Heart's EndMature

Anders and Hawke are close friends, both fighting desperately to free the mages of Kirkwall, but when Hawke comes down with a mysterious illness, will they become something more?

I slowly felt my body start slipping away from itself, my knuckles beginning to turn white from trying to suppress my shaking bones. It felt as if my stomach was crumpled up inside with my heart steadying it's pace. Soon I knew I would feel that familiar warmth slip over my body, like my insides were being set on fire for the world to see. I shook with every step, desperate and exhausted. I tightly closed my eyes as I fought back the burn inside my chest, my pupils were on fire at this point and I could barely contain the fear that had awoken in my heart as the scorching feeling ran through my veins, making me cringe as every second passed.

Though my mind was starting to unravel and my thoughts became unhinged, my sore eyes stayed glued straight ahead as I continued through the familiar streets of Lowtown, effortlessly slipping through the narrowest of side streets and cutting corners, sliding my way through dozens of people. I focused as much energy as possible on the path that lay before me, desperately trying not to steady my pace and succumb to the burning that fulfilled every morsel of my being. I could not fall apart here, in Hightown, Darktown, or anywhere near them. My struggle could not be known. I held back yet another scream as the burning reached the top layers of my skin. I stopped dead in my tracks, closing my eyes as dizziness filled my head.

"Uh, Hawke?.. Are you holding up alright? Your not exactly moving anymore." Varric's voice rung in my ears, echoing through the walls of my brain. I bit deeply into my lip, titling my head back towards the sound of his voice, my whole body swaying as I forced myself to stand straight. As I strained my eyes, trying to focus on the muscular dwarf, something else caught my attention. A tall and extremely handsome apostate, to be exact. He had a look of concern and awe plastered on his face, staring me right in the eyes as he helped me stand up straight- his hands lingering on my hips momentarily before pulling away much to my dislike.

Anders placed his hand on my forehead, examining my face as his other hand delicately ran over my fiery cheek. I leaned closer to his touch, snuggling my face in his hand as I relaxed for a second. Though I had some feelings towards him and cared deeply for his well being, we were nothing more than friends. Me and Anders had gotten closer since the expedition and even closer after the business with the Arishok had been dealt with. I had a great amount of love and respect for him since the day we had came home from the expedition and found Bethany at Gamlen's estate being taken by none other than the blighted templars. We vowed that we would restore the freedom of mages even if we had to take down Knight-Commander Meredith our self.

"If you aren't feeling well, I could take you to Darktown. I'm starting to become worried. You don't look so good." He muttered to me, a scared look washing over his face before blinking it away awkwardly, his face parting from mine as he became nervous once again. "I don't mean you don't look good. You look as wonderful as always. I--"

I smiled through the agony as my body continued to wreak havoc on itself. "Anders. I'm going to be fine. I'm just tired." I whispered back, my words quickening as the sentence came to an end. He nodded, still looking quite worried as he slowly began to remove his hands from my face. Just then my control began to slip away, I felt a cold rush of air engulf me. I wasn't going to make it. I felt my eyes begin to burn again as I stared at him, quickly turning back around as the light shot through my eyes. I continued my journey to the estate. It soon became unbearable.

I gritted my teeth, trying to fight forward as I covered my glowing arms with my sleeves- barely hiding the red glow. By now the whole party had stopped, taking notice to my obvious confusion and agony. Oh Maker, please not now.. I was nearly at the bottom of the steps leading to Hightown when my feet would no longer carry my weight. My tries to keep going were useless, like if my feet were buried in sludge. Slowly I began to lose my composure as the reddened glow flooded my sight. I fell to my knees just as my friends were starting to reach my side, the voices were louder than before and my vision was blurring more and more with each second, feeling a steam of heat pour from my pupils and the glowing lines on my pale skin.

I heard from afar Merrill screaming my name, looking up to see her just staring at me from above, crying. I saw a body fall next to me but I couldn't make out their face. Their arms gripped around mine, pulling my head to their lap. I had failed to manage my power, I thought to myself, I had failed them.. My heart dropped as I forced myself awake, raising my heavy hand to place it over his as I forced my eyes open. The glow that radiated from them blinded me. "I'm so sorry..." I mumbled, my breath catching in my throat and my body trembling as the fire inside my body became unbearable. I screamed as the pain worsened even more, squeezing onto the hand that lay on my shoulder.

Underneath my own scream I heard Merrill cry louder and louder, the sound piercing through my ears but soon becoming muffled. I looked up one last time, seeing Isabella holding her tighter than ever, holding Merrill back from my almost lifeless body. My eyes moved towards the person sitting across from me, it was none other than Varric. He was watching me with his mouth covered and his eyes wide. He was holding my hand.

Maker, what have I done? I have hurt everyone. How could this happen? Just then I felt my eyes begin to close again as warm blood slipped from the corner of my mouth, my throat was literally feeling like it was on fire. My eyes spotted Anders right before beginning to close again, he stared down at me in horror, brushing my hair from my face. I could tell in that second that he was trying hard not to break down, trying not to worry me anymore and to assure me that I would be okay, when deep down inside, he knew something was seriously wrong and in his heart he knew I might not make it. "Don't you dare leave me, Hawke." He spoke to me as gently as possible, I could even hear the shaking in his voice and the quivering of his lips. There was a pain in his voice I hadn't heard before.

There I laid in the arms of my friends, Anders warm grasp around my body and Varric's hand wrapped tightly around mine. I felt the world dissolve around me, my eyes closed and they clung tighter to me. I could no longer feel my heart pound in my chest and the voices of those I loved faded out.

The End

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