2.3 Maria, oh MariaMature



My daring twin smiled at the blonde, whose face light up brightly and I made eye contact with the brunette. She blushed batting away her teal eyes, her leucous hair was pulled back into a bun and little curls falling down the side. They lightly bounced as she turned her face away, forcing herself to pay attention to the dancing that was taking place in the far corner. She was a very cute looking human, heart shaped face, small nose, lips that looked like she was pouting and painted a light soft pink.

“Good evening, my name is Marquis. I’m one of Zachri’s son’s.” I took her hand kissing the warm flesh on the surface. I heard her heart rate increase, her peach complexion in her cheeks flushed a bright red. How delicious.

“It’s nice to meet you Master Marquis, my name is Maria Morena.”

                “Please only Marquis,” Maria nodded her head shly and I questioned.

                “Maria Morena would you like to dance?”

Her lips parted into a smile as she stood up and I lead her into the dancing crowd. Maria and I danced and little conversation surfaced. I found the whole prancing around thing very tedious and it plagued me like an annoying fly refusing to go away. Uncle Z and I will say this again, even though he's not big on the whole living with the humans, he has hired human instructors to teach both Dante and I all the different ball room techniques. I know how to prance around to almost anything. Now I was bored with what these humans find entertaining,  so I suggested we I go out onto the balcony to get some fresh air.

“Oh my how lovely,” Maria beamed taking in the vast meadow view beneath us and above. The sun was setting in the far off west, the sky was a beautiful mixture of colours and the huge deep brine beneath the sky reflected the colours of it’s water front glistening. Maria looked out and awed at the master piece of design that nature had created.

“If this was my home every sunset I would be out here,”

“It is a sight,” I agreed standing beside her as she gloried in natures power and I was a little surprised for humans these days don't appreciate the beauty of nature anymore.

“Oh my,” she beamed again and this time looking down. There were five white horses beneath us and they walked peacefully along Uncle Zachri’s vast land. “Oh my word, those mere’s are beautiful.”

Her voice was beginning to irrate me.

“Do you want to see one up close?” I questioned.

“Oh can we?” she smiled anxiously slightly bending over the balcony railing and watching them as they disappeared somewhere around the corner. An image of me slightly nudging her over the balcony crept into my mind- Dante is rubbing off on me. When Uncle Zachri suggested Dante and I spend more brotherly time together, the main goal was hoping I would rub off on Dante and not the other way around.

“Of course,” I smiled, “Anything for you Maria.” I extended my arm, she interwined hers with mine and I lead her back through the ball room and down a flight of stairs. I heard someone laugh and looked up to see Dante going up those stairs with the blonde I wish I had.

I questioned, Really, you couldn’t have entertained her a little more?

Entertain this annoying bitch, I think not! Plus that takes too long, you have to act like your interested and I’m really not. He disappeared around the curved stair case.

I was beginning to think Dante has the right idea, then again something in this universe isn’t right if I think Dante has a good idea about anything.

When Maria and I reached the bottom of the stairs, I lead her side ans we walked along a stoned pathway; with stoned pillars on either side of us, they stood high, with green vine leaves growing up and pale red flowers blooming.

“Oh my your home is very lovely,” Maria said taking in the scenary around her, “Zachri has really out done himself hasn’t he?”

She followed me beyond the stone pathway and multiple people greeted me and I them as we walked further away from the castle. We crossed a bridge and just below it was a pond with swans gracefully wading. Across the bridge was a huge willow tree and the pond beaneath us surrruonded the little island containing that ancient tree.

“The mere’s?” she questioned hesitantly.

“Of course, do you doubt me?”

“No, of course not.” Maria's cheeks flushed scarlet and she looked down. “It’s just that we’re a little far from the others, it’s getting late and Papa and mama might get worried.”

I touched her cheeks lightly, “I’ll get you back safetly Maria- I promise.” Her rosy cheeks glowed even brighter, that I didn’t think was even possible for a human to achieve and she half smiled avoiding eye contact.  I pushed passed the willow leaves and revealing the horses.

Maria entered, “Should we be in here?”

“Why not?”

“Well aren’t they going to sleep?”

Taking Maria’s hand in mine and I lead her to one that was standing. “Hey girl,” I said petting the horse and placing Maria’s hand on the white mere. “Gently,” I whispered as Maria stroked the horse and I felt her excitement flowing into me. Humans are so easily pleased.

The End

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