Chapter 11: Secret affection revealedMature

" Overpowering hunger is all about strength. When you build up strength, it evolves into control, which only takes a few months," Jay paces back and forth in front of me as I neatly and quickly scribble down his words. "Now every vampire has their strengths, and their weaknesses. Our weaknesses are what make us vulnerable to vampire hunters, werewolves, and other strange creatures out in the open. Our weaknesses are something we hide and protect ourselves from," he carefully looks at me and I nod once I finish writing it down. 

"Now, we're going to study the abilities and weaknesses of werewolves. First, we're going to focus on their advantages and abilities that they're able to use against us. They have similar abilities to ours, but when the full moon comes out, they're out of control and attack anything that moves. They have ultra sensitive hearing, so they could hear us if we approached, large, stone-hard teeth, designed for ripping us apart, large muscles and advanced human abilities, such as stronger tissues and bad tempers." Jay unveils an easel in front of me, holding up the classic sketch of a wolf man with 4 arms and 4 legs in a circle. 

"They're weakness is the lunar cycle," I point out. "Exactly. But that's what they want us to think." he turns the page over, revealing a chart of the lunar cycle. "When the full moon ends, and shifts, they search for herbs such as Mistwood, Goldclover, and wolfsbane. Now do you know why they do this?"

"To heal the wounds caused by frenzied packmates?" "No. To do a moon ritual, better known as a 'Moon dance", which is the same as a 'Sun' or 'Rain Dance'." I giggle.

"You mean like the Moonwalk?" I laugh. Jay's expression is serious. "This isn't a laughing matter, Lexi! They're rising to power because of these rituals and the population of werewolves is rising by at least 5 or 6 a day!" he shouts. I flinch. 

"Wait a minute . . . wasn't that little girl we saved named 'Moondancer'?" I gasp. Jay nods sadly. "Turns out the Maddoll took her from her pack and she's been missing from it for at least 10 or 11 years." Jay says and I sigh. "Where is she now?" "Damon and my Uncle Vermont have her at their mansion, searching for remedies to cure her madness.

"Apparently yesterday she went into a screaming fit and had her hands covering her ears after they tried Crushed Tannis-root. It took all 6 maids to calm her down," Jay's gaze lowers to the ground. "They've even tried drops of poison in her food. But it just makes her even worst. They put Arctus Mandibus in her food this morning . . it sort of worked.

"It helped her remember which pack she belonged to, and who her parents are. If they continue this, she'll regain her full memory in about a year. Anyways, back to the lesson. They collect Wolfsbane to get stronger, and increases their senses. But we need to stop them.

"If they continue using Wolfsbane every full moon, they're senses will evolve into full animal senses and they'll lose their humanity." Jay states. I nod, scribbling it all down. "But wouldn't they first fall into a coma, and then awaken as their wolf selves?" I ask. Jay smiles. "Very good, Lexi. Yes, they would."

"Just like in Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1!" I whisper to myself. "What?" "Nothing."  I write down the effects of Wolfsbane quickly and shut my notebook. "Would it be . . safe to go and visit Moondancer?" I ask.

"Of course. Let's go then, shall we?" Jay takes my hand and we run to Wakes Manor in Romania.

I walk through the ancient, cobwebbed, wooden doors at Wakes Manor, quickly keeping my eye out for anyone, which is pitch black. "Mira, it's ok. No one's going to attack you." Jay tries to sooth me as we continue down the eerie, empty, velvet-lined hallway. "Never keep your guard down. That's the first thing you taught me," I look left and right at the end of the hallway. "Where is everyone?"

"They must be working with Moondancer. They need everyone in the room for that." he whispers and he holds onto my waist with both hands, as if to steady me. "Where's Moondancer's room?" "Down this hallway, the 3rd door on the right." I nod once and we quietly, slowly descend down the corridor, past the shining suits of armor and paintings hung on the walls. 

"Then why'd they turn the lights off?" I wonder. "I don't know." he whispers, adjusting his grip on my waist. I see a pair of red eyes flicker at the end of the hallway quickly and vanish. "I think we just found out," I whisper and I'm suddenly shoved back, crushing Jay against the now splintered wooden door. The wolf, Moondancer, snaps her jaws at my face and I hold it as far away as I can manage, screaming.

Because of the darkness I can't see what she really looks like. Jay squeezes out of the wall and punches her in the face, shattering a few o her teeth that fall to the floor as she roars in rebellion. "MOONDANCER! THIS ISN'T LIKE YOU! JUST FORGET WHAT THEY DID TO YOU!!" Jay screams calmly as I fall on my bottom, breathing heavily. "Jay," I begin, my eyes growing heavy. "I think . . I'm going to pass out . . ." I whisper.

"No, Lexi! You need to help Moondancer come back to her human form! Come on! Lexi, please! I need you!!" He shouts as she pounces on top of him, clawing at his face.

I throw her off and pin her to the floor, struggling to keep her there. "Moondancer!! Look at me!," I grasp her muzzle and forcefully pin it closed, forcing her to look into my eyes as she squirms against me. "Remember . . remember when we first met?! You said you liked to kill vampires and paint pictures with their blood!!

"Remember?!! And then that ugly Maddoll bitch you called your mother forced you to kill people!!" I scream at the top of my lungs and smile as she releases a human scream.  "YES!!! YES, MOONDANCER!! REMEMBER HOW SHE HURT YOU, HOW SHE HATED YOU AND USED YOU!!" I shout in delight as she converts into a human.

She's crying now, naked in my arms, gripping my shirt as tight as she can. I hug her and softly stroke her hair as she sobs against my chest. Jay sheds his jacket and puts it over her, rubbing her shoulders. "I . . love . . . you, . . Lexi . . ." she sobs and I gasp. "I need to go make sure my father and the staff are alright," Jay says quickly and disappears.

I lift Moondancer's chin up so she's staring straight into my eyes. "I love you too." I whisper but suddenly, she jerks her lips onto mine. My eyes widen but soften as I realize: 

I like it. 

The End

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