Heart of Midnight

Princess Fionuir hates her life, but one night, on a full moon, she sees a ghost ship that causes her to get paranormal and scared for life. Yet, she is curious about it...

       A fine mist settled over the land of Phamtasy, its quiet voice wrapping around the small houses tenderly. Among the houses loomed a large castle, its threatening shadow casting a sense of death throughout the whole town.

          The moon shone brighter than ever, its silver sheen washing over the castle’s brick walls. Their normally dim red eerily shone a light gray, in sync with the moon. They sung a silent duet, a ripple of colors shimmering throughout the whole sky.

          “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” a woman murmured to a child softly within the castle.

          Letting her long, bluish-black hair be stroked, the girl didn’t respond. Her thin hands rested upon the balcony, her face lifted upwards towards the moon. “What is beautiful, mommy?” she whispered to her mother finally. 

          Frowning slightly, her mother only glanced at her daughter. “Why, the sky, of course. Do you see the moon, the colors? It’s like a little piece of heaven dangling right in front of us. Do you not see it, Fionuir?” she said anxiously, abruptly stopping her melodious strokes.

          Shaking her head slightly, Fionuir only gazed out towards the ocean, watching the waves brush over the sand gently. “No, I don’t see it,” she said flatly.   

          “Alright honey, it is okay. You will realize the beauty of the world later on in life,” her mother whispered tenderly, bringing Fionuir in towards a hug.

          Backing away a few steps deliberately from the hug, Fionuir glared at her mother childishly.

          “What if I don’t want to? I wish I could die right now, at this very second. I don’t appreciate beauty, I only want to not live this way and be… normal,” Fionuir responded haughtily, setting her arms on her hips. Her eyes narrowed fiercely, and her feet were poised like a model.

          Laughing softly, her mother kissed her daughter’s cheek lightly. Her lips smiled slightly at her daughters antics. “Someday, you’ll understand everything. You’re only ten years old right now, so surely you don’t understand much about…”

          Pushing her head a little farther than her body, Fionuir squinted at her mother as if she was nearly blind. “I don’t understand much about what? Tell me, mother!” she said, dropping down to her knees to beg.

          Her smile turning into a look of concern, her mother could only shake her head. “No, Fionuir. You will learn everything in time, okay? Now, don’t go off thinking of silly things. It’s time to go to bed now, okay sweetie?” she crooned.

          Nodding her head sleepily, Fionuir leaned in towards her mother self-consciously. Her eyes were half-closed, blinking rapidly to get to sleep.

          In the night sky, the shadows formed to show two figures embracing tightly.


          Fionuir lay in bed, staring up at the endless stretch of ceiling. The patterns spiraled through her mind, hypnotizing her in their never-ending swirl. “Oh, please, make it stop,” she pleaded, closing her eyes tightly, but to no avail.

          Unfortunately, closing her eyes made her dizzier and dizzier. The whole world rocked beneath her, and her bed spun around and around rhythmically, lulling her to a nightmarish and horrible place. “No, I don’t want to go to sleep… I don’t want to have nightmares,” Fionuir murmured drunkenly, her words slurred and barely understandable.

          Throwing her feet over the bed, Fionuir tiptoed to the balcony once again. A faraway clock chimed twelve times; it was midnight. Letting her hands sit on the cold, marble slabs of stone, Fionuir looked out at her town with remorse.

          “I hate it here,” she muttered aloud, propping her chin upon her open hands.

          She decided to spend the night staring out at the moon, watching it fly throughout the air like a lost boat, trying to find its way but always going in circles. I wish I didn’t have to go through life this way, in circles. I wish I was a normal kid, and not a princess, Fionuir concluded grumpily, crossing her arms angrily.

          Seconds passed, and Fionuir closed her eyes blissfully to sleep. A feeling of calm, and peace washed over her body like a gentle wave on the beach. Her tense body loosened up, and she leaned against the balcony heavily.

          Yet, her sleep interrupted by a piercing shriek. It was followed by a chorus of moans, groans, and screams cutting the air frantically. Opening her eyes in fright, Fionuir looked all around to find the source of the mysterious noise. “Is anyone there?” she said quietly, peering over the tower.

          As quickly as the chaos began, it stopped. Eerie silence filled the town, and not a single cricket chirped its song. Oh my god, this is just freaking me out, Fionuir thought, shuddering at the ghost-like ruckus.

          She took one last glance at the town, her eyes lazily scanning through the familiar houses and farms, and was shocked by what she saw. Her eyes widened, and her hands flew up to her heart. Oh my god! Is that really a-?

          For sailing through the ocean, gray and silver like the full moon, was a phantom vessel.


The End

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