Chapter 7: Legally deadMature

I can feel the venom raging through my veins, coating all my tissues, bones, and nerves. But I'm numb and no longer in pain.

And legally dead.

I died with my eyes open, but once the hollow darkness opened up I knew Jay closed them. I hope to wake up and see Jay's smiling face.

The only thing I want to see.

No more blood.

No more venom.

No more pain.

That's what I want to go away.

I forget everything except for Jay. How he kissed me. Embraced me. Loved me.

I have flashbacks of my past, like the day I read my Great-grandfather's creature fieldguide, and the day I met Jay, the day I first got bitten, and a few others that I hate.

I don't remember who my best friend was, what she looked like, or how she sounded, but I really think it's best to forget her so I don't endanger her life. I don't remember my parents, but I see a flashback of a young woman, dressed in an old fashioned dress and sunhat, with her arms around a little girl, and a man with a top hat and fancy old fashioned dress shirt and suspenders beside them. But he starts fading away until he completely vanishes. I know that girl to be me but I don't remember the woman's face or name, and the man's I forget too.

But I never knew his to start off with.

It feels like I've been asleep for several months now, but I can feel deep down, my insides have dramatically changed; maybe even suite the word impeccable. I don't like how my bones feel, because they feel as hard as rocks but I know they're still as light as before. I hope to be a sight for sore eyes but I can't tell until I wake up.

If I wake up.

I don't ever want to move until my eyes open, and Jay wraps his loving arms around me. But what if he doubted me? What if he's not waiting for me when I wake up, or believes I died? No. He didn't. I can see moving pictures inside my head of his reaction to the end of my slumber. Maybe I can see the future! Or read minds! Just like in Twilight!!
I don't care if I have special powers. I just want to live with Jay forever.

I feel something gently tugging at my hair. Is someone brushing it? stroking it? Braiding it? But it stops a few minutes after I stop guessing what it is. I feel something touch my lips and my eyes. Aww, Jay's kissing my eyes and lips! How sweet!, I think but then I feel something lift my body and I'm placed into something. Oh god! Are they burying me?! ALIVE?!, I try to open my eyes but they won't budge. I try to move any part of my body that I can think of the push the lid off of this coffin, but nothing will move.

Well if my brain's still working, I'm technically alive, aren't I? But Jay doesn't know that. Finally, my eyes open but all I see is pitch black darkness. I push on the wall over top of my head and it dents. I hear several gasps and someone laughs in amazement. I press on the wall again and it finally flies off, revealing its the lid of a coffin.

"You know, I feel very loved that you tried to bury me when I was alive." I whisper  hoarsely. I blink several times at the sudden light and I feel arms wrap around me tightly.

"Jay!!" I squeal and return the hug, kissing him. He laughs again and lifts me out of the coffin, twirling me around in his arms. "Ah, she is strong, Sabrina. You were wrong." an old, wise voice rasps. I turn to see a  large group of old men and women, including Reyes, Damon, and Sabrina. A young man, in about his 40's (young compared to these old people!), approaches Jay and I. "Drake Wakes. This is my wife, Clarice." he shakes my hand. I shake Clarice's hand. "It's very nisssse to finally meet you." my teeth feel odd and I lick them. My canine teeth have grown into fangs and cut my tongue. "Sssssssssso my fangssssssss make me talk like thisssssssss?" I ask and Jay laughs. "Yes. But that's only for a few days. You'll get used to them." I notice I'm wearing a beautiful black dress made from silk and the third layer of it is black lace. "Ssso thisss issss your family?" I take Jay's hand and we begin walking around to all of the people, introducing me to them. "I guesssss I'm part of your family now, huh." I say. Jay looks at me. "Not quite yet," He gets down on one knee and I gasp. "Lexi Mira Stone, will you be my wife?" everyone in the room gasps. "I . . I don't know what to say . . . yes!!" Jay stands up and kisses me, followed by a loud applause from our family of vampires.

The End

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