Chapter 5: Changing the ReflectionMature

It's been a week since I was released from the hospital. I still have to wear the cast on my wrist though, because the doctor's said it was a slight fracture and that it'll take at least 7-8 weeks to heal. The bandages were taken off of the bite wound, but they said that there will always be a scar there. Jay and I are a thing now, and we hang out every weekend. We mostly just sit on the bench at Belmont Bay Park and makeout for about an hour and then we go to our apartment and makeout on the bed.

But when the bedsheets and quilt are in the laundry, we settle for the soft carpet floor. Jay practically lives with me, but I said he could only on one condition: we must attend every day—and I mean every day— of school until it ends. Jay agreed to do this only if we go out on a date once a week. I agreed to it. It's now in the middle of November, and Autumn is our favorite season.

We sometimes go to the park and take pictures with Jay's fancy Canon camera of the autumn leaves and trees and then makeout at our usual spot. It's not our faults if we're horny teenagers! But this week, I want to change this.

I'm tired of making out on the bed and then falling asleep at 11:30.

I'm tired of sitting at the park as Jay licks and slobbers on my mouth.

I want to fuck Jay.

He always says no when I try to take my clothes off during makeout sessions and refuses when I bring it up.


Today is Saturday November 12th. I sit on the living room floor of the apartment, playing around with pictures Jay took of us and printed them off at Walmart. Jay's still asleep because I always wake up early. Don't worry, I didn't know vampires slept either. I fumble around with a picture of Jay and I, lying in autumn leaves, staring at each other with large smiles on our faces.

I hear a large woosh come from the kitchen and I know Jay's up.

"Morning, honey." I call out to the kitchen. "Gotta hunt. Be back in a few minutes, love." Jay says quickly and vanishes through the back door. I smile and take a sip of my mug of herbal tea. Jay taught me the recipe that his mother taught him when he was little. He explained to me that Damon and his two siblings, Sabrina and Reyes Wakes, are the only family he has now, since the rest of his family died in a house-fire.

I feel guilty, since I'm always introducing him to people in my family. Jay always has to explain this to my family, and they always reply with, "Oh, I'm so sorry," or, "God bless their souls." Yeah, my family is a teeny bit religious. But enough about them. Jay says that on Friday he's taking me to see his cousins Reyes and Sabrina.

I'm nervous to see them, but Jay assures me that the smell of humans doesn't bother them. That's just what I worry about. What makes me think they'll be able to control themselves around me if he can't? What if my blood is so rare and rich that it sets off even the oldest of vampires?? I'm so nervous that I have to busy my hands every second of the day or I curl up into a ball and remain like that until Jay finds me.

Jay can fix anything that troubles me, whether it's personal, like if Lily and I had a fight, or if it's mental, like if I have nightmares of when he bit me. Just with his touch my problems disappear. But not this time. He hunts more frequently just because he's worried he'll bite me again. To soothe his conscience.

I know he's fine, but if I interrupt him he goes off about how unsafe I'll be if he doesn't. I hate when he does that. Plus, I don't want a fat vampire boyfriend! It's not hot. Jay reappears out of thin air and wraps his arms around me, kissing my cheek.

"Hey, babe." he whispers smugly and I giggle as he plants a bunch of wet, passionate kisses on my lips. "You. Know. What. I. Thought. Of. Babe?" I say between kisses. "What's that?" "If Friday ends well, maybe we could spend Christmas holidays with Reyes and Sabrina." I say and jay stops to study my expression. Once he realizes that I'm serious, he sighs. "Christmas with them is boring," he begins.

"All they do is attend a bunch of ancient Transilvanian ceremonies." I perk up and take his hand. "Like what?" Jay pauses for a while. ". .I can't answer that . . I don't want to frighten you . . . " he says and I freeze. He massages my hand with his. "I want to forget what you just said, but I can't, Jay. I need to go do something with my hands before I have another meltdown," I get up and lock myself in my room.

repeat Jay's sentence in my head over and over again.

"I don't want to frighten you."

I sit down on the edge of the bed, curl up into a ball, and drift off to sleep.

I'm in my room again and Jay's knocking at the door. "Lexi, are you ok?" I know he can't see me behind the locked door, but I nod in reply. "I'm fine!" I call out and he stops knocking. I turn to the window and scream.

Awaiting me, are a young, stocky blond girl and a dark-haired, bulky guy, who both seem to share the same glowering red eyes. The girl's long blond hair is pulled back in a neat, loose pigtail, and she wears an icy blue sweater and matching pants that remind me of Jay's eyes. The boy reminds me of Demetrius from Eclipse- shaggy brown hair, and a flowing black cloak. "Well it would seem that you are not, in fact, 'fine.' " the girl smiles grimly and I scream back into consciousness.

I wake up to a large splintering sound and discover that Jay has ripped the door clear off the hinges. "Lexi!" He calls, dropping the door, and rushes over to my side. This makes me realize I'm curled up in a ball until Jay rests his icy hand on my hip. "Are you alright? Did anyone hurt you?" he whispers. "I'm perfectly fine it was just another nightmare." I say.

"What was it about this time?" "I . . . I was lying on the bed, and you were at the door, asking if I was ok, and I told you I was, and then there were this boy and girl at the window - the girl a blond and the boy a brunette-" Jay interrupts me with a moan. "And they both had blood red eyes." I exclaim and Jay releases another groan, burying his face in his hands. "The boy and girl you saw- that was Sabrina and Reyes, Mira."



The End

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