3.2 Dante: Crazy See, Crazy DoMature

When the precious moon had finally made her presence known, I heard Marquis requesting I come down to the storage hall. The Storage hall is where the kitchen is kept; It’s also where we keep the food for the humans and where they sleep. Females and Males separate of course. When I got down stairs, there were at least 25- 30 humans all lined up and I found Marquis standing somewhere in the middle looking at all the servants that were present, hands crossed and ready to start.

Ready to start? He questioned.

I was born ready!

“You,” Marquis pointed to a lanky boney boy, he looked like maybe 18 years of age.

“Not him,” I said

Marquis glared at me, “and why not?”

“Because look at him,” I lift up his shirt poking at his ribs. “What can he do, he looks sickly.”

“Dante, we are looking for house servants. Cooking, cleaning, gardening, washing clothes understand?”

“Stop telling me to understand!” I snapped mocking uncle Zachri and all his rules of Cant’s. “Dante you can’t go outside, understand! Dante you can’t hang people off balconies, understand! Dante just because a human denies you because she is married, you can’t slaughter her family, Understand! Dante Understand! Understand! Understand! Stop with the understanding me,” I took in a deep breath just ‘cause, not that I needed to, added effect to my outburst. 

Marquis glared at me chaffed, “The servants are for Cooking, cleaning, gardening and washing clothes, that is all. Now shall we continue or is there anything you would like to share with our guests?”

“Nope. You lanky come.” I pushed the skinny, sickly looking thing into a room and sat him on a barrel, the only object in the room- he looked scared.

“What’s wrong with you?” I questioned lanky.

“Nothing,” he held his gaze down.

“Why do you look like this?”

“Like what?”

“Like you,”

He lifts his head up slightly at that comment, “I’m sorry, like me?”

Marquis said, “Ok, I think I’ll take over now.”

“What, Are we not questioning these humans?” I argued.

“Not questions like that,”

“Then elucidate your highness,”

Marquis rolled his eyes and he said to lanky. “What’s your name?”

Lanky said, “My name is Marcel Granger.”

“Marcel my name is Marquis and this one here, who you should pay no attention to, is Dante. You’ll learn to ignore him, it’s a necessity.”

“Marquis and Dante it is a pleasure to be in your presence”

I questioned, “Why is it a pleasure?”

“Because Master Dante, Louis sent us here. You must be personal friends to the king,”

I laughed out loud. Friends with the king, right!

How about we’re the kings worst nightmare and he’s scared shitless of my Uncle Zachri. The Z man has his days when he wants to play the big bad wolf and when he gets into character then the party starts.

I was going to say something else, most likely something Marquis wouldn’t agree with but he cut me off, “What are you good at?”

“Well …” and lanky talked and told us what he’s good at. blah, blah, blah. Marquis asked him if he had any family and so forth and this long process prolonged, of course Uncle Z would give us such a boring job.

I hadn’t realized it but the interview was finally over and Marquis was bringing in another guy, he was at least 6 foot 4. He was Indian with long straight hair, he wasn’t skin and bones like lanky, you could tell he was a labor worker. He sat on the barrel, we stood in front of him and I spoke which I know Marquis would soon regret.

“So have you killed anyone before?”

What does have to do with anything?

“It’s ok if you have, we like crazy” I said.

“Alright, you know what-” Marquis said, “It’s done, you go away.”

“Hell no, uncle Z said that we do this together,” I argued.

“And he also said for you to listen to me,”

“Fuck you!”

“ ‘we like crazy’ Dante!? No you crazy, you like crazy. Don’t plural us together when it has anything to do with craziness. Leave!”

“No,” I stormed out the room, “I want to appoint someone, I was given this role too.”

Marquis followed me, “You can’t be serious right now?”

“I don’t give a shit!” I looked at all the servants up and down, walking down the line.

“What are you doing?” he questioned.

“Looking for a servant,” I continued walking, I past lanky, another one who looked broken, that one looked ugly, that one I think…I’m not too sure if it’s a he or she and then I stopped, I found my servant. She was normal; she didn’t repulse me or make me cringe. I grabbed her arm dragging her in the middle of the hall so Marquis can see my servant.

“This girl is my minion, I hire her, mine!”

Marquis lips twitched a smile, Minion? Dante seriously!?

What else should I call her?

A servant, hireling, serf…..

Servant does sound more of an Uncle Z word….

The human cried out with my fists clamping on her arm and I loosened my grip.

Marquis tightened his jaw withering. “You know what, do as you please,” he laughed bitterly, “I give up already.” He slammed the door and yelled. You fucking have issues you know that!

Takes a fucked individual to know another, I replied.

The End

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