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Dante jumped up from his unconscious state and his eyes still black. He took in Uncle Zachri and everyone around him and I heard a low growl escape from his throat.

“So boy, the rumours are true.” Uncle Zachri murmured approaching my twin. What did he mean by rumours? “We can do this the hard way or, well, there’s no other way to play this little game of yours,”

“Your not going to hurt him?” I questioned knowing if push come to shove Dante would be dead with a blink of an eye.

“Well it depends on him,” and he stood at a good distance from Dante. Circling my twin, “What route are we going to take boy?”

Dante launched himself at our uncle without any warning, gnarling and clawing and Uncle Zachri quickly dodge my twin who was keeping up with his speed surprisingly and I could tell that Uncle Z was a little surprised with how well Dante was able to keep up with him. Like a father watching their son taking their first steps. There was another sound that sent panic racing threw me and I smelled blood. Not the human blood that polluted the ballroom and infesting the air, beckoning my demon to come out and play. The scent was stronger, defined, it didn’t burn my throat, ache my stomach and tempt my desire to feast. The scent I smelled was blood from my kind, my uncle, the old one.

Uncle Zachri grunted and holding his hand over his right eye, where I witness a trickle of blood crawling from beneath his hands and dripped to the ground. All the years I’ve been living with Uncle Zachri and the countless fights I’ve seen him engage in, never once have I witness another Vampyre draw blood from him, ever.

Holly shit, what is going on!

My twin wildly charged at him again who unwittingly stumbled backwards dodging Dante’s quick attacks and when my twin disappeared, reappearing in front of Uncle Zachri that was it. Uncle Z had anticipated that movement and with a blurred gesture not even my eyes could have caught, he had Dante by his throat and pinned against the far corner of the ball room. Delayed reactions from the chandlers above now fell from the ceiling and a cloud of smoke erupted making the humans cough. Behind Dante the wall began to crack and crumble, chunks of it falling around them as Uncle Zachri forced my twin harder into the wall with sheer irritation.

“Bring me the Taiyou brace," Uncle Zachri bellowed out and as fast as one of the vampyre’s left they returned with an elegant pure gold mesh brace that was covered all over with red and orange crystals. These crystals aren’t regular crystals, maybe for the humans they maybe regular, but for us the Taiyou crystals are deadly things.

“What are doing!?” I yelled proceeding in his direction.

Uncle Zachri replied, How else are we going to constrain him?

Must you use the Taiyou brace?

Do you have another option?  He questioned annoyed.

“No I don’t,”

This is the only option, unless you want to set him free…


Then no more objections? It won’t hurt him too much he’ll last until sunrise

And if he’s still like this at sunrise?

We will deal with him at that point.

Uncle Zachri confined Dante, as one of the vampyre’s placed and locked the brace around his neck and the mesh laid closely locked around my twin’s neck; flowing over his shoulder and it seared into his flesh. He cried out and his flesh sizzled and I could smell him burning.

“Take him away,” Uncle Z ordered coldly and the Vampyre’s did as instructed. Uncle Zachri wiped off the remains of the wall that crumbled on him and ran his fingers through his hair brushing out anything that shouldn’t be there. He closed his eyes recomposing himself; his lengthen anomalous fangs retracted and his normal hazel eyes returned.

Uncle Zachri and others of his age, their fangs are a lot longer than mines or the ones who live within the council’s. Like how the girls explained we are getting more modernized and evolving with time. Uncle Z doesn’t like that theory, his theory is that over the years as more and more vampyre’s decide they want to live amoung the humans they don’t hunt, they aren’t using their nature given weapons as often as they should; so therefore in his words ‘They are being downgraded.’

And like this event never did happened; glass chandlers weren’t shattered on the ground, the smell of blood was non existence, humans weren’t being held against their will and his north side wall wasn’t crumbled on the floor he said.  “What I had planned for you boys went a little off track, how are you enjoying the Blood moon?” and Uncle Zachri smiled like he was asking me how I liked my new outfit or a new gift he purchased.

I questioned, “Why haven’t you told us anything about this blood moon?”

“It was supposed to be a surprise, a tradition I was going to start with this family.”

“Is whatever happening with Dante because of the Blood moon?” I had strong feeling that was case.  

He shrugged, “That is a possibility,”

“Were you planning going to tell us about the Blood moon tonight?”

"Boy," and I could hear the gall under his tone. "There hasn't been a night like this in a while and so there was no point on telling you and your brother about the Blood moon when it shows it’s presence rarely." Uncle Zachri was vexing, "I wanted you boys to feel the power of this wonderful night first hand and on this night, your birthday is when it decides to show its presence, this was the perfect night to introduce you boys to the ancient tradition that has been done since the beginning of time.”

Angel perked, “Hawking,”

“Yes.” He answered, “But since that little incident,” Uncle Zachri glanced around at the humans that were hurded together by his helpers, “Plans changed.” And his fangs re-extended, “Aren’t you thirsty boy?”

“No,” I lied even though there was no escaping that mouth watering aroma that clouded the room. All I want is to make sure that Dante is fine, that he’s going to be ok. I tried to convince myself that was all I wanted as my stomach and throat inflamed with this new sensational desire. I felt my fangs extending. How can I even think to feed when Dante’s in pain, he’s probably in some cold dungeon below sizzling away to nothing? What if by sunrise he’s dead with the Taiyou brace locked on him? What was Uncle Zachri thinking keeping the brace on him for that long?

I was stuck, literally torn between feeding and enjoying the pleasures of what the blood moon provides on this one, rare night.

“It’s ok,” Nolana coaxed taking both of my hands and leading me to the humans as they coward from the creatures that was us that proceeded on them.

“This is no hunt,” Uncle Z heeded and I noticed where my twin had made our  uncle bleed it was healing but slowly. “Next blood moon we will do this proper,” and my uncle pointed to a little boy that looked no more than fifteen years old. One of his Hench men grabbed the boy and brought him to my uncle and there was no hypnotizing, no entrancing, nothing; he was going to kill the boy, all these people in here were going to be slaughtered and I was going to help.

 I never killed a human before, I always had enough self control to not take it to that extreme but tonight I don’t know if I can restrain myself when this whole room is soaked with blood and the effects of the blood moon is not allowing my thirst to be quenched.

The End

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