2.5 Tantilizing youMature



Aren’t nights lovely,” she spoke with a french accent.

I answered, “Not as lovely as you,”

“Did she taste good?”

“I suppose. Chalice, what are you doing here?”

Chalice smiled faintly to herself and her fangs half extended. Her long black hair swayed in the light breeze as she lowered her perfect slim face that gazed upon me,  “Just a friendly birthday visit, Zachri invited us.”

“By us you mean…”

“Yes, all of us. Surprise!” said another voice behind me.

“Tayce, nice to see you again.” 

Tayce giggled and I felt her slim arms wrap around my neck, and cool soft lips press against my cheek. “I’ve missed you, Happy birthday!”

“And I you,”

Another familiar voice replied, “So what your just going to ignore my presence?”

“Angel, how have you been?”

“Why how nice of you in inquire about well being,” Perked the petite beauty of what these humans would consider a perfect angel. She’s a masked she devil and not to be confused. Angel appeared in front of me seeming slightly antsy, “I’m feeling excited, roused, thrilling.”

I said, “Would it make you feel any better if I told you I’m feeling the same way?”

Angel giggled her fangs poking, “You silly little boy,” her hands behind her back and the end of her pony tail resting neatly on her right shoulder.  “It’s because of the blood moon,”

“The what?”

“The blood moon,” she repeated and pointed up. I looked up into the night sky and their was the full moon, it wasn’t white, it was glowing a pale red. The blood moon.

I heard the last familiar voice, “Doesn’t Zachri teach you boys anything?”

Tayce rattled coming into view, “How can you not know about the blood moon, its an important night for our kind,” and her limpid green gaze watched me like I was weird for not knowing about The Blood Moon. Is it that commonly known? And if so, I’m pretty sure Uncle Zachri would have explained this to us if that was the case.

I faced the familiar voice when it spoke again but she wasn’t there, “Maybe not important but we sure make the best of it,” and I turned following the direction of her voice to find the vast land I know all too well. The wind  stroked my cheeks carrying her titters and soon enough her pale face appeared in my line of vision. Wrapping her slim arms around my neck, Nolana graced my lips with hers and enclosing her inside of my of arms I pulled her into me deepening the kiss.

I heard Angel say, "Ew, oh come on you guys!"

"It really hasn't been that long," Tayce replies and Chalice simply groaned in disgust.

Nolana pulled away licking her lips, “hmmm, she did taste good. You shouldn’t be so modest about your food,” and I not caring pulled her back into my arms leaving a trail of kisses along her collarbone. 

Angel questioned, “You weren’t rough with her were you?”

Nolana giggled and this time moving quickly, she was now behind me. I said turning to face her, “I’m never rough the ladies,”

Nolana hands lightly carassed my face, “Now Marquis, lying doesn’t suite you,”  

I kissed her wrist catching her beautiful gaze, “I’m only rough when need be.”

Another sound of disgust escaped from Chalice and Nolana blew me a kiss walking away.  Tayce questioned,  “Where’s Dante?”

“Entertaining himself, now he’s the one who you should be asking about being rough with the ladies.”

Chalice said gazing up into the night sky, “I would love to be within his grasp right about now. Is he in his room?”

“Yes and most likely for the next century or so, that’s where he’ll be banished to.”

“Banished? What did he do now?”

“Must you ask?”

Chalice shrugged disappearing into the night.

Angel questioned, “Zachri really never told you boys anything about the blood moon? How strange is that, and he’s an old one.”

“Must have slipped his mind,” I said running through my head of everything he has taught us and nothing coming remotely close to a blood moon.

Nolana laughed, “Slipped his mind, please…”

Tayce grinned rascally, “The old ones fancy the blood moon,”

“Why?” I questioned.

“Why,” She answered, “don’t you feel it? Everything on this special night and all of our senses are heightened.” Tayce took a deep breathe, her head automatically turning to the direction of Maria and she liked her lips. “Oh blood moon how you torment me,”

“Sense of smell,” Angel added grinning,  “Vision, our sight, hearing, we move a lot faster, everything about us moves up a level or two. Didn’t you taste it when you were feeding on that girl? You can taste the difference in their blood. It gave you a sense of excitement, a kind of high these humans get from smoking that bush,” Angel’s Green eyes glistened under the moon light, she twirled around freely and arms swinging. “A kind of intoxication and it leaves you wanting more,” She stopped twirling and faced me. “You want more don’t you?”

Yes I do, My mind willingly answered.

Do I? I can control myself and always have been able too.

How will a different colour of the moon change my will of not to kill, to take a life unwilling for a sake of  wanting more and intoxication how Angel describes it. Yet still it was like fire blazing through my veins, my throat ached when mother nature breathed Maria's scent in my face and now, for the first time ever, I'm unsure if I can hold myself back.

The End

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