3.3 Dante: Entertain Me!Mature

I turned to the girl still gripping her arm, “You’re my minion…” The girl shook her head up and down understanding the situation. “Serf,” I said playing with the word sounding it out, it sounded foreign something classier and I didn’t like it. “Servant sounds just about right,”

I looked down at the human, her pale eyes looking up at me confused, scared, nervous, her heart racing, mind exploding with questions and normal curiosity. I smiled releasing the girl walking back to my room, my work here is done. And why are these people watching me? Am I wearing their under garments?

I sneered, “Can I help you? And whoever was watching me turned away and I continued the walk to my room and something was off.

Why am I walking alone?

I stopped down the hall, “Girl, Why am I walking alone?”

“Sorry!” She jumped running to where I was and we continued our walk in utter silence.

I slipped reading her mind and quickly had to stop myself, which absolutely sucks. Since I’m on this new diet if I use my powers I’ll crave the blood more, so no powers and no blood craving. I guess that means the mind talking thing is an out too, huh?

I hate that senile old Vampyre.

I stopped at my room and pushed open the door. The girl stayed outside, “What are you doing girl?”

“You didn’t invite me in,” she answered shyly.

Sighing I pull her in, “You can come in anytime you want, you’re my servant.”

The girl proceeded inside looking around hesitantly, “Your home is very lovely Master,”

“Dante girl, my name is Dante.”

“Master Dante,” she batted her eyes away, looking outside at the crescent moon, something that I was used to when dealing with the human females.

They never like to make eye contact.

I corrected, “No no, Dante, just Dante.”

The girl nodded, looking down.

“Ok you see this entire lovely,” I said to her pointing to everything possible in my room, “Don’t touch anything!”

“Mast- Dante if I may say something?”

“Speak girl, no need to ask, speak.”

The human noted, “Your room is chaotic.”

“And this is the way I like it. Don’t touch, No touchy.”

The human suspired softly, glancing around at my room she was ordered not to clean and her thoughts did not understand why she was not allowed to touch my sacred sanctuary.

There was silence as the girl walked around my room, hitting the thick drapes at my window and covering her mouth and nose as dust escaped into the air. Her finger slide on the surface of my night stand, she fanned out my bed sheets, picked up couple pieces of clothing from off of my bed room floor and picked at a huge blob of candle wax on my desk.

I said, “You know, you’re listening skills aren’t that good.”


“Yes woman, what did I tell you about asking?”

The human picked at the thick solid wax, “What exactly am I suppose to do?”

I questioned out loud. “What are you suppose to do?”

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do?”

“I wasn’t talking to you woman, myself…”

“I know but you said that out loud,”

“I said I was talking to myself girl and can you stop touching that!”

The human didn’t say anything else and quit picking at the mountain of wax on my desk. She held her head down fidgeting with her fingers and I could sense that she was extremely nervous; if I touched her she probably would flinch right out of her skin. She’s a talky one too, telling me my room is messy and is she even allowed talking back to me?

What am I going to do with her?

I suppose my brother would know what the girl is supposed to be doing.


No response, he better not be ignoring me.

The girl spoke quietly with eye contact. This girl is brave, “Um, am I washing clothes, gardening, helping the cook, cleaning, taking care of pets?….Master, sorry um, Dante,” And she watched me, this time not flinching away waiting for an answer that I didn’t know.

Hello…  still nothing.

Fine I’ll just assign her something, “You’re going to take care of me,”

She arched a brow questioning derisively, “Take care of you?”

“Yes, I did choose you after all. Anything I need you get,”

What do you want? Marquis questioned seconds too late.

Nothing, have fun…

Now what am I going to do with her?

I don’t need anything persay, I’m not hungry as yet and I refuse to go to bed when the moon comes up. I can’t leave the premises, torturing humans is out of the question and the girl watched me as I tried to figure out what now.

Why is she so quiet?

“Girl why are you not talking, entertain me.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged, “do something, entertain me.”

“Um…” she stayed playing with a necklace around her neck.

I sighed grabbing the girl, “You will entertain me with sex,”

“Excuse me!?” her eyes widen with my remark.

“I didn’t stutter girl,” I grabbed the human turning her around and bending her over. “You’re going to entertain me,” I pulled up her rag dress.

“I can’t,” the girl said trying to escape my grasp, “Please Master Dante,” Again with the Master. I heard panic in her voice, humans voices are always coated with panic and it grows on you over time.

The End

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