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Humans were running around screaming, crying and most of the humans were stained with blood.

Chalice found us in the midst of the everything, “Something is wrong with Dante.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look,” she said turning and in that same direction was my brother, Dante. He had one of our servants Mrs.Riole and Dante's face was buried in her neck as he violently fed off her. When he was done he threw her aside like she was a dirty piece of cloth and I don’t think he was actually feeding off of her. It looked like majority of the blood was either splattered on his clothes, face, ground and his eyes were black, why? His eyes don’t change colour for what he is, despite his change of diet. What’s wrong with him?

Dante quickly scanned the area for his next prey and he found one. The man stopped in his tracks when he noticed my crazed twin had him on lock. The human backed away slowly at first, he was visibly shaking and then he sprinted in hopes for an escape. Dante appeared in front of the human, he fell backwards terrified, confused of what just happened and in his head the human began reciting a prayer asking god for forgiveness when my twin viciously tore into his neck- tearing at the humans flesh. Blood splattering on his face, soaking his hair, sousing my twin in the thick liquid spilling out on the floor and which created a thicker redolence.  

I fought back the urge to join him. I wanted a taste, just a little taste and my throat ached with the scent that surrounded  us.  In  fact my throat inflamed with witnessing my twin lavishing in the fountain of ecstasy. I gritted my teeth, tightening my fists and fought this over whelming desire to feed.     

Dante tossed the man away and he proceed up once again scanning the premises for another prey, another quarry.

“Dante!” I yelled ambling towards him and trying hard to keep my focus. The smell… I don’t think I can do this. My twin looked at me, mouth half open, stained with blood, fangs unfurled and he was growling. “Dante, it’s me Marquis…” He’s primitive gaze simply watched me defensively as I proceeded closer and without warning he attacked me. Launching his body straight at me, his head pushing for my throat and snapping for my neck.

I tried pushing him back, using my hands to push back against his forehead but he was strong. He was fighting for my neck with unbelievable strength and even though I could feel my own potency that the blood moon had provided Dante was stronger, he was over powering me.

“Get off!” I yelled feeling the surge of energy release from within me and Dante flew back far.

Nolana was beside me within that split second helping me up, “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine,” I answered seeing the hunger in her eyes.

            “What’s wrong with him?” Chalice questioned.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” I answered trying to figure out what just happened.

Angel appeared, “Did you hurt him too bad?”

“I don’t know.” Did I? I hope I not.

“I hope he’s okay,” Tayce said appearing beside Angel and she licked her lips lusting. I knew they wouldn't dare touch anyone without permission from Uncle Zachri, he is feared by everyone except my twin.

I replied, “You and me both.”

“Should we go and see if he’s alright?” Angel questioned.

Tayce said, “Where’s you uncle?”

“How did you do that?” Nolana raised.

I didn’t answer any of them, I was too worried if I actually hurt him. He wasn’t moving, he was so still, but I knew he was alive.

Dante! Get up.

No response.

I started walking towards him, Nolana held my hand walking with me, “What if he gets up and he attacks you again?”

“I don’t know?”

“That’s comforting,”

“You could stay back there you know,”

“I’d rather not, if he attacks again two verses one is better odds.”

Nolana and I cautiously paced our steps towards my unconscious twin, when we heard Uncle Zachri bellow into the empty, well, almost empty ball room. There were a couple guests that stayed in corners hoping that my twin wouldn’t find them; more were under tables, hiding behind the thick curtains or cowering out in the open. Seriously, humans are not too smart, such visible hiding areas.

Uncle Zachri had atleast five other vampyre’s with him and they all separated in the ball room gathering up the permanently damaged humans. The other helpers of his closed all the ball room doors, all four of the entrances; north, south, west and east. Uncle Z made his way to where we were slowly taking his time observing the mess; the bodies, the blood and more dead bodies. We are soo going to get a speech tomorrow night.

Unlce Z passed me and Nolana looking down at Dante’s body, “What happened to the boy?”

“I don’t know, we smelled blood and we found Dante here in the middle of everything. I was trying to get him to stop but he attacked me.”

“And you did this to him?” He questioned and I sensed a hint of amazement in his voice. Uncle Zachri looked down at Dante’s unconscious body.

“Yes, is he okay?” I was feeling bad for what I did to my twin, “I didn’t mean to Uncle Z, it just came out.”

“Don’t feel bad for protecting yourself, you have the right to protect your well being at all cost,”

At all cost, even if that means hurting my own twin, my brother, the only one who understands me? ‘At all cost’ is difficult thing to sacrifice. And for some strange random reason Mama came into my mind. I remembered her beautiful long black curls falling to her waist and her bright green eyes. Then she changed into the last image I remember of mama alive.

           It’s been a while since I allowed myself to remember…

The End

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