Hearts and LiesMature

She's a married FBI agent. He's a mob boss. Is it love or is it a set up?


“You're such a goof ball!”

Sara Gianetti giggled. Her husband, Sean straddled her on the bed, rolling the muscles of his abdomen in and out. He squeezed the skin around his belly button causing it to appear to be a mouth.

“What's the matter, baby? You know you want to kiss me,” the character of his
stomach replied in a voice all its own. Sara reached out and softly ran her finger up his side in just the right spot. It worked every time. He screeched with delight and fell on his side as she tickled him relentlessly.

“Okay, Okay, I give up,” he propped himself on his elbow and gazed at her. He seemed never to get his fill of staring into her brilliant, green eyes, but he bit his tongue not to say his thought aloud. Sara had voiced her objections to his compliments on the subject many times. She hated the way her eyes turned up and reminded her of alley cats. She hated them, but Sean found them mesmerizing.

The couple eloped just three weeks earlier. Their fathers' had objected to their love. But they didn't care. Their parents used their youth as a scapegoat, but they both knew that there were bigger issues behind their rage. They couldn't, or wouldn't, understand.

With Sean's family money had never been an issue. It was the issue. Sean, although barely twenty, was not naive. He knew that it was the way his father made his money that worried him. It was not Sara's poor upbringing that was a threat to the family, but the moral guidelines that would turn Sean away from the legacy he was expected to carry on.

For Sara's father, the town's preacher, it was a matter of principle It was no secret the Gianetti name alone stood for pain and suffering. Crime was their business and anyone in their path would pay the ultimate price. Her father may have been a man of God, wise and understanding to the community and its faults, but when it came to Sean, he cast the sins of his father on the son.

But they ignored all their warnings. No one else existed while in each other’s arms. The world vanished and they were deaf to the people who chattered around them. They knew they wanted to be together forever and that was all that mattered.

Sean smiled as he reminisced about the day they had married. His dad had walked
into his room, threatening to cut him off and throw him out of the house if he were to continue seeing Sara. Sean had begged and pleaded for him to understand; but his father was stubborn and his way had always been the only way. He would not budge.

Sean had barely turned twenty when he had been forced to make a choice. His
father and his money; or Sara. His choice had been easy for the money meant nothing to him if it meant denying his heart.

They ran away that day; driving in no particular direction. Just over the state
line they came across the most beautiful little wedding chapel that was run by
an elderly minister and his wife.

“Let's get married,” Sara had said with a smile. It had caught Sean off guard;
but one look into her pleading eyes told him that she believed that everything
would work out if they were to marry. “They will have to accept us if we got married.”  He knew that all she really wanted was for him and her father to be able to sit in the same room peacefully.

Sean never could say no to her. So, they went inside and promised their hearts
to each other for as long as they both should live. The only witness to their commitment had been the minister and his wife. Sara wore no fancy white dress;
but he couldn't imagine anyone being more beautiful as she stood beside him
wearing only a pair of faded blue jeans with a hole in the knee and his button down dress shirt with the ends tied at her waist; the sleeves rolled neatly just above her elbows. She held a single red rose in her hand. It was the perfect moment for them both. They wouldn't change it if they could.

Now here they were, living in a one-room apartment with faded hard wood floors.
The bedroom and living room shared the same space with the bed doubling as their couch.

The kitchen consisted of no more than a little stove and the table they placed
in between to serve as a counter. It, too, shared the same room and was literally a few paces from the bed.

The only room that did not share the space was the tiny, almost non-existent
bathroom that sat between the bed and the kitchen area. No one who knew Sean
would understand why he had given up the sprawling mansion for the poor shack.
It would only make sense to a few lucky ones who had experienced that kind of
love themselves.

“You're so beautiful,” he breathed coming back to the new memory he now engraved in his mind. Sara stared at him in awe wondering how he could find her so breathtaking when she was only a simple girl from the poor side of town.

“You're crazy,” She whispered and thought she was lucky to be his and only his.
She traced her fingers across his broad shoulders and closed her eyes. His perfectly tanned skin tightened and tingled with her touch.

“If I am, I don't want to be sane,” he whispered wishing he could stay there with her forever. He would have; if only his eyes had not stolen a glimpse of the alarm clock that tattled the time from its position on the old milk crate they used as a night stand.

“I've got to take a shower before it's too late,” he moaned and slid to the edge of the mattress and placed his feet on the floor. Sara smiled as she watched him. He looked odd crouched on the edge of their bed. His long legs forced his knees to sit level with his chest since their bed had no frame beneath it. “You can join me if you'd like.”

“Always a flirt,” she teased. “I think I'll pass this time, baby.” Her favorite show aired that day and she didn't want to miss the start.

“If you change your mind you know where I'll be.”

He kissed her cheek and gently played with a strand of her long, ebony hair. She sighed her satisfaction and reluctantly he made his way to the small bathroom pausing once more to look at his wife.

She beamed a smile and kissed the air.

