Laying here, thinking about a time when you used to lay beside me,

When I could feel your warm breath on my skin,

And your heart beating in step with mine

It makes me wonder if there was ever a time in my life where I was so happy,

Even though so many have been hurt

The rain thumps loudly on my roof,

Just enough to block out my thoughts of you

For a moment,

I wait, and wait, and the rain subsides, leaving me in a hollow pit of regret

I can still smell you on my pillow,

I wonder if you ever think of me,

When I cry at night maybe so do you,

Or maybe you get on with life and the more important things in it

Wouldn’t it be great to dream forever?

Dream of a happy you and me,

We could be, live and create a life together,

If only you could see through your selfish shades,

See this world that we could make

I guess I can wait a while,

After all we have nothing but time,

Here in my world, you are all mine.


The End

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