Chapter 8: I'm a monsterMature

Our wedding is planned to be in 3 weeks, since us vampires have super speed, strength, and intellegence, we can make this wedding happen very soon. But it's three weeks away because they want to call up relatives from France, Romania, and some are even from Italy. I've never met a vampire who doesn't speak english . . now's the time to learn!
Jay takes my hand as we run to this very nice, big, luxurious hotel in France called 'L'Hôtel étoile d'argent which means, 'The Silver star hotel'. Jay says we'll be staying there until the wedding. I can live that long in a hotel full of hot tubs, candy, pools the size of lakes, hotel bedrooms the size of palaces, and best of all: luxury bathrooms! But I'm a vampire. Won't I need blood?

I don't want Jay to get upset with me. Maybe I can just go after guests who are alone. When no one's around. I'll pounce. I'll- "Lexi, dear, want to go downstairs? They're playing 'Fou D'amour stupide', which is 'Crazy Stupid Love'," Jay interrupts my thoughts.

Maybe I should tell him, that way he'll understand, I think.

"Jay," I begin. He smiles and looks at me. "Yes?" "I need to talk to you." I say and I feel faint. I lie down on the bed weakly.

"What's wrong? Do you feel sick?" "No, Jay. I feel hungry." I explain as he kneels down beside the bed. "Oh. Can you wait until tonight? We can go together that way-"

"Jay, I need to hunt now." I hiss. Jay nods once. "Come on. Let's go." he vanishes. I race after him and notice we're in a forest. "Where are we?"

"Shh . . I hear a doe coming." he lies down on the ground and I follow. A young, plump doe comes into the clearing and I can't wait any longer. I race at it with super speed and sink my fangs into its throat, spraying blood against the leaves. Its blood tastes like dirt. I spit it out.

"Eww! It tastes like dirt!" I snap. "It's ok. It's not that bad. You get used to it after about a century," Jay licks the remaining blood from its wet fur. "I'm still hungry," I complain.

I hear footsteps and we freeze. It's a human, I think when I smell their mouthwatering scent: blood, pure and good. "Lexi, no! It's-" I vanish and speed after the smell. Mmm, I can already taste it in my mouth, I think and duck down in the leaves.

It's a young girl. I've seen her face somewhere before. School maybe. I don't care who it is. I need her blood.


I take a silent step towards her when her back's to me. I lunge at her and put her in a lock. "Vous êtes un jeune, jolie fille. Maintenant c'est le temps de faire vos adieux, et mourir sans se battre. Il ne sert à rien, en difficulté. Je vais casser vos membres et vous tuer plus vite. Le venin pourrait même vous rendre hystérique. Je vais dire que cette fois: Tout le monde doit mourir." (translation: You're a young, pretty girl. Now's the time to say goodbye, and die without a fight. It's no use, struggling. I'll just break your limbs and kill you faster. The venom might even drive you insane. I'm going to say this once: Everyone has to die.)

"What have you done . ." Jay approaches as I sink my teeth into her neck. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!" he shouts and I shudder, wiping my mouth on the back of my hand. "YOU DON'T KNOW WHO THAT WAS, DO YOU! THAT WAS YOUR BEST FRIEND! AND YOU KILLED HER!

"YOU KILLED YOUR BEST FRIEND! YOU KNOW WHY?! BECAUSE YOU'RE A BLOOD-SUCKING DEMON!" he screams at me. my eyes fill with tears and I vanish. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm going somewhere I can't hurt anyone else.

The End

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