2.6 Oh, how I love theeMature



Angel tilted her head slightly, her fangs partly extended, I could see the darkness slowly seeping around the edges of her emerald gaze and she spoke more calmly, laggard and precise. “It’s an undying thirst, except this thirst isn’t needing to sustain our body, this yearning thirst is more of an addiction to the intoxication…” Angel wrapped her arms around herself, titling her head back and giggling. “Oh blood moon how I love thee,”

Nolana who was the eldest and who seemed to be more in control of whatever was happening she noted, “Zachri really didn’t tell you boys about this rare event,”

              I shook my head knowing that if it was anything of importance we would have been told. Especially if it was an old tradition but then again we don’t celebrate traditions in our household.

Angel perked, “You boys are missing so much not living within the council’s.”

Nolana continued, “You should know the councils are secluded from the humans, it’s where no humans would think to trespass,”

            “And if one did?” I questioned.

“Then we’re not responsible for a couple humans going missing,”

Tayce said, “It happens from time to time though,”

Angel giggled, “I don’t understand why they have this needing desire to explore,”

“They’re always looking for more and pushing their limits,” Tayce replied.

“And with pushing their limits,” Angel bit down on her bottom lip her gaze lingering on the willow tree, “they end up permantely ending their limitations.”

Nolana predured, “Anyways, We do hawking on lovely nights like this,”

“Hawking,” I replied specifically remembering that’s’ what humans do when they hunt.

“Exactly,” she grinned.

Angel hyped, “You wouldn’t understand until you tried it, It’s such a exhilarating experience.”

“And what happens to the humans who aren’t caught?”

Tayce answered, “Nothing,”


“uh huh,”

I looked at the three girls before me, “The council lets them go?”

Angel giggled, “Of course not silly, its treat for the big boys.”

Tayce said, “Aren’t they all lovely bunch?”

“Not my type of men,” Nolana replied watching me and just as I was about to say something, I heard screams. We all heard the screaming and cries for help and smelled it, the blood, blood has been shed, a lot of blood to be exact has been spilled.

Angel took in a deep whif of air, “I don’t care how many fragrances humans can come up with, this scent is the best.”

“Someone’s starting the party without us,”  Tayce replied smelling the thick redolence as the wind breezed past us.

I myself couldn’t help it, my body automatically took in the scent as the wind passed filling my nostrils with the sweet, fresh, mouth watering fragrance. My fangs extended, as I anticipating on tasting that intoxicating aroma.

Nolana breathed closing her eyes, “The effects of the blood moon,”  her nostrils flared as she savored the scent. Her fangs fully extended and she opened her slate eyes, “How I love the blood moon.”

“Shall we investigate ladies and gentlemen?” Tayce’s black eyes glazed.

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” Angel smiled then disappeared into the night.

             We all disappeared following our heightened sense of smell that was leading us back to the castle. We by passed the frantic humans at speed unnormal to them and stopped at one of the many entrances to the ball room, for this was where the smell of blood was escaping from.

The End

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