This is actually something that has happened to me very recently, awkward situations and all.

They're walking together around the quad again. How many loops have they made now- four, five? You've lost track, but that doesn't mean you're not watching. You've been watching since they asked for a private conversation.

His words from just minutes before echo in your ears, an almost-mocking refrain: "The, uh, dynamic has changed." He grins awkwardly as his eyes flick to her. She smiles back. You don't know what to say.

The rumor mill in your brain has been churning out possibilities since then that you don't even want to think about. So you lean back against the rough tree bark and watch them in their endless looping walk, unable to hear what they're saying but somehow knowing anyway. The obvious conclusion nudges at your tear ducts, and you manage to push it back. But this time, only barely.

The three of you had been close the previous night, when you had walked a similar loop as obnoxious music blasted from the dance inside. You had thrown glow sticks into the dewy grass and ran in horrible shoes and talked about everything under the sun (or rather, the moon) and it was paradise. You couldn't stop smiling. Had you been oblivious to something that had happened while you were catching up with them? Had some spark gone unnoticed?

Now they walk over to you, and a thin layer of ice spreads across your heart.

"Are you alright?" he asks.

Of course not.

You fake a grin and tell them you're fine.

You do the same when she confesses that he likes her, even though on the inside, the ice has melted and your heart is dripping down your ribcage. What else is there to say?

You may put on a happy face for them, but the way you break down sobbing in your room a few hours later says otherwise.

The End

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