“You're going to be late for work,” she whispered, reminding him of the time once again. It amazed him how she made even the most boring subjects sound sexy.

Sean hurried to take his shower. He hated the job he had gotten with a small
construction company. He knew he would be happier if he had a hand in the actual construction of the buildings they worked on, but alas, he was merely a gopher. At least the pay was good and provided them with more than enough to pay for the small apartment for him and his new bride. Any job he held would be better than being part of the family business. He reminded himself of this fact every time he had felt like complaining He got out of the shower and stepped onto the stained, tile floor. He let his eyes roam around the small space as he dried himself. He hated the floral wall paper that covered every wall in the apartment. The big, blue flowers made everything they hung on the walls look just as outlandish.

“Someday I'm going to buy you a nice home, baby,” he privately promised his wife.

The sound of wood splintering and crashing followed by a loud boom broke him
from his thoughts.

“Get on the bed!” A man's voice commanded. Sean jerked open the bathroom door
and ran out into the room the second he heard Sara's high-pitched, heart-shattering scream.

The intruder stood frozen in the door. He had not expected to see Sean. After
watching the couple for nearly a week; knew that his adversary should have already departed. His eyes told that he now wished he had arrived earlier and watched for the man to leave.

“Jacob?” Sean couldn't believe what he had come out to find. Jacob had been his
best friend and he could not understand why he now stood with his nine millimeter aimed at his wife. “This ain't funny man....” but something told Sean it was no joke.

Jacob shook his head slowly and eyed his best friend. “I'm sorry,” he mouthed with tears in his own eyes.

“Jacob, don't do this,” Sara pleaded. She wanted to be in Sean's arms and made a move toward her husband.

“Don't move!” Jacob gurgled. He waved his gun. “I swear to God....” His whole body shook. He could barely steady his hand. His order had been so easy to carry out in his mind. He pictured it over and over, secure that his friend would never know he had been the one to take his beloved from him, but Sean's presence had changed all that.

“Put the gun down, man. It's not worth it,” Sean softly tried to reason.

“I can't Sean,” Jacob sobbed, knowing if he didn't carry out his orders he would lose his own life.

“Yes you can. Just put it down and we will forget all about it.”

“Jacob....” Sara begged.

“Don't look at me Sara. For God's sake please don't....” Jacob whimpered as he watched the beautiful girl who had been his friend pleading for her life.

Sean stared helplessly at his wife. The look of fear on her face shattered his heart. He glanced at the bed and to the spot between the mattresses. He knew he had a gun hidden between them. Sara had hated guns, so he had been careful to keep it out of sight. She hadn't wanted it in the house, but Sean hadn't felt safe without it.

Now he was thankful he had kept it.

He inched toward the bed with his hands held up.

“Jacob you're better than this,” Sara cried. “Just walk away from it all.”

“I can't, Sara,” his cracked voice uttered. “He'll kill me.... I'm sorry.”

Sean dove for his gun, an antique, Smith and Wesson revolver. He slid his hand
between the mattresses and grasped it expertly in his hand and he aimed it at their attacker. He pulled the trigger and one shot cut through the air, but it made the sound of two.

In a whirlwind fate dealt them a raw deal. In moments their happiness had been
ripped from their very souls. Their attacker lay motionless on the faded hardwood floor just steps away from their front door. Only he had managed to succeed in his mission. He had fired his shot.

Sean's hand never shook as he stood poised and watched the life drain from his
best friend. He dropped the gun to his side and hung his head. He walked to his
friend and knelt beside him.

“Why?” he sobbed. Jacob's expression was that of horror as he realized his life was ending.

“I had....I had....no choice,” he choked. Then his last breath escaped him and his eyes glazed over. His sputtering dwindled and his lips no longer quivered.

It was over now. Sean dropped his head to his hands. No way he turned it in his mind could make it make sense. A moan distracted his grief and it hit him. Sara had not spoken. He did not hear her fearful sobs. The room had been quiet. Too quiet.

“Sara?” Sean's voice cracked. He stood and felt all the blood drain from him. She was covered in blood. He fell onto the bed and cupped her face in his hands. “Baby, look at me.”

Sara's olive complexion appeared pale and her eyes distant. Blood trickled down her naked body from the hole in her chest and stained the white sheets. She opened then closed her mouth. The pain so intense her mind couldn't control any other function.

“Don't leave me, Sara,” Sean cried hysterically and stroked her cheek. But she faded. Unable to hold on. The veil of darkness draped over their love, shutting out his soul and taking hers. Forbidding their earthly hearts from beating as one ever again.

Sean gasped and woke up in a cold sweat. He relived the nightmare over and over
each night even though nearly a decade had passed. He took a deep breath and returned his head to the pillow. It seemed to be the only memory of Sara he could remember clearly. Time had faded them and he could barely close his eyes and picture her sweet, smiling face. Time its self was a cruel joke ticking by so slowly even though it already knew what the future held.


The End

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