Chapter 12: Am I really going to leave him for a 15 year old??Mature

Moondancer kisses me again and again until my head feels hot and I'm dizzy. "I . . I'm losing control . ." I whisper but I put my hand to her cheek, my tongue swimming in her mouth. Our tongues battle for a while as she presses against my pants causing me to giggle. "Ugh . . feels . . . so . . good . . ." I whisper as she grasps them again, making me squeal. "Stop . . I can feel him coming back," I pant as she licks my cheek one last time.

I sit up and she begins fake crying as I start rubbing her back sympathetically. "Is she alright now, Lexi?" Mr. Wakes, Jay's father, asks in his old Romanian accent, going into a coughing fit. Moondancer falls still and I play along. "I guess she cried herself to sleep," I lift her up in my arms as I stand up. "We need to get her some clothes," Jay whispers, trying to take her out of my arms.

"No!" I burst out and they both flinch. "I mean, I'll get her some clothes once everything gets cleaned up. I'll tuck her into bed too." I say, slowly rushing up the stairs at human speed. "Wonder what's gotten into her," I hear Jay say as I close Moondancer's door, locking it behind me. I sit her down on the bed and she begins feeling my chest, causing me to push her down and french kiss her sloppily.

"You . . know . . we . . should . . get . . you . . some . . . clothes . . so they . . don't get . . . suspicious.." I mumble between kisses as she grasps my ass with one hand. Moondancer's hand begins snaking down the back of my pants and I can't help but squeal in sexual delight. She shakes her head. "Not when I'm in the mood . ." she rips my shirt open, tearing it and turns over, pinning me down. She begins licking my stomach, working her way up to my bra. 

"Should . . we . . . fuck?" I gasp, kissing her lips ferociously. She nods deviously as I hear a small knock at the door. "Lexi? Moondancer? Are you still up?" Jay whispers. I use my vampire speed to change Moondancer into clothes I find in the drawer and zip my jacket up to hide my ripped shirt. "Yeah! One second!" I whisper, lying her down on the bed.

She obediently closes her eyes and pretends to be asleep. I unlock the door and smile at Jay through the crack. "Yes?" "Um . . my father would like to speak to you. I'll watch Moondancer for you until you come back." he replies and I nod. "Ok. I'll be down in a second." I close the door.

Oh god! What do I do?! I cheated on my boyfriend with . . a GIRL?!!!, I think quickly. I feel horrible!! Wait!

Maybe because I'm a newborn, I'm horny?, I pull my hair in frustration and open the door. I walk down the stairs, past Jay, and smile as I see Mr. Wakes sitting in the ancient throne in the middle of the room. "You wanted to speak with me, sir?" I ask, bowing down in front of him. "Did you know that 99% of the werewolf cubs born are sexually aroused until they've matured?" he says in a blunt tone, causing me to flinch. "They usually mature between the ages of 17 and 20." he continues, sipping his glass of what I hope to be a Shirley Temple.

"No, I didn't, sir." I say, hanging my head. "You never know what they can do to you, even if you like it," my jacket suddenly opens and reveals bruises and wide open cuts, dripping blood. I gasp. "I . . I . . " I fall to my knees and begin to cry.  "I . . I'm ashamed . . I'm a bisexual cheater . . ." I wail and Mr. Wakes kneels down in front of me, putting a hand on my head.

"No, you're as straight as an arrow." he giggles. "Werewolf cubs can't help but be attractive to the first sex/person they see. They're cursed until maturity with that. Plus, Moondancer isn't lesbian or bisexual. Her animal instincts are kicking in and causing her hell with relationships.

"She won't have a proper one until she turns that age. But like any werewolf, she ages by lunar years, which means she gains a year every 5 months." he explains. I look down at my cuts and bruises, only to see they've vanished. "Healing." I say in astonishment and smile. He nods as I look up at him.

"Indeed. Newborns heal faster than older vampires for their first few months, because their human genes are still battling with their vampire ones." he finishes. "Now, Lexi, you must stay away from Moondancer until her memory comes back and she has fully matured. That way you won't be tempted or be wrongdoing." he smiles. I nod once.

"Thank you, Mr. Wakes." "Please. Call me 'Dad'. Or even Drake will do." he hugs me and I hug him back. "Also, how old is Moondancer, dad?" I smile.

"She's 15." I blink once before I remember she ages by lunar years. "Are there any other creatures who age by the moon?" "Centaurs, priests/priestesses, Satyrs, and naiads." he whispers. I nod and go upstairs. "Yours and Jay's room is 2 doors down on the left, dear." Jay's mother, Claurice (Mom), says and helps Drake (Dad) back up onto his throne.

"Goodnight." I call down to them. "Goodnight, dear." Mom and Dad smile up at me and I return the smile as I go into the room. 

The End

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