3.1 Bloody Rules of Cant'sMature


“Does this go for Marquis too?” I questioned.

 Uncle Z replied, “Of course not,”

“Why? Why only me?”

Marquis said, “I need to survive, Dante common seriously!?”

“Do I not need it to survive as well!?”

“No!” both Uncle Zachri and Marquis shouted at me.

“What am I suppose to eat?” I shouted back and why does he hate me?

“Food,” Marquis stated.

“I don’t eat food,” I said disgusted by the slight thought, “Food?”

“Yes food,” Uncle Z replied, “You know what you used to eat, what the humans eat.” I looked at him like he was speaking a foreign language, “What humans eat boy, F double O, D , food!”

“You can’t do that too me,” I argued and his steely eyes held mine and he spoke calm and sharp.

 “And that will be your diet until I return.”

 “Why don’t you just kill me?”

“As tempting as that sounds I rather not,” he sighed, “I will know when I come back, do understand?”

“Whatever, I swear this is child abuse.”

Uncle Z spoke to Mr. goodie-tu-shoes over there, “I want you to never leave his side, follow him everywhere he goes and I want you to be his shadow,” He placed a hand on Marquis shoulder, “I’m leaving and I’m placing all my trust within you.”

I heard the heavy emphasis on the word ‘all’ and I said, “I guess we know who’s most favored around here,”

Marquis agreed to Uncle Z’s crazy request, of course. Follow me like a shadow; I don’t need a fucking babysitter.

The Z man turned to me shaking his head and sighing like I did something, “Don’t, just don’t. Whatever your thinking about doing- don’t. What ever thoughts or ideas that may enter your brain in the near future- don’t,” And just before Uncle Zachri was going to finally leave, he gave me a folded piece of paper. I opened it and it was a list of Cant’s. The first can’t on the list was that I was not allowed to leave the castle premises, are you kidding me!?

I stifled a laugh, “Your joking right?”

“Nope,” Uncle Zachri walked down the flight of stairs. “Enjoy your time of freedom and don’t give me any reasons to regret this decision.”

What fucking freedom!?

Let it go, Marquis said.

“What fucking freedom!?” I whispered.

Z man got into his carriage, “You are free within the mind, you wish it and so be.” He pointed to his temple, It’s all in the mind, “It’s a powerful tool, start using it boy.”

Who says shit like that!?

The senile old vampyre noticing that I wasn’t appreciating his words of wisdom  said plain and firmly, “Be grateful I’m not confining you to your bedroom!”

“Whatever,” I huffed and knowing that I should be grateful enough that he didn’t go to that extent. But still, this isn’t fair!

We said our goodbyes and his carriage took him away. Now that I think about it, I don’t even remember Uncle Z telling us where he was doing his so called business trip.

“Where is he going again?” I questioned.

Marquis answered, “Italy and Japan.”

I sighed, “He won’t know if I took a sip here or there would he?”

Boy please don’t try my patience! I dare you to test me!

Marquis shook his head walking back to our home, “You never learn do you.”

Uncle Zachri’s carriage disappeared somewhere down the road and Marquis left to go read shake sphere or something along those lines. My brother is not an interesting individual, who goes to a play on their own free will? Seriously, and Uncle Z is acting all weird and funny now a days. Both of them need some excitement in their little lives- like the good old days.

                I walked back to my room reading the list I was provided:

1.    You are not allowed to leave the castle premises

2.    No feeding, this does include animal blood. Boy Please don’t test me!

3.    No hanging humans off the balcony

4.    You are not to mess with the human minds, to make them do things that brings you pleasure

5.    No killing for no reason

6.    No breaking anything

7.    Anything you are doing in which you find pleasure within stop!

8.    Leave the Queen and the royal families alone

9.    Go to bed during the night!

10.  And you must listen to your brother, Marquis!!!

Stupid rules! I crushed the paper throwing it away. Rules my ass, what the fuck am I suppose to do in this huge castle?


I wandered the castle absolutely tormented. The rules that Uncle Z provided me I could still remember and the words kept spinning around in my head, reminding me that I’m confined behind these huge walls, to do what? Live like a human, the very thing he detests, the very beings I’ve grown to not tolerate. Why is he doing this to me?

Did I do something prior to this day? I mean, beyond my normal activities that gets him livid. I flopped on my bed watching the colorful painted sky, still wondering what I did to him, going through every situation that I had him contemplating if he should let me live or kill me instantly. Why would he be so cruel as to force me to go bed at night?

He knows when the moon appears its play time, it’s when the real fun begins and it’s the only time I feel alive and exploding with energy. I watched the huge sphere slowly disappear not wanting to entertain the idea that I have to eat. I haven’t eaten food… when was the last time? I can’t even remember, that’s how long it’s been!


The End

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