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Year 1704, Madrid Spain


My twin and I were born on March 26th ,1700. We were seven and a half years old or seven and half months old in human age, when our parents were murdered right in front us. Since that time we’ve been living with the family friend Uncle Zachri and we like to call him Uncle Z, Z man and or anything creative my twin can come up with. He is one of the most important creatures in the night world society and yet he still took us in despite him not having any of his own, and took time out of the norm to raise us; teach us the right way, the way we were designed to operate, the natural way we should hunt.

This earth is our playground and we are the predator. We take what we want and when we need it. That was Uncle Z’s first and final words of wisdom on the topic. He’s an old one, so he hasn’t adapted to the new way of living and refuses to live among the live stock- the humans. I don’t object to the new way of living and neither does Dante. Him to my surprise loves this new life we have been exposed to; the power, blood, women, money, everything is at our finger tips simply due to the fact that we have one of the most powerful Vampyre’s backing us up.


Today March 26th , 1704 which is our 16th birthday in Vampyre years, counting human years that would make us five years old. Uncle Z has everyone whose an anyone invited to our royal birthday bash and it’s plainly boring. Uncle Zachri is pretty anal for his big bad wolf impression.

This grand day is a formal event, meaning wigs and the European style that had affected our area, again meaning aristocrats adorning themselves in the most extravagant clothing they can concoct and each trying to outdo the other. In which we are tortured into the most ridiculous outfits that appeases our oh so dear uncle, in high hopes that no one would be able to outdo us in his own home and If anyone did, well, let’s just say Uncle Z’s big bad wolf impression is more real than he leads on. One would think since he doesn’t want to live among the live stock, he wouldn’t want to adopt their style, but hey, Uncle Z is Uncle Z.


'Stop slouching! Uncle Zachri bellowed into our minds.

Dante and I automatically straightened in our seats that was specially hand crafted from lime stone and golden shards, just for us as a special gift from Uncle Z the first week it was decided that this was going to be our new home. There are three seats to his little collection and these three seats were placed in the middle of his ball room and up on a stage. His seat of course is in the middle of the stage and mine on the right side of him and Dante to the left.

“Do you not see the guests, I will not have you embarrassing me!” He hissed under his breath.

Dante let out a loud dragged out sigh, as he scratched under his wig and Uncle Z glared at him.

“What?” my twin snapped heedlessly, “This damn thing itches like hell!”

“All I ask of you two is to act civilized for a couple hours, really is that so difficult?” Dante groaned. I didn’t blame him. This damn wig does itch like crazy.

“How long will this be?” I asked, hoping that he didn’t sense a hint of rudeness.

“However long my guests choose to stay,” Uncle Z uttered annoyed with our attitude. He got up and went mingling with his business associates- before he left Uncle Zachri reminded us once again, for the 100th time tonight, not to embarrass him.

Dante slouched back in his comfortable position as soon as Uncle Zachri disappeared through the crowd. I relaxed myself, scratching the hell out of my head when I thought no one was watching or greeting us with a smile, or bow.

“Look at them,” Dante regarded the humans infront of us, who were dancing, talking, laughing, eating and our oh so lovely uncle expected us to join them?... Did he not know me, more importantly does he not know Dante?  

He’s known as the beast of the castle, for a reason.

“They’re dressed up little sandwiches,” he mumbled. “How yummy.” Dante rested his hand under his chin- sighing.

I said, “Do you think we should coalesce?”

“I suppose we should or we would be embarrassing him,”

“How can we not embarrass him, we sigh too loud we embarrass him,”

“Say something the wrong way,”

“Walk the wrong way,”

“Breathe the wrong way,”

“Look the wrong way,”

“How about sitting here and bitching!” Uncle Zachri muttered angrily from behind us. Dante and I both flinched.

I hate it when he does that! Dante demurred reffering to when Uncle Zachri ensconce his presence so we can’t sense him. I agreed with my twin, it was quite annoying and at times can you leave you very skittish. 

“Now, when I count to three, you two ungrateful little boys better be out in the crowd talking and enjoying yourselves. Am I making myself clear?”

Once again I heard Dante’s loud sigh as he pushes himself up and Uncle Z instructs, Straighten your back boy!

Dante does as instructed rolling his eyes and groaning all the while. Unwillingly we pace our steps down the stairs and drag our feet so Uncle Zachari can introduce us to his associates.

Like we give a shit.

The End

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