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Papa's hands were locked on his head, his fingers indented his flesh as he blaired in infinite misery and blood leaked from his body like an open facet. Collapsing to his knees, blood poured heavily from his nose, ears and his eyes began to bulge. His peachy complex was swelling pink and I wished I could stop it, but it echoed into our home, lingering in my ears and I wanted to cover my ears- hoping that it would stop. I wish what I was seeing, I never saw and I tried closing my eyes; to escape the image but something kept them open and forced me to witness the death of papa.

I felt Dante’s fingers jagging my arm as papa’s shriek volumed and I knew the pain he was in was becoming unimaginably painful and all I wanted them to do was stop, just leave us alone.

Why are they doing this!

            “Stop!” I yelled. “Leave my papa alone!”

And grinning wickedly one of the masked ones replied, “This is the fun part.”

Suddenly papa's scream turned into a gurgling, blood started choking its way up his throat, then he stopped and papa’s bulging eyes rolled in the back of his head. The thick licid over poured out of his mouth and papa fell hitting the floor with a thud. A puddle of blood formed just under his head, leaking from his ear.

I hadn’t noticed at what point both Dante and I were crouched together. I was trembling, crying and so was Dante. We watched both of our parents get murdered in front of us. Now what? Is it our turn? Will I watch Dante be killed or will he watch me be killed? This may sound bad, but I would prefer Dante to go next- I should be the last one for his sake.

“Wasn’t that cool?” The two coloured masked one smiled at us, “His head just went pop!” he had both of his fists by his head and expanded them with the word ‘pop’.

“You,” said the one who killed mama, neither of us answered and neither of us even looked up to see who he was talking to. I heard Dante cry out and felt him grip my arm as the masked Vampyre  picked up my twin by his hair.

“Leave us alone,” I screamed holding unto brother and despite my thoughts, I couldn’t just let them take my twin even though I know it was inevitable.

Marquis! Dante cried out into my mind.

I held on as tight as I could, ¡Adelante!

I heard laughter and I felt something, a force, an invisible intensity that ripped my brother and I apart. Whatever it was pinned me against the wall and I couldn’t move.

“Wait your turn,” grinned the one with the coloured mask.    

White tear drop shoved Dante down in front of him. “Vile creature,” his voice was full disgust. Why? What did we do to them?

“Disgrace to our kind!” he hissed and just then Dante cried out holding his head, gripping unto his skull in sheer agony- screaming like papa moments ago. Blood leaked from his nose, ears and his eyes. His bloody eyes held mine, wanting, needing, pleading me to help him but I couldn’t- I couldn’t even if I tried.

Lo siento!, I'm sorry..., I cried and the force that imprisoned me to the wall, no longer did I feel the heavy pressure and I covered my ears as Dante’s spine chilling scream echoed through the house. His face started turning pink and he kept screaming and he wouldn’t stop.

Marquis... I heard his voice faintly.

I can’t. Por favor, perdóname ...

I closed my eyes, rocking back and forth, humming mama’s melody when I heard a deep voice bellow down the hall. I didn’t sense this one, where did he come from?

“Stop!”  I heard him repeat.

I stopped the humming and Dante stopped the screaming. I heard him drop to the floor and I peeked my teary eyes open. I sensed some life in Dante, he wasn’t dead but barely alive. The three masked men watched in the direction leading into the kitchen, to the front of the house and I heard the hard footsteps as someone walked through my home.

“Leave him be,” the sovereign yet tranquil voice spoke and I felt my body tremble when his presence I was now able to sense. The three masked vampyre's disappeared and a huge man stopped inches away from me. His fangs were half unfurled, he looked down on me, his eyes starless and cold. He shifted his attention to my brother who was not dead but on the border line of life and death. The man, no Vampyre reached over to mama’s dead body and pulled off her necklace and ring; switching his attention to me once more. I started feeling light headed and sleepy, my eyes were too heavy for me to keep up and I saw him leave my vision blurred. I wearily watched him leave my home, with my dead mama, papa and almost dead twin. My eyes closed, I think I fell asleep, I know I had night mares of events that took place on this hot summer night in Barcelona Spain, when I almost lost everything.

The End

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