Chapter 2: To PineshoreMature

I close my eyes, listening to the wind howling in my ears as we rush by the trees and buildings of Belmont Bay. "Damn. This is isn't fast enough." Damon says and unexpectedly slams on the brake, forcing me into the dashboard. I smash my forehead and hold it, glaring at him. "Come here." he pulls me out of the car and puts me on his back.

"What are you doing?! You're running there?! Are you nuts!!?" I screech, shivering as his freezing cold hand touches me. "You are just a regular human. You wouldn't understand us vampires and our needs.

"Well, you are pretty annoying, I'm glad that Grandpa's going to eat you as a light snack." he says. I scream and desperately try to escape his grasp, only to realize his strength has grown bigger than any man's. "LET ME GO!" I shriek, punching his fist as hard as I can. I whimper and recoil as I hear a sickly snap in my hand. I hold it loosely with my other hand.

Damon chuckles and takes a sharp turn into the dark, noisy forest. As the trees whip past my face, I notice the forest's canopy is shimmering in the sunlight, whereas the forest floor is bathed in complete, inky darkness. Probably Edward Cullen, trying to keep his cool, I hiss inside my head as the trail of blackness we're on comes to an end. "Try and live for as long as you can, sweetheart." Damon drops me on my hand and I scream as I hear it crack again. I grit my teeth and I roll onto my side, holding my broken hand.

Damon laughs and vanishes in thin air, leaving a trail of shaking leaves and trees behind. Once the wind vanishes, I manage to get to my feet when I hear a low, threatening roar rumble across the forest. The birds in the trees fly away in fear. I lean against a tree, trying to keep myself from hyperventilating. "You bastard! She's dead for all we know!

"Everyone knows who she is, you dumbass! They'll know she went missing!!" I shudder and hold my breath at the voice bellowing through the forest.  Jay Wakes. I cringe at the footsteps nearing me, still holding my breath. "Where is she?!" Jay screeches.

I hear Damon's disgusting, evil chuckle echo in my ears. "Tell me or I swear to god I'll rip your throat out, Damon." he snaps. Damon laughs again. I'm lost. The trees begin darkening as the azure sky streams into the soft rosy pink ring of clouds rounding the edge of the sun as it sinks into the horizon.                                                                                                                                                             

"She's dead, Jay." Damon lies. "LIAR!!" Jay shrieks, and I hear a large crash-like sound and a loud snapping that can only be a tree falling over. Man, I never knew vampire battles would be so loud, I think but I gasp as I hear the roar again. I hear the bushes in front of me rustle and I press against the tree in horror, covering my mouth with my good hand. "You're lying.

"I can smell her scent. Where are you hiding her?!" Jay presses Damon up against a tree from what I can hear. The leaves in front of me reveal a giant, hairy wolf on all fours. Its beady black eyes shine like black marbles, peering deep into mine. The wolf's fur is black from what I can tell, until it prowls into a beam of light, revealing its brittle dark brown fur.

It bares its razor like teeth at me and it roars again.  I cover my ears with my hands—wincing at my broken one—and I keep calm, knowing Jay and Damon are close by. "She's . . by the entrance . . . as far as I remember . . ." Damon rasps and I hear Jay drop him to the ground. "Lexi!! Lexi, where are you?!" Jay shouts and I take a step back, hoping the wolf won't come after me. It makes a sharp, short snarl and I stop dead in my tracks, frozen with fear.

"J. . Jay. . . help m . . . . me . ." I squeak as the wolf takes a step towards me, its large paws shaking the ground as its black eyes glow a radiant blood red in the darkness. "Jay.." I whisper as it takes another step towards me. Once its about a few centimeter away from me, my voice finally rises to a shout. "JAY!! SAVE ME!!" I shriek as the wolf pounces on top of me, drool dripping from the corners of its lips. I scream in terror as it digs its sharp claws into my bare arms and legs, pinning me to the ground.

I close my eyes as its about to rip my face open, and await the blinding whiteness of Heaven to welcome me. But as I feel its breath on my face, a large whoosh of air, followed by a large splintering shatter. I open my eyes just to see Jay—at vampire speed—drag the wolf carelessly off of me and shove the wolf into an old oak tree. It instantly splinters as the wolf flies through it, landing on its side. The wolf doesn't move, due to the fact that a large, sharp piece of wood is impregnated in its side.

It whimpers and begs frantically until Jay slowly, silently walked over, and sharply jerked its head to the right, breaking its neck. The wolf falls silent and I sit up, staring at the dead wolf and shove back quickly, stopping as soon as my hand begins to burn insanely. "Are you alright?" Jay whispers, helping me stand up. I nod, wincing as he tries to rotate it. "Ow, ow ow!" I grit my teeth as he examines the cuts from the wolf's claws. "They're really deep," he mumbles, softly touching the cut above my kneecap on my left leg.

I wince and quickly pull away. "Who and what was that?" I ask. "His name was.. I think it was Wolfsdawn. Obviously a werewolf." he laughs. "Last time I saw you, I was 'making you look bad'," I say smugly, nudging him with my elbow.

Jay smirks deviously. "Last time I saw you, you looked like hell." I smirk at his comment and slap him across the cheek. "Come. We'll go back to school, and you can have my parking space for a month." he offers.  "I've heard better offers from dead, hairy-assed werewolves." I laugh and Jay picks me up, carefully placing me in the passenger's seat of Damon's Volvo.


The End

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