Chapter 9: Great uses of a small newbornMature

I stop when I realize my throat is closing up and my eyes are welling up in tears.  I . . I killed my best friend?, I curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep.

I wake up with a massive headache, which is pounding against my left temple, and the world is spinning. "Blood withdrawal, hmm? Ouch. That's going to nip you in the butt." Sabrina purrs. I stand up, growling in the back of my throat. "This is all your fault! I'm like this because of you!!" I scream at the top of my lungs. I hear a faint whoosh and Reyes pins me up against a tree, choking me.

"Big words for such a small newborn. I thought you would be of use to me. Apparently not." she mocks, pacing back and forth in front of me. "That's . . because your . . blond senses failed . . . you . ." I grin and Reyes tightens his grasp on my throat, causing me to gasp for air. Sabrina laughs grimly and I struggle against Reyes's grasp, trying to pry his fingers away from my throat.

"Unless you show you're of use to me, I guess Reyes and I will have to dispose of you, since newborns aren't allowed unless born into a coven." she grins. "Wait . .!" I gasp. Reyes lets me go. I land on all fours, holding my throat and cough and gasp for air. "I . . I can see things . . . certain  things . . . when I touch a vampire." I lie. "Liars aren't allowed in my coven, I'm afraid." she sighs and Reyes puts me in a headlock, ready to twist my head off.

"I . . I have dreams about vampires . . . that's how Jay and I saw you two coming." I say. "Prove it." Sabrina looks at me. "I have to fall asleep first." I say sharply and I feel a slight pinch in my neck. I pass out. 

"LEXI!!" Jay screams. "LEXI!! WHERE ARE YOU?!!" I hear rustling in the bushes near me and vanish from his view. "Lexi . ." he moans, falling to his knees. "Face it, Jay. She's just not that kind of girl anymore." Sabrina appears in front of him with Reyes by her side. "Come to think of it, did you really know her at all?" this is the first time I've heard Reyes's voice since I've awakened: just as cold, witty, and pitiful as Sabrina's.

"I knew more about her than you! She'd never join you in a million years!" Jay hisses. "Would she if her life was on the line? A life she regrets due to a certain lover?" Sabrina shoots back. Jay cringes, as if her words actually hurt him. "LEXI!!" he screams again and I pounce down on him from a tree branch above him. 

Just as I land on him, I plunge back into consciousness. Sabrina has a hand on my forehead, eyes locked on something distant, mesmerized and fascinated by her discovery. "So that's true. Reyes, let the poor girl go. Now, are you hungry?" she whispers and Reyes releases me. I hang my head in shame. "I just want to starve myself to death. That way no one else gets hurt," I brush my hair out of my face and Sabrina takes my face in her hand, looking straight into my crimson eyes.

"You need to feed. Reyes and I use a technique that doesn't hurt any humans at all! We just use blood bags from a closed down hospital. Don't worry, no one ever goes there so we're safe." she smiles and lets me go. "I now pronounce you Lexi Wakes!" Sabrina laughs and we vanish.

We're at an old, filthy, abandoned hospital. "What made them leave?" I ask. "Plague. But it won't affect us, obviously." Sabrina answers. "But wait!" I say just as we're about to walk in. "Aren't my human genes still inside me? Won't that affect me somehow?" I worry and Reyes giggles.

"Of course not! I was bitten here and I'm perfectly fine." Sabrina smiles, fangs out and rushes in through the broken doors. Reyes and I follow. I smell the delicious, rare scent of human blood and I go into a frenzy, searching desperately for the source. I sink my teeth into an O type blood bag and smile at the rich, lingering burst of blood in my mouth.

"Good right?" Sabrina tears a bag open and chugs it, licking her lips. Reyes stands by and watches, his eyes burning with thirst. "Aren't you going to feed?" I ask. He shakes his head. "He's a goody two shoes. He follows the rules and feeds off of forest animals." Sabrina answers, opening another bag.

I hear a snap in the hallway and the lights go out.

We freeze.

"What happened?" I whisper. "The lights went out. I guess we forgot to pay the rent!" Sabrina laughs. Reyes and I laugh along until I hear a long, low moan ring out. I freeze with fear. "W . . What was that?" I reach out to grab Sabrina's hand but I feel cold air.

They fled! They left me here alone with that THING around?!!, I think and I hear another moan. "Mira . . ." the voice rasps. "Lexi . . I vant to suck your blood!" I hear a voice giggle in a terrible, fake Romanian and the lights turn on, revealing it's Jay.

I just stare at him. "Lexi, what I said was harsh, and I had no right to say that because I know what it feels like as a newborn." he says, but I'm still hurt. "I . ." I pause and turn away. "I'm still hurt. I have nothing to say to you."  I whisper but I hug him anyway. "I love you, but I don't want to marry you yet. I want to be strong enough to conquer this hunger first." I whisper and kiss Jay. 

The End

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