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New gay/lesbian paranormal shifter romance series filled with America lore. Including skinwalkers, chupacabra, camazotz, naaldlooshi and so much more. This story blends folklore with new world thinking and romance. Ulric thought destiny stole his one chance for true love so he snubbed destiny and forged his own path. Then he saw Tain and knew destiny should have what it wants.

~~ Glossary of terms

  • Skinwalker: All skin walkers are descendants of the Native American people. They are pure of heart and can take the form of an animal. This is done by calling on their spirit guide while holding a totem of the animal they shift into. True Skinwalkers can only take one of the following forms; Wolf, coyote, fox, eagle, owl, crow, bear, cougar, bobcat, hawk, crow, eagle.

  • Naaldlooshi: Also descendants of the Native American people and are most likely shaman that have the ability to shift into two or more of the following animals; Wolf, coyote, fox, eagle, owl, crow, bear, cougar, bobcat, hawk, crow, eagle.

  • Chupacabra: All chupacabra are descendants of Native Central and Southern American cultures dating back to the Inca’s or Mayan’s and Inca’s. While similar to a skinwalker they are often considered tricksters or wicked humans based on the animal forms they take. Chupacabra are often mistaken for vampires in folklore because they drink blood and have an intolerance for sunlight. Like their skinwalker cousins, they call on their spirit guide while holding a totem of the animal they shift into. Chupacabra can only take one of the following forms; Bat, crow, vulture, snakes, hyena, jaguar and puma.

  • Camazotz: A chupacabra or a skinwalker that is pure evil and drinks the blood of infants and children. More often than not, the victim of a camazotz dies. A camazotz can shift into the same animal forms as the skinwalker or chupacabra depending on which they started as.

  • Nagual: Is a skinwalker or chupacabra that can shift into the animals of a skinwalker and a chupacabra. The first of which was created during world war two in Germany where the Nazi’s experimented on skinwalkers and chupacabra. In the course of their experiments, they unlocked the secret to both the chupacabra and skinwalker DNA, then spliced the two of them together to create the first Nagual. Both the skinwalker and chupacabra societies believe the nagual are abnormal in nature and as such they are often rejected.

  • Vaettir: Thought to be mythological supernatural spirits capable of vast magic. The Vaettir were divided into four families; Alfar, Dvergar, Jötnar and Sjövættir. These families sometimes intermarried with each other, and sometimes with humans.

  • Alfar: One of the Vaettir. Often mistaken as elves in human legends and folklore.

  • Dvergar: One of the Vaettir. Often mistaken as dwarves in human legends and folklore.

  • Jötnar: One of the Vaettir. Often mistaken as giants in human legends and folklore.

  • Sjövættir: One of the Vaettir. Often mistaken as sprites or water spirits in human legends and folklore

  • Aura: A visible emanation of a person’s life essence surrounding the body of a living creature. Ones aura can be viewed by mystics, life force spiritualist, shaman and one’s eternal heart.

  • Life essence: Sometimes also referred to as heart, soul, spirit or life force.

  • Eternal heart: The love of their life also known as true love or soul mate. Someone you love unconditionally and without reason.

I~~ Ulric's Perspective

I grew up with lies. Lies about my eternal heart. An eternal heart is the way we skinwalkers think of our true love, the love of our lives if you will. I grew up believing my eternal heart was an ancient chupacabra that had gone insane when he found out I was male like him, and a Nagual. Something so abnormal and hideous that he couldn’t accept me. Then again, according to the tales, despite how abhorrent he found me, he still kidnapped me as an infant and managed to get himself killed trying to run from my parents and the other skinwalkers that he made his enemies.

I wasn't unhappy believing that I had lost my chance at knowing the love of my life but I had to tell myself that I would find love without destiny. Seraphina and I had gotten to know each other over time and had grown to love each other more than any love destiny could force on me. I was going through medical school and had already made my intentions clear to Seraphina and my family. After graduation I was coming home to marry Seraphina in the traditional human fashion then we would create our own destiny.

That plan and my love for Seraphina however changed the moment I learned Tain never died. He was alive and well but trying his best to deny our love and allow me to continue to think he perished all those years ago. The truth was, he chose to remain alone and pay penance for his past sins... He was hell bent on staying out of my life. Perhaps he never got over the fact that I was a male. Maybe he was just a homophobes. There were still plenty of them left in the world. Either way, it was clear he rejected me. I intended to find a way to change his mind.

Nothing anyone said about him could be true. I don’t believe any of the stories they say about him and I absolutely don’t believe he turned into a camazotz. A camazotz is what we skinwalkers call a death bat. Legend says that a Camazotz is a chupacabra or a skinwalker that has gone insane and begins to feed on and kill humans indiscriminately. They don’t just feed on the blood of animals like most chupacabra, they also feed on humans but prefer infants and children. I refuse to believe my eternal heart could be a camazotz. Now that I know he’s alive, the only thing I cared about is finding him, and making him mine.


The End

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