Chapter 3: Road to recovery . . ?Mature

Once we reach my apartment building, my eyes are drooping and refusing to stay open. "Do you need me to carry you to your room?" Jay asks, stopping his truck in front of my building. "Um, I'm ok, but thanks." I mumble. "Wait!" he blurts out as I step out of the car. "You gotta go to the hospital for your hand... or would you rather spend several months dealing with the pain?" he says sarcastically.

I smile in frustration and slide into the seat once again. 

We drive down the road, the sun long gone past the horizon, and stop at the Baymont Bay Community Hospital. "Thanks, but I've got it from here," I'd rather just go alone than spend hours with Jay sitting next to me, watching my every movement. "You sure you don't want to go alone? I'm sure Wolfsdawn would love to join you. Or maybe Damon." Jay laughs.

I laugh with him. "I'm fine. I'm going to have to call my mom though," I say, sighing at the thought of my mother, sitting in the waiting room, holding my hand as tears stream down her elegant, beautiful face. "Or maybe I won't." I say under my breath but Jay catches me. "You should call her, so she doesn't worry. And Lily-Jane too." he nags but I just ignore him.

"You know saving me from a ball-less, hairy assed mutt doesn't grant you the favor of not being called a dick, right?" I smirk. Jay smiles wryly and waves as he drives away. I enter the automatic doors and sit down in the white room in a plastic outdoor chair and vaguely sigh as I sit down on its small, hard cushion. I see a few other patients in the room, but I can't keep my eyes off of the cute little girl wearing a princess dress, stained with what I hope to be dirt, wide eyes, twitching and giggling madly to herself in the corner. I should go see her!

That poor little girl! She's so cute, I think. But what if it's a trap set by Damon? Or worse, Jay., I don't know what comes over me when I stand up and sit down beside her. "Hi," I say.

"H. . h . hi. . ." she stutters, smiling a large, devious grin and begins hysterically laughing at nothing. "What's your name, sweety?" I smile graciously at her as she begins giggling in amusement by twiddling her thumbs. "M . . M . . . Moondance . . Moondancer . . . ." she stumbles upon her words but she looks at me with her wide, crazed silver eyes that look like small, hard, dilated bullets. "Moondancer, hmm? That's a pretty name.

"I'm Lexi. What do you like to play, Moondancer?" I smile but try hard to hide my fear, glancing into her crazed eyes. "Kill the cold ones. I love to dip my fingers in their blood and paint pretty pictures wherever we go," Moondancer lets out a loud, feverish laugh that bounces across the room and echoes in my ears. I flinch at her response and wince as her crazy, unstable laugh echoes through my head. I'm scared.

I need to leave before this little girl kills me!, I think and stand up. Moondancer makes a strange, throaty sound that sounds like a wail mixed with a shriek and grabs my sleeve. "Don't go now! Moondancer likes Lexi! And so does  mommy!" Moondancer wails.

I try hard to pull away but she has Damon's strength. I wince as I feel another hand grasp my fractured hand, grinding the broken bones against each other. "Yes, Moondancer, mommy likes Mira too." the woman to my left says. "Aghh!" I scream as I come to notice the hand is pitch black, and is actually wool knitted into the shape of a hand. I shriek in terror as she uses her free hand to pull the hood off of her head. 

Her face is black wool as well, only a few pieces of rotting flesh tangled in between it forming a face. Her lips are crooked, and the few pieces that are left of them are stained blood red. She has only one eye and it's  popping out of her head, due to roaches,flies, and other disgusting bugs clinging to her rotted remains of an eyeball. Her hair is short strands of wool hanging down to her shoulders, like a human rag-doll. Only she isn't human.

Oh my fucking god!! Holy fuck! This is WAY worst than Medusa!!!, I shout inside my head and squeeze my eyes closed as Moondancer's mother's face looms closer to mine. "By the power vested in the moon, and the radiance of the sun, I now bind you as prisoner to Moondancer!" she declares, blowing a stench of death, grime, and rotting flesh into my mouth. I cough and choke, trying to get the deathly air out.

