Chapter 4: Attracted, are we?Mature

As Jay's fangs dig deeper into my neck, I fall silent. Maybe it's best if I die now, I think. He begins making a gulping sound and I can feel the blood and life being drained from me. I lift my arm and try to make all the pain disappear, but it won't. I feel searing spreading across my body and scream as it burns my insides.

It feels like liquid fire, its thirst for burning my insides unquenchable. I release a feral, guttural sound as Jay's fangs pull out of my flesh. His face—chin dripping with red—grows blurred and hazy in my vision and his hand cups my cheek, which is wet and sticky with blood. "Oh no . . Lexi . . . no . . I'm so sorry . . I didn't mean for this to happen . . please, stay with me . . ." he moans.

I gasp and pant as the insane burning grows stronger in my neck and threatens to knock me out. I cling to the picture of Jay—face pale with shock and regret, eyes the usual pale, icy blue—as unconsciousness welcomes me with blackness that floods my vision. My body grows numb and I remain still. "DAMON!!! HELP!! PLEASE!!" I've never heard Jay scream before.

Not even in anger, I think as I realize he's crying. As I dream, I can hear Damon and Jay exchanging words. "Jay . . need to decide . . . now . . it'll be too late . ." Damon's voice is drowned out, as if I'm underwater. "No . . she's happier as a human . . . save her, Damon!" Jay's shout rings in my ears. "Can't . . control my thirst as well . . . you, Jay . ." Damon tries to reason but I can tell he's angry with Jay.

Jay cries out before I feel a slight movement in my neck. My body shifts forward and my arms wrap around what I guess to be his neck. I keep my eyes closed to save myself the nausea and dizziness. "Please . . stay, with me, Lexi . . ." he begs me and I feel something touch my cheek. It's ice cold and hard like a rock.

His hand again?, I guess as I feel Jay shift beneath me.


I hear a chorus of voices shouting and arguing with each other. "You bastard! You stay the hell away from my daughter!! If I ever see you with her again I'll blow your brains out!!" I recognize my dad's voice. "Listen, you! You will not be able to look at, touch, or even breathe on my daughter or I'll have you thrown in jail!!

"Got it?!!" I find mom's voice and I can feel her hand reach onto mine. "Stoghhh...." I mumble my slurred words, only to discover my mouth is numb, and open my eyes. "Lexi..." I hear the chorus of voices say in amazement and wait until my vision clears to look at the faces in front of me. Jay, Mom, Dad, Damon, some girl I don't recognize, and for some reason, Moondancer. But she's not in her usual princess dress.

She's wrapped in a towel from head to toe. "Mira, honey, how do you feel? Does your neck hurt?" Dad leans forward and strokes my long, curly dark brown hair and I shake my head, wince, and fall still. I smile once I get the feeling back in my mouth, lips, and tongue. "Mhmm.. only when I move . ." I stutter and notice Jay is looking forever grateful that I'm alive.

"It'll go away in a few weeks . . ." he whispers, taking a step towards the foot of my bed. Mom and Dad go into another yelling fit with him and he sighs. "Stop!!" I shout, causing them to fall silent. "While you all are in the same room as me, no arguing! Not once!

"If I see you arguing, I'll . ." I trail off as Jay smirks at me, coming closer to me. "That's close enough." the girl beside me hisses but I tap her arm, causing her to turn to me.

Aluletia Shadowrend.

My cousin who I haven't seen in years. I used to call her Leslie when I was young, but I guess she grew out of it. She looks so different from the last time I saw her, which was 9 years ago. Now she has caramel curls down to her chest, a pale face, and matching but striking buttercup eyes. I remember my Aunt Desalana, her mother and her little brother, Kristopher Crowe, who by now I'm guessing is somewhere around 13 or 14.

I shake my head slightly and she nods once and moves, letting Jay get to my side. "I'm so glad you're alive." he chokes out. "Can you all give us a sec?"I mumble and Dad, Aluletia, Mom, and Damon leave the room. Damon comes back and carries a blank expressioned Moondancer out of the room. I smile as Jay strokes my cheek with his thumb, resting his index finger underneath my chin.

"When my Dad says that he'll blow your brains out, he means it." I whisper under my breath so only he can hear. He just smirks and chuckles half-heartedly. "Don't worry, I'm bullet-proof." I laugh at his comment and he brings his face closer to mine until our noses are touching. "Do you want me to kiss you?" he mumbles under his breath so only I can hear. I take a deep breath and close my eyes for a long time.

" . . Yes . . ." I whisper just as he presses his lips to mine.

It was the kind of kiss that made me want more.

I hold my breath as he plants several more long, passionate kisses on my lips, gently biting my lower lip. I raise my arm to let my hand linger on the back of his neck as he licks my lips. I open my mouth and he plunges inside. Our tongues battle until Jay sits down on the edge of the bed, stroking my cheek with his icy hand. I shiver but I plant a lazy but passionate kiss on his perfect, chisled jawline.

Mmm. I am so glad that I know a vampire with such experience at kissing, I think and I hear Jay laugh. "What?" I ask, panting for air. Jay gasps along with me until we catch our breaths. "I can read minds. Thanks for saying I'm a good kisser," he giggles and I smile.

"So you're today's version of Edward Cullen?" I smirk at him and he gives me a passionate, wet kiss on the neck where the large bandage is. "Does it hurt anymore?" Jay asks. I nod slightly. "Did you suck the venom out." I say as a statement, rather than a question. "Yes.

"How do you know so much about vampires?" he asks, brushing my now very messy hair out of my face gently. "First of all, I've watched and read the Twilight Saga," I laugh and he laughs too. "And my mother gave me a book from my great-grandfather when his house burnt down. It was the only thing that survived. And my great-grandmother's locket and music box, but that's all." I say.

Jay nods. "Wanna makeout?" he smirks and I answer his question by leaning forward, biting his lips.

The End

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