Chapter 1: It all started when..Mature

Lexi Stone is a regular 17 year old girl until a rude, obnoxious 18 year old Jay Wakes enters her life. But, unlike everyone at Belmont Bay, Jay has a deep dark secret. Will Lexi join forces with him and destroy the army of the Plague?

Dominant is hard to explain.
Something just.. clicks, and suddenly you just explode.

My name's Lexi Stone, I'm 17 years old, and I'm in love with a vampire.




It all started on September 1st, 2012.

I had just parked my 2010 cherry red Volvo in my usual parking space at Belmont Bay High School, and I was sitting in it, chatting with my best friend, Lily-Jane Westley.

"So you and I have English and Math together," she babbles as I nod and pretend to listen. I'm more interested in the mossy oak 2012 Ram truck that had parked quickly in a space 3 cars down from us.  "Who's that?" I ask, nudging Lily. "Oh. Him. That's the new kid. Jay Wakes or something.

"Some say he's from Pineshore." she chimes. Pineshore's a large town far, far from Belmont Bay. "Pineshore, hmm?" I ask with interest as the tall, muscular, handsome boy with pale skin, blond hair and blue eyes in a black leather jacket, black jeans, and black runners steps out the truck, slamming the door behind him. Everyone stares as he adjusts his jacket and in a somewhat angry fashion walks—stomps—into the schoolyard. "Wow.. someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed," I mumble and Lily giggles.

"Indeed." she agrees as the bell pierces our ears. "Come on. English is first period." I say and we walk over to the English building.


I sit down beside Lily-Jane, and I'm appauled when Jay Wakes enters the room, sliding into the seat behind me. I glare at Lily-Jane for a second and turn away before Jay can notice. Mr. Willkins, the English teacher, enters the room, scrawling his name across the chalkboard in a messy font. "Hello class. I'm Mr. Willkins. Now, has anyone heard of Shakespeare?" he says in an annoyed, strained voice.

I know I'd be annoyed if I had to teach these assholes.

Lily and I raise our hands, followed by everyone but Jay. He just smirks and slumps down in his seat, crossing his arms across his chest. "Ok, I'm assigning a thousand word essay on your opinion of Hamlet." the whole class groans, including me. I pull out a lined piece of paper from my binder and scrawl my opinion about Shakespeare's crap. I hear Jay mumble something and I turn around.

He's not in his seat.

He's at Mr. Willkins' desk, handing him his 10 page essay!

He must write fast, that little bitch. As he sits down again, he whips out his cell and starts talking loudly on it.  

"No.. you need to stop him... well do something! I'll go to Pineshore... at lunch... ok.. ok, bye." he snaps the phone closed with a sharp twist of his fingers. Pineshore?? How is he getting there?! It's miles from here!!, I think and  turn around before he can notice, starting to doodle a little face in the corner of the paper.                                                                                                                                                   

"I would appreciate it if you didn't eavesdrop on my phone calls, bitch." Jay hisses in my ear. "Who are you calling bitch, cunt?" I snap. He chuckles. "Whatever, bitch. Just stay out of my way, and I won't be a problem." he sneers and angrily walks out the door as the bell rings. I get up and my hands are strangely shaky.

That's weird, I think as I walk out the door with Lily.                                                                                          

"So, how many pages do you have done so far?" she asks. "None." I say flatly, stuffing my binder into my locker angrily. "Ugh, that stupid jackass cunt Jay Wakes just pisses me right off." I hiss. I notice Jay storm down the hallway, turn a corner, and vanish. Lily sighs and literally throws her English books into her locker.

As she's about to throw her notebook in, it falls.

Just as it's about to hit the ground, a hand catches it. 

It's a boy, who looks exactly like Jay except with matted, shaggy brunette hair.

"Here." he chimes, handing it to Lily. She blushes. "Damon Wakes. And you are?" he smiles. "L..Lily-Jane Westley." Damon shakes her hand. "Lexi Stone.

"I believe I've met your brother." I say. Damon laughs. "Jay isn't my brother. He's my cousin. But ever since we moved away from our Grandparents' house, he's been a total jackass lately." I nod my head in agreement and embarrassment.  

"Well, I better get to class. Nice meeting you ladies." he smiles at us. "Wait!" he stops. "Have you seen Jay? I need to speak with him." I nod.

"He said he was going to Pineshore at lunch.." I say. "Ok. Thanks. See you later." Damon flashes me a thankful smile and jogs down the hallway. I notice my hands are still shaky, but I'm sure that's just that it's hunger, even though it feels like energy is being drained out of me.

"I better get to Art. See you at lunch, Lily." I say and Lily nods at me.

As I walk out of Art, I feel even worst than I felt before. I feel as if I'm about to pass out and close my eyes, falling forward. I smile at the thought of the cold tile floor on my cheek.

I don't hit the ground.

I open my eyes to see Jay holding me up against the wall with one hand. "Looks like someone's had a little bit too much coke." he sneers.

"Screw you, dick." I hiss and go to take a step. I almost fall again but Jay catches me again and pins me against the wall. "Look, you're making me look bad—" "Look bad? When did you ever look good?" I snap.

"I try to help you and you repay me by looking like a high hooker." he hisses and lets me go. I sink to my knees, the wall supporting my back, and rest my head on my knees. I fall asleep.


I wake up to a small nudge on my shoulder. "Oh my! Mira, are you ok?" it's Damon. I nod, head still on my knees. "I'm.. fine..." I rasp weakly, trying to stand up.

Damon holds me up. "Are you sure? Should I take you home?" he asks. I shake my head. "I should get to Math." I say sickly and stumble as Damon catches me.

"Ok, I'm taking you home." he glances at his watch. "Shit. It's too late for that. I might as well take you with me, at least Grandpa will go easier on me if I have a human for him." he says quietly but I flinch. "What? Does that mean.. you're not human..?" I say in a harsh, panicked voice.

Damon sighs. "I've already said too much. Come on." He carries me down the stairs and plants me in the passenger's seat of his Volvo. "How'd he get to Pineshore without his car? What a dumbass." I smirk.

Damon turns the keys and the car softly purrs to life. He drives as fast and crazy as Jay, almost hitting my car on the way out and quickly driving into the road.

The End

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