Heart Shaped GlassesMature

  Chevell city, its a unique place to visit.The Hotel there is grand and magnificent. But what truely brings people to chevell city is the one world wonder of how close the moon can get. On a certain date; new years, at a certain time; midnight, the moon in chevell is so close that you can almost reach up and touch it. They say it gets so bright that night that it seems like lunar day time. The city is split by a river bank, about a quarter of a mile long. Connecting the city is an old bridge made of stone. Across the bridge on one  side known to be east of chevell, the streets are empty and Hotel Sulliven stands with pride. But once the sun goes down the tourist come in to hide behind the golden gates and bell boys of Hotel Sulliven while the residence come out to fight for survival. Be it selling drugs, stealing from one another or ,not even if necesary,murder.

  On the other side, west of chevell where the tourist reside in day time is a much richer, safer side to chevell. Where two face cops keep their families and where the upper class children get their education. A familly resides there. The Boddon family, they own 60%  of almost everything in chevell. The other 40% is owned by the desperado Sullivan family. The two richest families in chevell city. Umong the residence of chevell there is rumor that the reason why both families live on each side of the city is because they despise each other. The rumor of them despising each other so much,if a member of the opposing family ever crosses the stone bridge they will be killed on site. But the one rumor that really keeps the residence of chevell quiverfing in fear is the legend behind both families. The legendary beasts of the night, one that feads off moonlight and the other of blood. The Lycan family and The Sanguin family or the ever to commonly known vampire...

The End

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