She laughs and throws me to Moondancer, who laughs frantically and caresses my hair. "Yay! Mira and Moondancer stay together for ever. . and ever. . . and ever!!!" Moondancer giggles, locking me into an unbreakable hold and continues caressing my hair. Wait a minute... I've read about a creature that looks like this! What was it called . . . oh yes! A Maddoll!, I think as Moondancer's mother smiles a broken, twisted smile at Moondancer.

To kill them you need.. umm.. oh shit! I forget!, I try hopelessly to get out of Moondancer's grasp. What was it!? Um.. oh I remember now!! A mirror!

The Maddoll's reflection makes them see their ugliness and wither away! Haha, no it's not that. Hmm . . . it was . ., I hold my thought and smile at the answer.


Vampires obtain the unholiness and darkness that set Maddolls on edge. Once the Maddoll(s) encounter a vampire, they will begin to destroy themselves. Maddolls are known for trapping their prey in sticky, wet saliva protruded through their mouth(s). Maddolls are known for taking 1 human child in and torturing them until they are completely insane and only have one insane 'daughter' or 'son' for as long as the child lives. If the child tries to run away or dies, the Maddoll goes into mourning but tries to recover by wreaking havoc on Vampires, Werewolves, and any creature who gets in their way, even unsuspecting humans.  

I remember reading about Maddolls in a book that my mother had given me from my great- grandfather. It was an old journal with all the creatures he encountered on his journey to find the thrown of the Vampire Emperor. I need to get out now, I feel the heat of anger pulse hot in my veins, the heat rising to my brain.

Finally, I burst.

I grab Moondancer's hand and rip it from my wrist, causing her to release a warbled, high-pitched scream. 

"Let . . go!!" I screech, prying her fingers from my red, bruised, tender wrist. "JAY!!" I scream, running towards the door. Moondancer grabs my feet, causing me to fall onto my stomach. "JAY!! HELP ME!!" I bellow at the top of my lungs.

I hear a large screech outside and smile painfully as Moondancer drags me towards her and her 'mother'. A black figure, at vampire speed, crashes through the door and launches at the Maddoll, sending it crashing through the wall. I see it's Jay, as usual, but he's . . .


His eyes are seething and black as night, the black conjuring up every part of his eyes, which stare deep into mine. But I notice apart from Jay, the Maddoll can't stop screaming, with its hands over where its ears should be, which are just holes, and stares with a wide eye at Jay in fear. Jay takes a step toward me and I stop dead in my tracks to notice I'm chilled with fear and my hands are shaking against the carpet floor. I'm on all fours, staring deep into his soul-less, lifeless black seething eyes. As I shake in fear, he takes another step towards me, and kneels down in front of me. 

"Jay . . . you haven't hunted, have you . .," I say, followed by him smiling deviously, which suits the dead eyes, and he gently moves one of my dark brown curls out of my eyes and tucks it behind my ear, leaving his ice cold hand on the side of my face. "Jay, you gotta stop . . I'm not what you want . . ." I say with a shaky voice. He nods in reply, smiling with his fangs protruding from his lips. Jay leans closer to my neck, pressing his cool lips against it. I shiver uncontrollably, trying to hide my fear. "You're scared.

"Aren't you? I was expecting you to. The smell of fear is quite rare on you . . . and particularly . . . attracting . ." he whispers, pressing his lips into my hair. I blush and try to stay still but I'm still shaking with fear, but it doesn't help that his skin is as cold as ice. "Are you cold?

"Or is that you're fear making you tremble at my touch?" he whispers and I can hear the cutting edge in his voice. "Jay, please. I don't want this. Save yourself the trouble! I'd be a terrible vampire.

"I mean, I don't even know the rules or any important keys to hunting!" I try to delay  his lips from returning to my neck. He giggles. "That's just the thing, isn't it? There aren't any." Jay licks the side of my neck and I can't help release a shrill scream as his fangs pierce the wet skin.                                                                                                                                                                              

The End

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