2.2 Bitter Sweet FunMature



My twin and I smiled, thanked people we didn’t know for coming to our birthday party; If we can even call it our birthday party anymore and like Uncle Zachri trained us, days, weeks, months prior to this major event, we acted civil. Like little human children our age. In all technilailty we should be acting like five years olds but I like my life and I like this thing called living. Unlike Dante who I had to stop from being a smart ass moments before carriages and royalities started entering our home.

I glanced at my twin as more people asked us questions that I knew we should have known but simply didn’t, due to the fact that Uncle Zachri doesn’t think we need to pay attention to the human world. I bullshitted my way through the conversations saving my ass and Dante’s who smiled and waved them off. But his smile wasn’t genuine, it was creepy, with a crazed look playing behind his dark lashes.

He was a ticking time bomb.

Uncle Z found us trying to escape and forced us to dance with female humans. More talking my twin and I were forced to digest, followed shortly with people who we didn’t know and more dancing followed by more unwanted conversations in which required us to be active within. If we didn’t show any interest in the politics, wars, business, or anything else they threw our way, we would get yelled at. Mind you not verbally, mentally and our long night prolonged. Although to my surprise this long night was gradually pulled to a stop. Well, all the unwanted conversations we were forced into stopped moments after Dante let out a loud wide mouth open yawn.

The time bomb had exploded.

There was a silence in the group, the music seemed faint and the people around us seemed blurred. Like we trapped in a bubble with Uncle Z alone and that was not a comforting feeling. I myself cringed with the deathly glare Uncle Zachri gave Dante, the humans around us shivered and I smelled their sweat percolating from their brows. Heard their manic thoughts scramble to rationalize the fear that has taken them over, although it wasn’t directed at them. Any normal person would have some kind of fearful reaction but my twin was different, unqiue if I may say so, and while my uncle pierced my twin with his royal mencing leer nobody said anything, nobody was brave enough to utter a word. Nobody, except of course, my twin, the only who likes to push the main Vampyre, the old one, the ultimate predator.

It wasn’t more of what Dante said, it was more of his final actions, the ultimate strike that included: sighing loudly, while scratching under his wig, in front of the guests and embarrassing Uncle Zachri. The very thing he has drilled into our heads for weeks on end stressing the importance of not thwarting him. The silence before the storm and nonetheless lucky for us- the storm never came.

Uncle Zachri said into our minds, Leave. He didn’t scream into our minds, he didn’t sound angry, annoyed, irriated and the vein on the right side of his face didn’t pulse out like it usually did when dealing with my very difficult twin. It wasn’t even I’ll punish you later kind of a tone. It was more like he gave up on us for tonight.

Just go away, take whatever friends...

Now that I can do, Dante said before turning and we both left happily. When Uncle Zachri said take whatever friends, he didn’t mean that exactly. We don’t have human friends persay and our uncle doesn’t believe that we can be friends with our food. In Uncle Z’s language he means, find a human and have fun with them.

Dante grinned, “Ingenious wasn’t I?”

“Very shrewd,” I answered scanning the room.

“How many hours until sunset?”

“Not long,”

My twin and I plodded around the ballroom looking for preferably two human females to keep us company.

“Why does he constantly like to keep us up during daylight? It’s very disturbing,” Danted perceived.

“It’s more vexatious for me, you on the other hand have a preffered handle with the whole day walking situation.”

“Then go rest,” my twin optioned.

“How can I rest when dawn is approaching?”

“Yes you are correct, my apologies.” Dante narrowed his gaze on two human females who looked practically bored as us, “We can’t have you missing a beautiful night of galavanting around the city now can we?”

“He did promise a pleasurable night,”

My twin questioned, “Blonde or brunette?”


“Of course,” he sighed and we headed towards the human females.

I said, “You can have the blonde,”

“I don’t want the blonde,”

“Then what was with the exhale?”

“Because you’re a blonde whore,”

“I thought we discussed making up conjunctions of words is not acceptable,”

“I thought we discussed lecturing Dante was pointless?”

I said knowing that arguing with my twin was in deed pointless, “I’ll take the Brunette, you take the blonde.” Plus i'm not a blonde whore, it's what I prefer.

Your still a blonde whore.

And I still have the one with a fuller chest.

I hate your life.

Love you!

Fuck you…

The End

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