2.4 I'm Not SatisfiedMature



A filly came over to maria nudging it’s head into her dress, ”Oh my, aren’t you a darling!” she bent down cuddling the baby horse, “How old is it?”

I want to kill her. How many times can one human say ‘Oh my’ in a short span of time?

 “8 weeks,” I answered gritting my teeth, contemplating on the perfect attack and fighting an unfamiliar rush to simply take her. I took in a deep whiff of her scent, why is it so strong?

“Does it have a name?” Maria questioned.

“No, we don’t name them. There for decoration,” My eyes lingered over her collar bone and length of her delicious juicy neck.

“Decoration?” She questioned, “Well I’m sure when you have riches like Zachri you can afford to have horses as beautiful as this for mere decoration. Can I name this one, if your uncle doesn’t mind?”

 I cleared my throat, “What name do you think will best suite the filly?”

“I like the the name Angelica,”

 “Angelica we shall call her,”

“Angelica, how beautiful you are,” The mare left to cuddle beside it’s mother.

I said, “The mare is no comparission to your angelic beauty Maria.”

“My beauty can not be described to anything close to angelic,” Maria bandied, “My beauty is plain, common, which is why no man has offered for my hand in marriage,” Her eyes widen as she realized she told me way too much. She covered her mouth and continued petting the horse. “Oh my I apologize, you didn’t need to know all that.”

“You shouldn’t belittle your own beauty,” I said coming up behind her and Maria flinched as my hand covered hers. I entwined our fingers and I could feel the vains in her wrist pumping the blood with an excessive rush, trying to sustain her heart that was beating at unnormal rates.

“Your beauty is nothing less than plain or common.”  The scent of the human surrounded my senses and my mouth watered as the tang filled my mouth with it’s sweet aroma. I pressed against her and letting the smell enclave me. The scent of this girl is so strong, its like she bathed herself in her own blood. While dancing she wasn’t as tempting as now. The sun I knew had set for I can feel the changes in my body and my senses seem to be even better, stronger, more accurate if I may say so. My other hand wrapped around her waist pulling her into me and holding her closely. Fear seeped off of her, as this kind of behaviour was not appropriate and I didn’t care. My fangs extended, I twisted her around so she can face me, to see me for what I truly am.

When Maria's eyes found mine, she shrieked trying to back away. I knew what she was seeing the blackness, the fangs, a nonhuman trait.

“It’s ok,” I soothed, one of the first techniques Unlce Zachri had taught us when dealing with over emotional humans, mostly just females who like to make unnecessary noises. It’s a hypnotizing technique when used correctly we can control the human mind and they won’t remember a thing. That same technique also allows us to replace memories and manipulate the human mind as necessary.

I held my grip on her arm pulling her back closer as all the blood drained from her face and tears slowly trickled down her cheeks.

“Oh my dear sweet Jesus,” she murmured doing the Catholic cross with her free hand.

“Maria, what’s wrong maria?” There had to be eye contact, her breathing slowly decreased. Its was working.

“I’m scared…” she answered blankly and her brows were still drawn together.

“Of what?” I pulled her closer into me, my fingers lightly grazed her exposed neck.

“I can’t remember…” Her features relaxed and her hands fell feebly to her sides. No more resistance.

I questioned, “Are you having fun dancing?”

She smiled blankly, “Yes…”

“That’s all we did tonight, we danced, talked and then we separated.”

“Dance, talked, separated…”

“One more thing, you’re a very beautiful young lady. Not common, not plain, purely beautiful,”

“Beautiful…” she echoed.

I whispered into the softness of her flesh, “Maria, I’m thirsty…” while sinking my fangs into her bare neck. She gasped when my teeth pierced her, then nothing else. I felt her going limp within my grasp and I held her, cradled her until my thirst was satisfied and the satisfication never did come. I felt a flow of excitement flow through me, I wanted more, I was still thirsty, I felt giddy, hyper and I still wanted more blood to be shed. I had enough self control to not kill her.

I left Maria underneath the thick willow leaves, beside the angelic horses she loves so much and there across the bridge was someone looking up at the blanket of stars above us. Her long swart strands danced with the light breeze.

The End

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