VII~~ Seraphina’s PerspectiveMature

Two rooms, two rooms. After nearly twenty years of my life he says two rooms. The words kept reverberating over and over through my head. How could Ulric not know we are eternal hearts? I’ve known it since he was just a toddler what could be keeping his heart from knowing?

I stepped into the room and looked around at the two empty queen sized beds. The room was beautiful but it was the last place on earth that I wanted to be. This was supposed to be our honeymoon. We should be married and commingling our life essence by now. I just know the moment that we commingled our essence that Ulric would recognize me as his eternal heart.

I felt myself choking back my tears. My fox was whimpering inside me and I felt like my world was coming apart. I’d only ever wanted Ulric to be happy I just couldn't believe that he might do that without me. How could my fox and I know and he have no idea? It was like something confused his life essence. Every now and then I would feel the little tingles that his essence recognized mine then it would become dazed again.

I huffed and crossed my arms across my chest. I wanted to be angry and indignant but the only thing I really felt was pain and disappointment almost to the level of anguish. I was starting to think that I was going to live my life alone without my eternal heart. Make no mistake, Ulric might be confused but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt since the day we met. I’d never intended to stay in that crappy little town until I recognized my eternal heart. Then I knew I didn't want anything more than to spend my life with him. Now, I wasn’t sure what I would do. If Ulric chose to leave me for his camazotz eternal heart my life became nothing more than a burden.

I laid on the bed and let the tears fall from my eyes. Before today I’d been able to hold things together. I didn’t gotten stuck in the past or all the bad things that had happened to me. I’d been focused on Ulric and our love. Now, I found myself thinking of all the things that brought me to this very moment in time. I didn’t want to live without Ulric and I honestly shouldn’t have to.

I’d tried to do everything right. I’d worked hard at being a good person for Ulric. I wanted to be the best eternal heart and make sure that he was always happy. I slammed my fist on the pillow and growled in frustration. Tain was a bad person and didn’t deserve my happiness. I wasn’t going to stand idly by and watch him steal my man. I was going to fight back. I knew in the end I could win. Ulric was a skinwalker at heart and I was his eternal heart, I just needed to prove it to him.

The End

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