1.4 FarewellMature

“How nice of you to let us in,” the first masked man said pushing his damp hair back. His mask was white with a black tear drop.

The other one said, “I hope you don’t mind our little visit?” he smiled fangs and all. His mask was half white and half black.  

“I promise we won’t be long,” The first one replied. The one with the black tear drop.

Papa took grip of both our hands backing away as both Vampyre's came into our home, taking their sweet time and blowing out the candles. They looked around at their surroundings, as they meandered closer towards Papa, Dante and I. Papa pushed us behind him, and I saw mama around the corner, she was bleeding lying on the floor as the masked demon hovered over her.

“Mama…” Dante cried using papa’s leg as a shield.

The masked man looked up as he licked his bloody fingers and smiled mockingly, “Mama!” he mocked in a whiney voice, “Mama! Mama! I think they’re calling you mama!” He proceeded off her, “Go to them,” he said icily.

Mama forced herself up and still watching him she staggered to her feet. She had multiple flesh wounds scattered on her body, face swollen, and discolored. Her dark blue night gown was soaked in blood, and her hair was drenched. Mama limped her way towards us, holding her side as blood crawled down from under her night gown and sliding down her thighs.

That was the last memory I have of my mama alive.

“Layla…” Papa whispered.

Mama held out her hand, “…Mauricio.”

Papa came forward his voice breaking, “Su va a estar bien.” He promised mama everything was going to be okay and he was lying!

Liar! Liar! Liar!

Mama faltered closer, holding her side and her free hand stretched out for papa’s- they never touched. There was a hand through mama’s chest and straight through mama’s heart. Mama coughed blood and looked down at what was preventing her from being in the arms of my papa. The other two masked men laughed behind us, as the one with the white tear drop retracted his hand and letting mama’s body fall to floor inches in front of us. Papa yelled out not doing anything.  Why doesn’t he do something!? Grandpa was right about him, papa is weak!

Mama! Get up! I yelled crying.

Dante cried, “Mama!”

Mama! Mama! Please get up, and she didn’t move. Mama stayed there lifeless, not moving despite all of us calling out to her, wanting her and needing her the most. Why won’t she get up, my mama’s not weak!

            "Mama!" I screamed gazing at her open, frivolous pale green eyes, her hair tousled over her face and the smell of her blood swarmed the hallway- infesting the air.

            Mama was gone, dead...

“Layla….” Papa said faintly.

The one who took mama’s life, bent down brushing the hair from her face. “It’s such a shame, she was such a beauty.”

Why is he touching my mama?

“Don’t touch her!” Papa yelled and he charged after him, he didn’t get far when the one with the black tear drop grabbed papa’s arms pinning them against his back- holding him still.

“You wanna see something cool?” I heard the last one say behind me and Dante. There was no response from my twin or I.

“Good!” he smiled regardless showing his fangs, “Let’s have some fun!” He grabbed unto mine and Dante’s arms pulling us over to where papa was being held in confinement and mama’s dead body laid.

Mama’s body was now rapidly decaying. Her regular peachy pale complexion was now turning grey and blotchy. Her long finger nails were turning yellow and cracking. Her eyes that was black had a grey glossy coating over them and a foul odor escaped into the small atmosphere.

The masked man pushed us against the wall, “Stay.” He commanded.

Papa yelled, “Don’t touch them!”  And he tried with all his might to set himself free- it was wasted effort.

“Are you ready for the finale?” the same masked one questioned and the one who was holding papa hostage, grabbed papa’s hair pulling his head back exposing his neck. The one with the two coloured mask went over to papa brushing his fingers over his bare neck.

“Don’t touch my boys,” papa said in a more defeated voice, “please don’t do anything to them.”

The one who killed mama laughed an unnerving chuckle, “Fine, we won’t touch them.” and just then mama’s decaying body slowly began to float and mama’s body went flying down the hall. “We don’t need to touch them…” he mused. I felt Dante cling to me tightly, pressing his face against my shoulder as I watched my mama’s body being flung down the hall. What gives him the right to do that to my mama!?

Thunder crackled outside and the wind roared. Dante whimpered, huddling even closer than I thought was possible and my attention was ripped over to papa’s direction, when I heard a chastening bellow escape from his thorax and piercing my ears.

The End

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