3.0 Cruel Words of TormentMature


Year 1818, Paris France


Uncle Zachri was leaving, YES! 3 weeks, 3 glorious weeks I have this castle- hell what am I saying, I have the whole of France to use as my playground, no one telling me not do this, and not to do that. I swear wasn’t it uncle Zachri’s words ‘This earth is our playground,’ and recently he’s been acting all, ‘you can’t kill this person’, ‘you can’t drink from the king’, Oh and my favorite one, ‘No Dante, you can’t feed from Queen Elizabeth’. What the hell, Whose that bitch to me anyways?

I rolled my eyes and shifting my left leg around, it fell asleep while Uncle Z chatted giving us a farewell speech of what he expects of us while he’s away. We’ve heard this talk yesterday, the day before yesterday and the day before that and the bloody day before that! We get the point, we’re not allowed to embarrass the big bad Vampyre who can destroy any human being who dares look at him the wrong way not to mention any other Vampyre who even thinks a wrong thought.

Blah, blah, blah and bloody blah was all I was hearing and why is the damn sun up so early!? Bright piece of shit shinning in my face- I should be sleeping. I blocked the rays with my hand and scratching under my shirt. Why won’t the Z man just bounce already?

“Dante,” Uncle Zachri said.

I groaned, “I get it Ok, you’re leaving Goodbye, Adiós, arrivederci,”

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Yeah, you’re leaving, 3 weeks and see you in 21 days,” I turned heading back to my room to find peace and quiet in the darkness. It was still early and I could get in a couple more hours of rest.

“Boy,” Uncle Zachri said with frustration threatening to surface. I stopped, sighed and Marquis met my annoyed sight- he gave me that ‘Don’t fuck with uncle Z’ look again. The old man needs to lighten up.

Z man continued, “You are trying my patience and I’ve been alive for many, many, many years.”

And how much longer is he gonna keep telling me this, “I know, many, many, many cave man years,” I squinted from the sun, not because it has the effect on me like Marquis or the Z man; I squinted simply because it was too damn early for me to be up, too damn early to be getting lectured, too damn early to be traveling, too damn early for those damn birds to be chirping and shit, and too damn bloody early for the bright sun to be up! Someone needs to put that shit out.

I gritted my teeth continuing, “We get it, you’ve been alive for centuries and like you’ve told me on multiple occasions, I’m the only one who gets you all irritated and shit can we move on now?”

Marquis shook his head slightly and Uncle Z stayed silent, his ruddy hazel eyes burning into mine. I felt a shiver crawl down my spine, but I didn’t show it and I held the gaze refusing to show any sign of weakness. Finally after what seemed like forever, the Z man took a meaningless deep breath and I could tell it was taking him a great amount of energy and constraint to not do whatever he wanted to do to me. That was one of the perks of being me.

He managed to ignore my little comment, “Now, like I was saying, when I am gone you two are to represent me properly, understand?”

Marquis answered, “Of course Father.”

I huffed, “Yes I know represent the Z factor properly.”

Uncle Zachri sighed switching his attention back to Marquis, “Make sure he behaves,”

Marquis answered giving me that look, “Don’t worry, I’ll keep a good eye on him.”

Our Uncle nodded with approval but he still looked very worried. “Later on tonight,” he spoke yet once again, “The king will send some servants over, as your first responsibility that I am not over seeing, you two boys are to go through the humans and choose some new servants for this household.”

“Awesome!” I beamed, about time he start recognizing. “We get to choose!?”

“Yes,” he answered and I sensed a bit of nervousness with his response.

“We won’t disappoint you,” Marquis insured.

‘We won’t disappoint you!’ Such a suck up!

“And one more thing,” Uncle Z turned to me and he said two simple cruel words that came towering above me and collapsing downwards, swallowing my every being- drowning me with his words, “No hunting.”

No. hunting. My brain refused to understand the meaning of those two words put together by the cruelty of faith.

No..... Hunting? No. hunting? Nohunting!?

He’s not serious, “You’re not serious!?” I bellowed.

“I have never been more serious in my life boy,”

“Why!?” I demanded.

“Because I’m not here to clean up after your mess. If you cleaned up after yourself when you feed, then maybe I wouldn’t need to take it to this severity.”

            “What messes do you speak of? I don’t recall anything of such,”

“The barn 2 miles down, the Beaumont family.” Z man brought that up way too fast for my liking.

Marquis said, “The Deville family,”

“Whose side are you on?” I hissed at my twin.

Uncle Zachri continued racking points, “Oh and how can we forget the Eaton family. The little human boy Alex Eaton who you didn’t like,” Uncle Z questioned Marquis, “What did that boy to him?”

“He didn’t like the way his face looked,”

“There was something off about him,” I defended myself, someone had too. “It wasn’t human,”

“And how about Corinne Nelly,” Uncle Zachri was on a roll, “whose boyfriend you killed because you were harassing his girlfriend,”

“Do you guys keep records of all my unfortunate short comings?”

“Short comings!?” Marquis smirked. “You’re fucked you do know this,”

            I replied, “I think we all know this.” Marquis looked to Uncle Zachri who looked back on me and neither of them said anything. I continued, “Well, if all the accusations are done with, I would like to defend myself with stating Corinne’s Boyfriend was self defense.”

Marquis laughed and the Z man repeated the same cruel words, “No hunting.” And once again I felt the force of a tsunami drowning me in the depth of its paunch.

The End

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