Heartbroken Killer

A short story about a murderous man... It's about Zombies =D

I could basically feel my heart bleeding infront of me. I didn't need to see it to know what the truth was. I felt that intense pain in my chest.
I looked up at the man who had found me and tied me to this steel operating table. He'd found me on the street after me and my boyfriend broke up. He noticed I was crying and asked me what was wrong. I honestly thought that he was just worried about the state I was in.
He wasn't. He was the man the papers nicknamed the "Heartbroken Killer", because he found women whom were devestated about something, and when he found out that it was because of a break up, he tries comforting her and then he knocks her out and brings her back to his lair. Which is where she wakes up, he cuts open her chest and takes out her heart. And all this is without anethstetic, which is something I found out the hard way.
I screamed out in pain, he'd just cut something else inside me. I felt something being removed from me, and I felt woozy and empty. Then he held it infront of my face before darkness invaded.
The last thing I saw was a psycho path holding my heart infront of my eyes. I know that sounds insane and impossible, but this man- this crazy, insane man- had done it. I could tell he loved the pain he caused. He loved seeing others in pain. It was the one thing he lived for.

My eyes opened blurry. I wondered if that had all been a dream, then I tried to sit up and I once again felt the ties around my body. I wondered had he really taken my heart out. Had he really cut open my chest- or had I been so heartbroken I'd imagined it all? I turned my head to my side and saw my reflection on the side of a silver tray. I had drips of blood on my face.
Then I realized my skin had changed colour, to some greenish-grey. My eyes were bloodshot and had dark marks underneath them, like I was seriously lacking sleep. And then I saw the biggest change to my face.
My mouth was stitched closed. I wanted to reach up, to see if it was real. I tried opening my mouth, even just moving my lips, but it caused me such pain. I tried making as much racket as I could by slamming my hands and feet and body against the metal tray, but the effort was futile. I made little sound.
That little sound was enough to make someone enter, unfortunately though, it was my captor- the Heartbroken Killer. He lent over me, examined my eyes, ears and nose. Checked my pulse. A smile spread across him grim face.
"Welcome to the world, luomakunta." The man greeted me. Luomakunta, luomakunta... I recognized that word... but what did that mean? I knew it was finnish, I only knew two languages- english and finnish. But were those three years of Finnish just not enough? Luomakunta. Creation. I felt my throat choke up. I was no creation of his. I wanted to scream that to him, but my lips were sewn together and it hurt so much to try to make them move.
"Just wait until you see what you've become. You've been saved from heartbreak." The man said as he started to shift the steel table I was on. Clearly steal tables now also had wheels. He pushed me through a set of double doors and into a bright room. "I know when you're ready to be happy because those stitchings in your mouth will rip right out." Then he laughed, and it was the most evil laugh I'd ever heart before in my life. It scared me, it really did.
And then I saw myself- my body- for the first time. And I screamed, my mouth ripped open, ripping the stitches just as he had said and I screamed. I felt the warm rusty taste of blood trickle down my tongue. My skin, it used to be a milky white but now the skin all over my body was that sick green-grey colour. The whole in my chest had been stitched back together and I also had a marking on my thigh. I couldn't read it though.
The blood stopped and I looked at my mouth. My mouth was no longer bleeding, it was just ripped to shreds. But the taste of the blood... It tasted so... Good. A smile tweaked on my face, I don't even know why.
"I knew you'd like it." I'd forgotten the man was there but I looked at him with a sadistic smile on my face. "Aren't you going to thank me?"
"It hurts to talk." I said and then I realized, no it didn't. "What did you do?"
"A simple transformation. Its easier to get over a broken heart if you don't have one at all." He smiled insanely. "I'm a doctor, I make you feel better. But I bet you are hungry after such an operation?"
"Yes, yes I am." I replied, and my eye twitched. I didn't seem to have much control of some of the things I did.
"Just so you know, I took it into my own hands to send your heart to your ex lover. I'm sure he'll find the gift... Heart wrenching to say the least." He laughed, and I did too after realizing what a lame pun he'd made. "For a zombie, you certainly are an attractive one you know? One of my best patients."
"What did you call me?"
"Your a zombie now. You technically are dead."
"Which explains the lack of blood, lack of pain and change in skin tone."
"You betcha." The man smiled and untied me. I sat up slowly, expecting there to be some sort of pain in my chest, but there wasn't. I was dead. No more pain.
The man handed me a plate with a chicken sandwich on it. I looked at it with no appetite. Then I looked up at the man that created me. I felt hunger surging through me. He turned to face me with a smile on his face. He saw I hadn't eaten the sandwich.
"Not what you'd like to eat?"
"Not exactly." I replied and pounced on him. I pushed him to the floor and ripped him to pieces bit by bit, making sure he experienced the same pain I did as I was going through the transformation. He'd released a monster apon the world.
That monster was me.

The End

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