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Chapter 1: Nevermind...
"I...I'm going to miss you, Eli." Tana fought back tears. It was evident from the waver in her voice, so he was careful to choose his next words. "I will miss you, too, but no need to fret. I'll be back before you know it." He wiked and rose from the remarkably comfortable couch near the door. Tana began to cough and hack. He reached for her shoulder. "Are you OK?", he said softly, barely audible over the hoarse cry of the obviously sick girl."No, just go..." She seemed troubled, with the gleam normally in her eyes gone now. Leftover was the horrible darkness of tears, guilt, and shame. And... and another emotion Eli couldn't put his finger on. She continued to hack up blood and mucus, with Eli close by, trying his hardest to keep her company. He puts his arms around the violently shaking Tana and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. She touched her face as Eli gathered his backpack, sketchpad, and college textbook. He hesitated and turned to say something. He changed his mind, so he walked out the front door, leaving Tana clutching her blushing cheek and smiling. 

The End

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