2.11 France Here We ComeMature



The sun had already set when I heard Dante calling out to me. Only the full white moon that proclaimed its rightful place over the land was present. I got up and went to him and I found Dante by the north entrance to the ball room.

“Are you ok?” I questioned looking him up and down. He was in red stockings and a cotton night gowen.

“Yeah,” he answered looking at the huge wall that was replaced sometime during sunrise, “Is this new?”

“Dante where were you?”

“I don’t know, I awoke in one of the many rooms upstairs. It was weird, Uncle Z was there and I was changed into my night gown.”

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah why shouldn’t I be?”

I questioned, “Do you remember anything from last night?”

“Something is different here,” He said smelling the north wall, “Its fresh paint.”

I snapped, “Seriously focus here!”

“Wow, why are you so cranky? You didn’t get any last night did you?” Then he turned looking down, “And do we not wear trousers anymore?”

I looked down myself, ah hell! “Stay here don’t move,”

“yeah whatever, just trousers would be nice.”

I left and came back just as fast. I found my twin inside the ball room, taking a look at the inside north wall. “Do you remember anything from last night?”

“Not really,” Dante shrugged. “Why?”


“Why, did something happen between me and uncle Z?” He freaked, “That would soo not be right. My body does hurt and it aches,”

“Nothing happened! Relax yourself and ew, not cool.”

“Well what else am I suppose to think, your all ‘Do you remember anything from last night’ acting all serious and stuff and seriously man was this wall repainted?”

I would say more than just repainted, but that’s far from the point. “What happened between you and the girl last night?”

“Last night,” my twin riposted and I could literally see the wheels in his head turning, trying to remember. “Um, all I remember was her making noise in my head for the fang thing, after we made it through ‘Yes I’m a vampyre and I’m hungry’ phase, I remembered her blood tasting very delicious then I blanked out. I can’t remember anything else,” Dante paused smiling, “Her blood must have been the shit!”

“So you don’t remember seeing Mrs.Riole?”

“Nope, by the way if you find her tell her not to go in my room, every time she cleans it things go missing and now everything is missing,”

I ignored his comment, “How about she puts things where they are suppose to belong and if you knew where your things belong you would know where to find your things,” What am I saying? Mrs.Riole is dead and he killed her. “Dante, Mrs.Riole is dead.”

He laughed, “No she’s not,”

“Yes I witnessed her slaughter,”

“And I saw her just yesterday and again cleaning my room. I need to talk to Z man about this human touching things that don’t belong to her.”

“Dante I’m being serious,”

My twin continued his venture throughout the ball room and he decided to play along. “Really, by whom?”

Except this wasn’t a game. “You,”

“Yeah ok, I killed Mrs.Riole,” and he continued walking. “Although I just might contemplate on it, if she won’t tell me where my stuff is,”

I had enough I grabbed his arm, “Stop walking and just listen to me ok,”

Angel beamed, “Birthday boy there you are!” she came closer to where we were, “was I interrupting something?”

“Nope,” Dante said pulling his arm away from my grip.

Tayce replied, “You started the party without us.”

“You were the best host!” Angle smiled.

“So I had fun then?” Dante turned questioning the girls.

Chalice answered, “Of course you did,”

Angel said, “I can’t wait for another blood moon and I want to do it here.”

“Blood moon?” Dante questioned as confused as I was the first time hearing those two words put together.

The girls went into their explanations on the blood moon, educated him on every single aspect of it like how they did me. When they were done Dante response was, “The blood moon sounds awesome!” he turned to me, “Why are you stressing me, I had fun.”

“And you killed Mrs. Riole and others”

“And so did you,” Chalice countered, “Why are you such a downer?”

“You actually did it?” my twin questioned. By did it, he means killing a human.

“Yes,” I answered, “But that’s not the point.” Dante’s been trying to get me to take a humans life for as long as I can possibly remember. He keeps numbers on his kills and I prefer to keep numbers on the women I bed.

“It’s a about fucking time, why are you being such a downer?”

 “That’s not the point,” I said to him and turning to the girls. “You damn well know that’s far from the point,”

Chalice rolled her eyes and kissed him on the cheek, “Trust me baby you had the time of your life,”

“You and Uncle Z got into a fight,” I thought I might as well throw it in.

Dante beamed, “Seriously, did I win?”

Uncle Zachri spoke coming through the east side doors, “What do you think?”

“I don’t know,” Dante shrugged, “I don’t think so, that would explain my aching body,” he rubbed his shoulders. The aching was not of the fight, it was because of the the Taiyou brace.

“Anyways,” Uncle Z parried, “I have some good news,” And we all listened intentively as a couple of Uncle Zachri’s men tossed gasoline around the place. My Uncle explained to all of us that we were moving, and to all places France; the girls loved it, we were closer to them. Uncle Z said he was getting bored with this area, he wanted a change and this change suddenly he thought of just moments after Dante awoke. I asked him about the bodies and the ones that escaped and all Uncle Z said to me on that topic was ‘Don’t worry about it.’ Uncle Zachri turned leaving the ball room and his Vampyre’s set this place on fire. That would explain why Dante’s room was empty.

The End

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