“Corries on!” Phil yelled from the main room of the hotel room all 5 of us were sharing. I could only just hear him over the noise of my shower.

“Coming!” I hurried up and out to find the TV off and 2 girls sat on my bed. I froze with my towel round my waist.

“Squeaky clean Zakk?” The first said. She had long brown hair, a blonde fringe and a very slim figure. My eyes paused just before her shoulders. Rookie cleared his throat. I looked up and around for him, before seeing he was sat behind the girl I was just checking out. His arm was around her. Whoops.

“Zakk, meet Zelda.” He smiled at me in a way that clearly said “don’t even think about touching her.”

“Lovely to meet you. Rookie’s told me about you. Well, all of you really.” Zelda smiled, offering her hand. 

I looked at her slender fingers incredulously. “Love, who do you think we are? Stand up and giz a hug!” I opened my arm up, keeping a tight grip on my towel. 

“No.” Rookie said abruptly. “You’re not hugging my girlfriend in a towel Zakk.” The other members of the band - Birdy, Phil and Nickky – laughed loudly.

“Well I could always take it off…” I loosened my grip slightly and Rookie’s eyes widened in horror.

"You wouldn't dare." Rookie said darkly. Zelda just laughed and  messed up his already messy hair - he hadn't washed it in weeks so it stuck out at odd angles and stayed put. I patted her back with my free hand as she slipped her slender arms around me.

The towel slipped as I hugged her back.


The End

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