The Exhausted MageMature

This chapter is going to be written in Anders POV since Hawke is passed out. :P

I sat on the edge of the bed, watching as Fenris stomped back and forth from one side of the room to the other, glaring at me each time he passed me. "Maker's breath! Would you stop the blighted pacing? Everyone is worried, Fenris. Your making it worse." I hissed, throwing my hands in the air as I stood up from my spot. Fenris stopped dead in his tracks, snapping his head towards me with anger.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me you sodding idiot. You should consider a better expression. The angry brooding look doesn't quite suit you." I retorted, crossing my arms in front of my chest as I gave him a cold look. He dropped his hands to his sides, flipping around and walking over to me, nostrils flaring and his lips curled up.

"Listen, mage. It will be a cold day in hell before I listen to you." Fenris pushed his finger to my chest, gritting his teeth as he saw the most sarcastic smile slip onto my face. "Oh, you think that's funny, don't you Anders? Do you also find it funny that your little play toy lay half dead before your eyes?" He nearly screamed, his hands turning white from how tight he had his fists. I snarled at him, inching closer.

"What did you just call her?"

He smirked, giving me a fake look of shock. "Oh, are you offended? Are you deaf, too?" Fenris' smirk widened for a moment before continuing, "Do you need me to spell it out for you, ya bloody fool!" He spoke slow and mockingly, each word filled with venom as he knocked the chair behind me down with his hands. "She's. Your. Little play toy!" He stomped his foot to every word, nearly spitting on me by the last. I walked closer to him, pointing at his chest.

"If you ever, ever, ever, call her that again I will personally cut your brooding little elf head off and put it on a spike in front of my clinic!" Growling, I took both of my hands and flung him back with little effort. He laughed, picking himself up from the floor and starting right back at me again.

"Aw, Anders, are you angry? Did you get your little feelings hurt? Wanna go cry to Hawke?" He spoke like a child. I held myself back from killing him as my face turned red with anger. "Well guess what, you can't! I hear you speak of how people use her, but you know what? So do you. All you do is cry to her about your nonsense. Oh, those poor mages. Oh, poor me. Oh, I'm so depressed because I have a spirit inside me that I willingly let in! Please help me I'm so alone!" I reared my hand back, slapping him across his face.

Fenris stared at me in shock, anger etched into his face. "You know what, Anders. Hawke is lucky to be knocked out. At least she doesn't have to listen to your stories about how she should feel sorry for you!" Another slap. He opened his eyes, spitting the blood from his mouth. "How dare you! It's your fault she's dying to begin with!"

I froze, looking at him in shock. "You honestly think it's my fault? Are you really that stupid?"

He laughed under his breath, wiping the blood from his cracked lip with the back of his hand. "Of course I do, Anders. I would expect nothing more from an abomination. I don't doubt for a second that you didn't taint her with Justice! If you did, I'll save her the trouble and put her out of her misery so she doesn't end up like you." I shook at his words, unable to keep my composure as I felt my blood run cold. My skin began to glow blue as did my eyes, smoke pouring from them as Hawke's did hours earlier. I no longer held control, I only could watch as Fenris' eyes widened, my possessed form stepping closer and closer.

"You will not threaten her in my sight ever again!" The deep screaming growl shook the ground under my feet. "You will never hurt her as long as I am in this world!" Fenris was knocked into the wall in seconds and Justice kept going towards him. "You will not touch her with your blade, nor with your hand! You will stay away or you will die! I will protect her, for she has done nothing wrong! You will suffer for your words, elf!"

Just as we had reached Fenris, a scream erupted. "Justice!" It was Hawke. Justice turned toward her, eyes softening as he found her standing behind us. "You must stop this."

"Lady Hawke, you have awoken. This elf must die. The words he speaks of you are in vain. He shall not do so any longer." The staff raised higher in air as Justice began to turn towards Fenris again. Storm grabbed onto Justice's arm, stopping him from killing Fenris right where he lay. "Release me, mistress. There must be justice!"

She held onto me, looking directly into my glowing eyes. "Justice you cannot do this. Violence doesn't stop violence, it only creates more. You must understand that two wrongs don't always make a right." He paused, looking at her confused.

"I do not understand, my lady. You do not wish for me to defend you?" He dropped the staff from my hand, head tilting to the side. She smiled, her hand falling from my arm to my hand. She gripped it tightly. How could she smile at me while Justice was in control? It was odd enough that he spoke to her so kindly.

"Justice, tis good and fine to defend me, but there is no need to kill a man over his words. Speaking your mind is good enough and I'm very proud of you for doing so, but I'm even happier that you stopped to listen to me. Only kill over wounds, not words."

He gripped gently on her hand, watching her intensely. "I will remember this, and I will respect your wishes, madam. Is there anything you ask of me, Serah Hawke?" He leaned down, kissing her hand with a nod of acceptance. What had gotten into him? Has he gone batty?

She giggled, grinning at him. "You flatter me with your kindness but there is no need for such gestures. You've no need to belittle yourself for my respect. You earned that long ago when I saw how strongly you care for the mages. I support your cause, mages must be free and not held prisoner under the assumption that all mages are bad."

"I do not belittle myself by expressing my admiration for you, Champion. I take pride in doing so. I am honored to have your support in our quest to free the mages." He smiled at her, hesitantly letting go of her hand. "And my question, again, Serah Hawke? Is there something you wish of me?"

"I refuse to ask any more of you, friend. All I ask is that I may speak to Anders. I'm not feeling so well at the moment." She slurred, her body nearly tipping over before he could grab her. I began to see the blue glow fade away from my arms as I saw her slipping. I pulled back into my arms, realizing that I was back in control.

"I can't take this pain anymore.. Every time I try to move or speak.. I'm so sorry, Anders. I tried to control it but it was too much.." She groaned, watching me pick her up effortlessly and set her back on the bed.

"There's no need to apologize to me. Just lay down." I mumbled, trying to keep my feet on the ground as I waited for her to get situated, the glowing hands resting above her.

"Are you okay?.. You don't look well." She winced, trying to sit up again but falling back down. I nodded, attempting to hold myself up long enough to heal her but failing miserably as I felt myself collapse before her.

The End

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