Chapter 6: The life-changing visitMature

My heart feels strange, my head feels hot and light, and my

 hands won't stop shaking. "They. . they . . monsters . . ." I stutter and Jay locks me in a hold in his arms. "Lexi, you need to calm down-" "THEY WANT TO KILL ME!!" I scream, struggling futilely in his arms. "Lexi!! Stop! Just listen! We'll cancel the visit if you're afraid. I promise they won't come if you don't want them to. And we'll keep post poning until you're ready." Jay soothes.

I stop and pant breathlessly as he releases me. "But what if they come anyway? You can't fiend off two vampires at the same time, can you?," I trace a heart into his icy wrist as he kisses my hair. "Lexi, I'm 'the Emperor of The Far East'. How do you think I got that name? By playing with dolls?" he chuckles. I smile half-heartedly and continue drawing designs in his cool skin. "I for some reason don't feel safe with you." I say aloud.

Jay grows rigid and pulls away from me, walking into the living room. "And you're paying for the door!" I add, lying down. I stroke the glass of the picture-frame with a picture of Jay and I in it. I close my eyes, hug my pillow against my chest and fall asleep.


I managed to sleep, so that's a sign of recovery.

But I think I shattered Jay.

Telling him I don't feel safe with him . . . what's wrong with me?? I should never of said that, and I don't know why I did. He sleeps on the couch now, even if I tell him he can sleep in the bed with me.

He never says yes when I ask.

He never kisses me anymore.

He doesn't even look at me the way he used to.

I've broken the most important soul in my life. But I truly, deeply regret it.

One day, I just cracked.

"Jay, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to say that all those years ago! I just . . I feel very angry with myself for saying that! I regret it! I do feel safe with you! I feel safe when I'm sleeping, only because I know you're right beside me, with your arms wrapped around me! I know I'm safe with you because you hunt every fucking morning and stuff yourself even when you're not hungry just to make sure you don't hurt me! But Jay, this time, I hurt you, and I am so, so, so sorry about it. I don't know why I said it, but I didn't mean it. I promise I won't ever hurt you again if you forgive me." I say and he looks at me. He races to my side and wraps his arms around me. I return the hug as hard as I can and I realize I'm crying. "Jay, we can't hurt each other anymore. We just can't." I blubber and he kisses me for the first time for several months. He smirks.

"Not to ruin your apology, but it's only been about 2 months, Lexi." I smile with tears in my eyes and hug him again. "Come on. We're going to be late for school." I whisper in his ear and he nibbles mine. "Can we skip school today? Just for today?" he says enticingly. I smile encouragingly and nod. Jay lifts me up in his arms and kisses me.

We have a makeup makeout session and now I have quite a few hickies on my neck, stomach, and some other places too. I hear a knock at the door and  answer it.

It's Reyes and Sabrina.

Just like the dream.

I scream at the top of my lungs and Jay appears out of thin air, embracing me protectively. "My, my. You two are closer than we thought." Sabrina smiles and looks up and Reyes. "Shouldn't you two be at school?" she purrs and hangs her coat up on the coat-rack. Reyes does the same. "What are you doing here?" Jay hisses. "We came early because we missed our little cousin. We've also been hunting very responsibly. Whereas, you've been . ." "Stealing young ladies' energy?" Reyes finishes.

Jay's teeth snap together and I know he's about to charge. "Jay, stop. They're just trying to go to your head. Don't listen to them." I whisper and he nods once. "Smart girl. I'm sure she'd be a very nice newborn, no?" Sabrina laughs and Jays lets go of me, and lunges at Sabrina with vampire speed. In the blink of an eye, she ducks and throws Jay's legs over her shoulder, causing him to tumble to the floor. Reyes and Sabrina start walking towards me. With every step they take, I take one back. 

"You'd first get bitten, causing venom to flow into your bloodstream and once it reaches your brain, you'll black out and lose memory of what happened to you. Once the venom finishes the vampire process, it'll heal the bite wound and strengthen your bones and body tissue. You'll be able to lift a truck as a newborn. You'll be even faster than Jay, and he's the fastest in the family. You'll be able to process new information faster. Hear things for miles. See with the eyes of a hawk. But the best part, is the healing." Sabrina grabs my leg and twists in to the side, causing a sickly snap.

I scream and hold my thigh, gritting my teeth as tears come to my eyes. "She's not very strong, Jay. Why do you want her?" Sabrina asks and her fangs burst from her lips. Reyes pins me down to the floor as I struggle against them helplessly. I hear something that sounds like two marble stones grating against each other and look over Sabrina's shoulder. Jay's struggling against a large, buff man who dangles him over the floor by his ankles. Jay futilely bites his leg but nothing happens. I look at the man's pale face and shudder to the core.

He's a newborn.

"I see you brought a friend." I smirk and Sabrina slices my wrist, which begins oozing blood. She dips her finger into the cut and puts the blood on it to her lips. "Mmm . . . tasty. Reyes, have a taste if you'd like." she smiles at me and I squirm futilely again. "Good. I'm starving." He plunges his fangs into my wrist and I release a large, pianful shriek. I feel the burning venom trickling through my veins.

I try to gain control of my body but its begun to writhe and struggle against Reyes blood-stained lips. I breathe heavily as the venom edges closer to my brain. Sabrina smiles fickly and I close my eyes. "It's working." my back bones grow rigid and arch against the floor, lifting my stomach up. I scream again and I hear Jay plead.

"Stop . . . please, just stop! You've done enough to her! Please! Let her go! I'll go back home with you guys if you let her go!" he yells at Sabrina. I hear her ugly, low laugh rumble in her chest. "If you let her go, I'll reunite with the family." he says.

She pauses. "Fine. But you didn't say anything about sucking the venom out!" she cackles in pleasure and I hear a large whoosh, meaning Reyes, Sabrina, and the newborn are gone. I groan and scream as the burning edges closer to my head. "Jay . . it's too late . . ." I hiss through gritted teeth as a sharp tugging begins in my wrist. "STOP!" I scream at the top of my lungs and try to pull my wrist away.

Jay pulls away. "Let me . . do this . . ." I whisper but my voice rises as I feel a terrible stinging in my left temple. "No, Lexi!! Don't give up! I need you! Please! I-" "Stop. Just . . ." I trail off.


The End

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