and curling up my lips as I rubbed my forehead, "Please sit, Anders. Now. I don't wanna have to get violent. You must rest. I'm too worried about you to let you leave." I spoke just as my mother would when I was a child, peeking up from my hands to see that he had moved closer. "What are you doing now? I beg of you, please listen to me this once. I need to watch you." Anders inched even closer, his hand moving from his side to my cheek in an instant. I pulled my hand down from my face slowly, looking up at him nervously, my lip twitching as I observed his face as he tilted his head, leaning towards my ear.

"I thought you would've run from me by now like everyone else, but yet you stay at my side and prove me wrong. You care so much for me and I don't understand, but I love it. All I know is that I can't keep refusing to be with you. I just want you to know that if I do stay here, I won't be able to refuse any longer. This is your last chance to walk away." I didn't reply at first from shock and he had began to pull back. I took one step forward, pulling my arm around his neck.

"I wish you wouldn't try to walk away before I say that I love you. You don't know how many times I've tried to say this to you. Just stop being so damn hardheaded and stop resisting. Your driving us both mad." With those words his lips flew to mine and I braced myself to hit the bed. Even though I was gently laid down instead of falling like I thought I would, my back still aching heavily from the pressure but I ignored all the pain. I had waited years for this moment, and I wouldn't let anything ruin it. Now that I had finally had him though, I would be forced to go on an adventure to find out what was wrong with me.

The End

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