2.10 Keep My CompanyMature


This chapter includes explicit scenes


As the sun rose the girls were given rooms in which they can choose to sleep during the day , or like me stay up and be tormented. The girls of course chose to sleep and It seemed to me the girls liked staying at Uncle Z’s place, they got to be free- less restrictions. The council like Nolana tells me are the Vampyre’s who decided that they wanted to live among the humans, they didn’t want to be savages and the ones like Uncle Zachri are the old ones who are stuck in the old ways of living and refuse to live in blissful peacefulness with the humans.

Inside the council Nolana says they are taught to live among the humans, they learn their history, fashion senses, how to control their diet and how to maintain yourself when staying awake during the day. We have two options when it comes to the sun, either we go to sleep concealed from any sunlight or the Empyreal crystal that protects us from the sun. The Empyreal crystal can be molded into anything that we wish, as long as we have it on our body when we are coming into contact with the sun. The Crystal works pretty well, we don’t burn to a crisp when we have it on, but it does weaken us. It makes us vulnerable to the humans, the blood lust is more difficult to control, it’s more brain power to control our fast movement and in a sense wearing the Empyreal crystal just makes you damn cranky because your body is feeling weak, you wanna feed, rest and you simply can’t.

I wandered the halls during the day, I couldn’t rest and Dante wasn’t in the dungeons and Uncle Zachri was no where in sight- nobody knew where he was. Everything in this damn castle was cleaned spot less like last night never happened. The missing wall was replaced, curtains were back hanging against the window,  the chandlers that had fallen were somehow placed back up on the ceiling and the ball room was fixed back to its original state. I went outside to the old willow tree to find Maria, and she was gone. The horses passed by quietly along the meadow land, everything was serene, too quite and too peaceful. I went back into the castle, to my room, to find Nolana sitting on my bed in her under garments and in total darkness.

                   “I can’t rest,” she said quietly, “keep my company.”

                     Nolana didn’t have to ask me twice, I jerked her into me and kissed her. Moaning she wrapped her arms around my neck entwining our tongues, grinding against my hardness and without our lips separating she slipped off my trousers and tore off my shirt.

“I want this,” Nolana groaned grabbing my package

I pulled off her loosely fitted garments. “Impatient aren’t we?”

Nolana grinned teasingly wrapping one of her slim legs around my waist, I picked her up and thighs locking. “Am I not Women enough for you to lust after?”

"Of course you are,” I answered burying my head into the coolness of her neck, kissing and sucking as I gently placed her on the bed. Nolana’s thighs released me and her fingers went between her thighs, touching the delicate area, moaning.

“You’re always so quick to jump to the main event,” I groaned kissing her toes, calves, ankles, up her legs and ever so slowly, careful and delicately between her thighs, peppering the anticipation for the main show. I took pleasure tasting her wetness that was coated on her slim fingers and I push her hands away.

I got something better for you.

“That’s not what I want,” Nolana managed to breath, griping my shoulders as I lowered my head and plunge my tongue into her, over and over- pulling waves of rippling orgasms from her body. She gasped my name, her thighs twitching, hands now griping my strands, her hips matching with every thrust and flick of my tongue. Nolana screamed my name, filling my mouth and soaking through the linens. I withdrew my tongue, licking my lips and listened to the sweet sound of her panting, felt her thighs give one last shudder as her body collapses on the bed.

  I don’t think so, I whispered. “I’m not done with you yet.” And with that said I pulled her beneath me, entering her sensitive area as per requested. Nolana’s teeth graze against my neck, legs wrap around my waist, matching in perfect harmony.

               Nolana whimpered, “ Harder, Marquis, Harder!” Her nails dug into my bare back and I smelled blood. My fangs extended as so was her’s and I enclosed my mouth over Nolana’s meeting with her demands, her challenge as ecstasy kept us lost within time, enclosed and lost within each other.

                Blistering ebullience pounds through me as Nolana’s fangs pierce into my shoulder. I groan feeling a blissful rush of adrenaline pulse through me and she tears her fangs away kissing me deeply. Her legs trembling against my waist, she gasped calling my name and this time, for the last time tonight her body collapses beneath me. Seconds later I finish off and Nolana fell into resting and so did I.

The End

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