In this world, there are two kinds of people: the Shades and the humans. Shades can be further broken down into the Chained, the lower species that lay down their lives to serve the Forsaken, the dominant species that yield powers the rest of the world could not imagine.
Besides all that? There's also demons.



They burst through the door without warning. The safety clicks off.

I’m a Shade.

The bullets spew out of the gun. Black gunk flies everywhere, coating their clothes, the ground, splashing my face.

I come from a Chained bloodline.

Their blood-curdling shrieks fill the air. I push onwards.

We have caused much bloodshed and laughed in the face of our enemies.

Their bones crack sickeningly under my weight as I plough through the sea of corpses.

Many have died to protect what we hold dear.

The rusty metal door flies open against the force of my foot.

The Forsaken, the last breath of magic existing in this world.

Blue eyes glow in the darkness. “Come on,” I tell him.

Some do it for the honour.

His small hand is sweaty and quivering in mine as I tug him out of the room.

Some, for the money.

The orange beam of a single light bulb illuminates the intricate black mark on his shoulder. He’s a royal.

But to me it’s just a game.

We’re ambushed. The boy screams at the sight of two demons racing towards us, some with fangs gleaming and claws outstretched. They move at a blinding speed as they circle and dart towards us as a tiger taunts its prey.

Except I’m not in the mood to be killed today. My trusty blade makes light work of them as I yield it with expert precision. The small figure by my side slightly limits my movements, but the monsters fall to the ground nonetheless. Sounds of the chopper resonate through the roof. “Time to go.”

“You look scared, kid.” I grin at him while strapping him into the seat. He has been silent ever since I rescued him. He stares at me with wide eyes and his mouth hanging open a little. Black, curly locks hang over his face so his sapphire orbs are only half visible. Long feminine eyelashes cast shadows on his porcelain skin in the moonlight. He’d looked ashen when I found him but the colour is slowly returning in his cheeks. He’s a pretty kid. Within ten years he’ll be wearing a string of broken hearts around his neck, I’m sure of it.

“That was awesome.” His face slackens with awe. “Who are you? How come you can do all that? Do you have superpowers? Weren’t you scared?”

“One at a time,” I chuckle. “My name is Aria, and killing demons is my job. One I take with the utmost seriousness. I don’t have superpowers. But I don’t need to be afraid.” Why should I be? I was made for this. The vermin that exist on this earth are no match for years of hard training and the tainted blood that courses through my veins. Some cower in fear and abandon their duty, but I relish the feeling; the adrenaline that pumps through me when I fight. The feeling of my heart racing as I attack and defend, cutting them down one by one. The triumph as a pile of bodies falls to my feet, marking me the victor.

Yes, it’s all just one thrilling, action-packed game. “Because I never lose.”

The End

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