III~~ Ulric’s PerspectiveMature

The last minute trip to Vegas had been Seraphina’s idea. I finished my final hours of residency at the hospital last night and we hopped in the car and drove straight to Vegas with the intention of getting married in a chapel and consummating our vowels in the Palazzo hotel and casino.

Seraphina and I’d decided to elope since lately my mum and nan have been trying to put a wedge between Seraphina and me. I wish I knew why, but I don’t. It doesn’t even make sense since Seraphina has been part of our family since I was a baby. My nan took Seraphina under her wing and helped to shape her into the wonderful woman that I fell in love with.

Then, out of the blue they start saying things like maybe you two are moving too fast. What if Seraphina has an eternal heart of her own? As a skinwalker, we all know chances are she does. Don’t bind her to you and cause yourself and her pain when her eternal heart comes along. Seraphina and I couldn’t disagree more. Both of us feel we know how to make better choices than destiny.

I was starving and we decided to stop for a quick bite before checking in. I will still in my scrubs and it wasn't really appropriate for a sit down meal but my life essence was pulling me towards this tiny little Italian restaurant that was known more for the wine they served then the food.

Seraphina looked at me quizzically and even raised her eyebrows when I insisted that we eat there. The moment I cross the threshold I felt my heart burst to life. It was like suddenly having a film removed from my eyes and the world lit up with colour. I looked around room in wonder at how absolutely beautiful the world suddenly looked.

Then I smelled lilacs and vanilla. I automatically tilted my head and my eyes in the direction of the scent. That’s when I saw him. The most attractive male I’d ever seen in my life. Now, I always new I was bisexual, but in that moment I wondered how I’d ever settled for a female. My eyes locked onto his magnificent obsidian eyes and I never wanted to let go. He had creamy tanned looking skin and dark brown hair which was pulled loosely off his face into a pony tale. If I was guessing I would think his Incan blood was mixed with eastern European.

I saw his eye dart side to side and knew that he was getting ready to take off. I watched as the table he’d been sitting at flew abruptly into the air and he moved towards the exit. I too started to follow his movements with the intention of stopping him from leaving. I needed to know who he was. I needed to understand why my life essence thought he was my eternal heart.

He got to the exit first, shifted into a crow and took off into the air. I blinked and lost sight he. I tried to run after him but found something was holding me back. I looked and realised Seraphina was holding me with one hand while holding onto a steel light post at the same time. I tried to shrug her off so that I could catch my eternal heart. I turned and actually growled at her. My teeth immediately mutating into those of my coyote form. I think the shock of seeing me partially mutate was enough for her to release me. I took off at running full speed following the scent of my eternal heart. I could hear Seraphina’s voice echoing in my ears

Ulric, come back. Don’t chase him. He can’t bring you anything but sorrow. Stay with me, we can be happy together. Ulric please.”

Her words touched me and it hurt but, I knew I’d to go. I needed to track down my eternal heart. If I’d been lucky enough to have a second chance at eternal love, I would not spit in the eye of the destiny. Somehow just being near him changed my life in ways that I never thought possible. I knew to keep what I felt today and to experience more of the same I would chase him to the ends of the earth if necessary.

The End

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