The BloodiedMature

I had just regained my consciousness, only to find myself in Darktown's clinic. I laid on small bed near the back corner of the room. My body felt like it had been set ablaze from inside out and my open eyes were swollen and sore. I couldn't move or speak, all I could do was watch the scene around me unfold. My senses were somehow heightened and I could here everything so clearly- Merrill was crying in the chair a few feet from me, her knees pulled to her chest and her arms wrapped tightly around them. Dark grey tears fell down her chin as she stared down at the ground.

Isabella was sitting next to Merrill, her arm snaked around the girl's small frame as she sat hunched over with a tired look on her face. She had dark circles under her piercing hazel eyes, they looked almost a bright yellow against her tan skin. Her eyes stared at my frail body, wide and terrified. I wanted so badly to scream and let them know I was okay, just to hug them and let them cry on my shoulders. I had everyone scared and it didn't take me long to realize this. My weary eyes continued to scan the dingy room, finding Varric leaning against the wall in front of my bed, the same look that Isabella had plastered his face. Suddenly, I felt a warm drop of liquid hit my face. I moved my eyes slowly towards where it had came from, soon wishing I hadn't. Anders. Dear Maker, he's crying.. What have I done?

Anders sat at the top of the bed, my head resting in his lap just like before. His body trembled as tears poured from his amber eyes, his pupils were dilated, eyelids swollen and the whites of his eyes were completely bloodshot. He had one arm wrapped around me, holding onto my very limp hand while the other moved from under my head to my face, wiping the dried blood away from my mouth and gently using the back of his finger to pull away the blackened lines of tears that streamed down my face. "I'm so sorry I am not strong enough to fix you.." Anders spoke, staring down at me as he tried desperately to stop sobbing. I wanted to die at that very moment. I had killed the strongest person I know. I needed to show him I was awake but every time I tried to move the pain worsened. I didn't care.

His hand shook as he brushed his messy tangled hair back, watching closely to see if my condition changed at all as the minutes passed by. I had to do something. I kept trying to move, anything at all would do the trick. Just to show them I was alive. As I tried to squeeze his hand, an electrifying feeling shot through my body and straight to my head. I jolted in misery as heat flushed my eyes, I was unable to see clearly again but I could literally feel his pulse start racing as he quickly straightened up, pulling me up a little more. I opened my mouth to scream but no words came out, only fire rose in my lungs and blood dripped from my mouth. I could barely breathe, my chest felt like it was collapsing. Tears cascaded down my cheeks as I looked up at him in utter misery.

"Storm!" A loud scream escaped his lips as he held me tighter and tighter, a tear falling from his eyes as he cradled my in his arms. Merrill was screaming again and had Isabella grasping onto her robes, burying her pale face in the crook of her neck.

The tears that fell from everyone in the room seemed to drown me in sadness. Varric rushed back over to me, trying to help Anders contain me as I shook wildly, more and more blood bubbling from between my lips. My eyes widened and began to burn once more as I felt a stabbing feeling in my chest. The faces that surrounded me were now lit up with a red glow, I peered down to see my skin gleaming the same red. It was happening again and all I could do was lie there and watch. I felt myself begin convulsing as red spewed from my mouth again, covering Anders and Varric in blood splatters. He began crying again as he tried to hold me down, that same look of sadness and fear I had seen earlier plastered on his face. He was grasping my bloodied shirt and rocking me in his arms with his head shoved in the crook of my neck for what seemed like forever. Anders held me down as I shook violently, his crying muffled but loud.

From the dark doorway emerged a confused and very angry looking Fenris. It didn't take him long at all to spot me in the middle of the commotion and he had raced over as quick as he possibly could. "Hawke." He murmured, stopping dead in his tracks as he spotted the blood pouring from my mouth and the glowing lines on my skin. As soon as he saw me close up the brooding look he always wore had turned to pure worry and all the color left his face. He swiftly moved to the top of the bed in one step, helping the others hold me down by keeping me from moving my legs off the bed. I shook more and more, opening my mouth again and screaming at the very top of my lungs. Blood continued to fall out of my lips as I tried to close them, feeling a knot in my stomach as the liquid filled my mouth.

"She's sodding choking, Blondie! Do something and stop pouting for Maker's sake!" Varric snapped, looking over at Anders with a look of anger. His head quickly shot up from my chest and he looked down at me again, his face getting even more pale as he saw all the blood I had lost. Anders wrapped his arm around my shoulders, helping me to sit up just in time so I could spit out the blood before suffocating myself in it. My insides turned as I tried to keep myself up, coughing from the blood that was lodged in my throat. I gripped onto him as I began to shake again, more than the first time. I could feel my heart pound as another scream escaped my mouth- my whole body heating up even more. It felt like I was rolling in fire and the more I screamed the brighter the lines on my skin got.

He held me gently in his arms, still holding me down enough to keep me from bouncing my head off of the bed as the shaking became stronger. Another scream fell from my mouth, this time it was a name. Everything in the room seemed to slow down and everyone looked at me as his name left my lips. "Anders!" My bones rattled as I screamed and my body seized, the blood falling from my lips seeming like more of a foam than a liquid. The red that had radiated my body now also shown from my mouth. I watched him in panic as I saw the blue light come from his hand, pressing it closely to my chest. It was cold and soothing and ripped the pain from me like water soothes a fire. I fell heavy again, the glow fading from my skin and the fire inside me was suffocated again.

Everyone around me stopped and watched as my breathing slowed back down, my pupils shrinking again. "Storm?" His voice shook as he placed his hand on my face, looking down at me, exhausted. I reached my hand up to his, holding onto it with all my might. "Please don't.." He stopped himself from finishing his sentence, closing his eyes tightly as I moved my hand to his face. "Just don't." He sighed, opening his watery eyes again, his trembling hand holding mine just as I had did not a minute earlier. My eyes began to close again but I forced them open.

"I won't, Anders." I hoarsely replied, pulling his face towards me once more. "I never will."

I finally let my eyes close as everything went black, the sounds around me now muffled as my heart slowed once again.

The End

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