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Screams pierced the ball room as we killed them one by one. Some tried to escape through the broken down wall but it was a sad attempt on their part, a pointless move. They might as well just stood there in one spot and just waited their turn for death- that probably would have been less painful on their part. If they only they knew the more they fight, try to resist, is the more rousing this experience becomes and the more violent we became.

Imagine all their lives thinking that they are on the top of the food chain. To find out creatures like me have always existed among them, creatures that look exactly like them, the ultimate disguise and now on this lovely night they are the victims to my undying thirst; a slave to the moon holding my body captive for the more I kill, the more I want, and more blood I shed is more I crave. A never ending bitter sweet sensation and I love every minute of it.

“Please, Por favor…” someone cried.

Nolana laughed, “Awe, are you scared?”

The frightened girl shook her head briskly. Nolana laughed as she picked the girl up who was clutching to a dead woman, everyone was dead around her. Poor thing I thought, to witness such events, to witness your family and friends being murdered right in front you. I know that feeling, I remember it and I’ve buried it deep down. The human would be better off dead, then to be left alive to deal with these memories for the rest of her life.

“Birthday boy!” Angel beamed appearing in front of the petrified girl. The girl flinched with her fast appearance and Angel laughed then turned facing me; her violet dress soused with blood, her eyes black and wild, and her beautiful angelic face expressed that of a wild beast.

“The last one is for the birthday boy,”

“Aren’t you a lucky one,” Tayce said appearing beside the girl, she placed a yellow flower in her hair. The girl cowered from Tayce’s touch, “No, don’t cry. Shhh, it’ll be ok….”  She combed her fingers through the shaken girls hair, pushing everything behind her ears. “We can’t get your beautiful hair all messy now can we?”

The human cried, “Please, I won’t tell anyone.”

“She’s a cute one too,” Chalice said and once again the girl shrieked with our non human movements. “What’s your name?”

“Por favor, te lo ruego….”

“I’m sorry,” Chalice shrugged I don’t understand your language, which was lie.

“Please let me go…”

“That wasn’t the answer to my question,” Chalice replied like she was scolding a child. “Now, shall we try this again?” She leaned closer, face bloody, eyes black, fangs mantled as she repeated her question, slow, precise and virulent.  “What. is. your. name?”

“Emelina Ramos,” The girl managed to choke out.

Chalice’s smiled gravely, “Emelina Ramos, thank you for the wonderful gift of your life that you will give to my dear friend.” Chalice caressed Emelina’s cheeks, “This is his first blood moon you know,” Emelina tried to pull her face away. “Thank you Emelina Ramos, for your sweet sacrifice.” Then Chalice leaned forward kissing the human on the lips.

She retreated back smiling, “She’s all yours.”

Nolana said, “Emelina is a cute name, for a human. Marquis sweet heart, my love, the best for last.” She dragged the girl over to me, who tried to put up as much resistance, “She smells quite delicious.”

“Wait,” Angel called out, “We have to do this right.”

Nolana paused annoyed, “Really Angel is it necessary?”

“Of course, we have too. I mean when humans give presents, they like, have it wrapped up.”

Nolana sighed shaking the human who was sobbing loudly. “This thing is getting on my nerves!” Angel held up two fingers, her legs shaking with animation and Nolana rolled her eyes and as Angel disappeared.

Tayce said to the Emelina, “You shouldn’t be so upset, he’s the Birthday boy! Zachri’s nephew. Well, in all truth there should be two birthday boys right about now but you know things don’t always work out,” 

“I wonder if he’s ok,” Chalice said, “Dante might still be hungry.”

Angel returned with some fabric, “You can’t leave yet,” She said to Chalice, “You have to stay until he opens his present.”

“Well I suppose,” Chalice shrugged.

Within time Angel had Emelina wrapped with fabric, “There we go,” she beamed.

“Humans also sing a song when they do this birthday tradition,” Tayce pointed out.

“Yes, they do!” Angel smiled.

“Oh Tayce not you too,” Nolana replied.

“What, we learned this in school,” Tayce said, “This is why your failing human history, you don’t pay attention.”

“Human history is pointless and boring, they’re very self destructive creatures and I see no point on learning about their history,”

“and that attitude brings me back to my first point,” Tayce argued.

“Ladies, please…” Uncle Zachri interrupted, “Not in front of the food,”

Angel pouted, “Can we get back to the present?”

“Of course my dear, continue ladies.”

Angel began singing the happy birthday song, followed by Chalice and Tayce, Nolana didn’t join in as she brought the final meal to me. Even Uncle Z was singing along merrily and to my surprise he knew all the words.

Nolana held the girl in front of me, “Ravish her Marquis, indulge yourself within her.” She ripped open the dress and exposing her breasts. “Taste her baby,” She pushed Emelina’s head to the side exposing her bare neck and coaxing my desire.

“Don’t be afraid, here I’ll start you off,” and Nolana bore her fangs into Emelina’s throat. The girl screamed and the blood flowed down her neck, between her breasts, and I wanted a taste. Nolana tore away her fangs dropping the girl and kissed me- the blood pouring into my mouth. Pulling away seductively she  licked her lips and demanding I finish the human.

The predator inside of me ardently grabbed Emelina’s leg as she tried crawling away and pulled her right beneath me- hearing her petrified whimpers. The rush that flowed through my body was like nothing I have ever experienced, it was arousing, thrilling and invigorating. Emelina fought against me as I licked the blood that spilled down her flesh, starting with her stomach and licked my way between her breasts. The human screamed, her hands frantically trying to keep me away. I pinned them above her head, my tongue grazing along her sensitive, thin layer of flesh and licking past her collar bone. Straight to the source of the bleeding, savoring every last taste, for this was my last blood moon experience and like I’ve been told, it comes by rarely.

                My teeth pierced her, she screamed and like a beast, a murder, the predator, the ultimate disguise of death that I tried so hard to keep locked within me- was released this night for the first time. Like a caged wild animal waiting to be set free on mankind and to rain havoc; I swilled the human taking her essence, guzzling the licid warmness and slowly, thump, thump….thump her organ, thump……, the heart that sustained her feeble little body calmed. Thump…. ..Thump………. Thump……. and……. my gift was dead.

The End

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