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After I calmed down enough we were in a kitchen and it was huge. Dante and I were sitting around a long table, while grandpa and grandma exchanged whispers across the room. Even though I have really good hearing, I didn’t care to listen in on them, I didn’t care much for anything else, other than my twin who was sitting beside me at the table.

Dante had a glass of milk and some cookies lay in front of him. He silently ate the cookies and drank his milk. He looked absolutely blank, like he was in a trance and I had a cup of something in front of me. I sniffed it, blood, animals blood to be more specific and for some strange reason, this did not seem appetizing to me.

The taste of humans blood I still remembered.

“Are you ok?” I questioned Dante and he didn’t respond, “Dante..” Why is he not answering? My twin took a sip of milk and ate a piece of cookie. “Answer me,” I insisted and he continued his little cycle. I grabbed his hand that went for the cup, “Dante!”

His empty gaze touched mine and I released his hand. My chest hurt, I want my mama back...

Grandpa said, “He hasn’t talked to anyone since Zachri found out what happened. He hasn’t been to sleep either and it’s been over 24 hours,”

Dante continued with the cookies and the milk.

“What happened to him, to you boys, who did this to you?” Grandma questioned sitting opposite of Dante.

“If you don’t feel like talking now that’s fine,” Grandpa informed me. He was trying to sympathize with our hurt or maybe he was actually hurting since it was his daughter that was murdered. Either way, just like papa, I didn’t believe in their grieving sadness.

I took a deep breath, “Masked man…” I said. “4 masked men came into our home…” and Grandma and grandpa listened to me as I told them what had happened on that hot storming night. I didn’t leave out not one single detail and I don’t think I could’ve left out any details even if I tried. By the time I was done telling them what had happened grandpa and grandma were both quiet, grandma had tears streaming down her cheeks, grandpa had the most heartbroken expression and Dante had stopped eating and tears fell away.

He wiped his face, “Mama and papa are gone?”

“Yes,” Grandma confirmed her voice breaking.

Dante didn’t say anything else, he simply continued with drinking his milk and eating his cookies. But I had feeling, for the first time since Uncle Zachri found us Dante had finally realized what had happened that night.


It had been decided through much conversation with the adults, that Uncle Zachri was going to take care of us. They came to that conclusion since other than our grandparents, he was one of the only few who we knew and associated with not including our blood uncles. When grandma insisted that we stayed with Mama’s brothers, Grandpa rejected the thought seconds before grandma even presented that option. Grandma was not happy about this, she wanted us within the council, at least within family just in case the same men that killed mama and papa would try and come for us.

Surprisingly Grandpa was trying to do what was best for us and mama’s brothers was not the best choice. Plus something about Dante and I not being allowed within the councils. However, as soon as they realized that I was listening they changed the topic to how much fun me and Dante would have living with Zachri. Giving me a list of things that are available to us now, that once upon a time wasn’t.

Our new dwelling is at Uncle Zachri’s home. Dante and I have our own bedrooms, they’re connected through one door and it helps especially with nights when one of us has nightmares. We have all the toys and maid service in the world. Nobody knows what exactly we are, only the selected few that Uncle Zachri tells like the nurses, or like how Uncle Zachri calls them.

Living with Uncle Zachri has been a change on many levels for my twin and I. A major change in our life style I would say has most affected both of us on equal levels, would be the view on the human world. Mama had once told me a long time ago, a time I try not to go back too often she said, “Humans are people, sweetie. They have rights, you can’t just treat humans like a cow that you slaughter,” and this new life style I have learned to adapt is exactly how my twin and I treat humans. Dante especially adapted to his new life and to my understanding is loving every minute of it. Not too soon after we started living with Uncle Zachri, our uncle found out the most interesting facts about my twin- which would explain his little fang situation…

This earth is our playground and we are the predator. We take what we want and when we need it. Straight from Uncle Zachri’s mouth, the Ultimate predator.

The End

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