1.3 Beginning of The EndMature

Unwilling Mama led me and papa to the front of the house and I couldn’t sense them. I couldn’t hear anything and even in my mind was too quiet. This isn’t right, something is terribly wrong! The wind screamed and clashed against our home. Lightening boomed and roared while drops of water dribbled into the buckets on the floor. Drip, drop, drip, drop....

Dante had finally relaxed in papa’s arms; he was clinging to his neck for dear life and much like I gripped on mama’s hand. Mama was looking around hastily. Could mama not sense anything either? Mama looked down at me once again- fear stricken.

“Mama’s who is it?” I questioned. “Where did they go?”

Papa questioned, “What’s wrong?” and mama looked to papa shaking her head.

“Mama,” I replied. “Why can’t I sense anything? Can you sense them?” She didn’t answer me, looking at me briefly then back at papa. He put an arm around her holding mama close. The silence was deadly.

A loud crack of thunder erupted with lightening piercing through the cracks of the wooden boards papa put up by the windows and Mama’s grip tightened around me, she felt the wave and so did I.

Dante cried out, “They’re here!” And the front door burst open flying passed us, followed by a gust of wind. I flinched from the wind and when I looked up there was someone standing in our doorway, drenched from the rain.

Papa and mama turned running back down the hallway. Mama was pulling me along, she wasn’t going her normal speed, we would leave papa and Dante behind if we did. All of a sudden someone appeared beside me- running alongside mama and I. He had a black mask covering half of his face, eyes black and fangs extended. Mama came to a sudden stop, forcing me behind her.

“Go with your father,” She pushed me away.    

Mama no!

Now is not the time to argue with me.

“No,” I screamed. “I want to stay and help!” Papa pulled me down the hall and I got my hand free from his. “No!” I ran back down the hall and he appeared in front of me, the one with the mask. I couldn’t help to notice the white tear drop painted under his right eye.

“Disgusting veil creatures,” He divulged with brininess. “You should have been killed from in the womb.”

I looked up at him, my fangs automatically extended and I knew my eyes were changing black as well, “Leave my house!”

The masked man smiled and I saw his hand lifting to strike. I closed my eyes expecting to feel the blow, I heard papa call out my name, and the force of the hit never came. I squinted my eyes open and mama had him by the hand.

She growled, fangs unfurled and eyes pure sable. “Touch my little bloodling and I will use the flesh of your hands as a replacement for a new pair of silk gloves.”

The stranger swiftly retracted his hand from mama’s grip and watched my mama tilting his head, “Or I could skin your two little brats, stuff them like dolls and use them as a warning for those who want to follow in your highness footsteps,”

“Leave my house or you’ll regret it,” mama threatened.

The masked man erupted a frightening laughter, “I think you have it wrong,” he said pushing mama back. “For you’re the one that will regret pushing out those little brats of yours,” He slammed mama into the wall, it cracked and pieces of dry wall fell to the floor. “No,” he cooed continuing, “actually, you’ll regret the day you conceived them, the day you let that human touch you most intimate,” His hands curved around mama’s throat.

“Marquis!” I heard papa call and he grabbed my arm. “Let’s go, Mama will be fine…”

“No!” I screamed pulling my hand away once again. Papa’s lying! I can hear his heart beating out of control, smell the sweat exhausting out his pores and smell the fear seeping from his flesh. He knows what they’ll do to her, to us- it won’t be ok!

“Deja a mi mamá en paz!” I yelled at the masked man to leave my mama alone.

Mama yelled into my head pushing me backwards, Ve con tu papá!


Ve con tu papá! She pushed me even harder, I fell backwards as mama and the masked man started fighting. Papa picked me up, throwing me over his free shoulder while Dante occupied his right arm and he ran down the hall ignoring my screaming and thrashing. Papa placed us down as he unlocked the back door and I heard mama cry out; I smelled blood and papa told me not to move. Finally with his fumbling fingers he got the door open and there was two other masked man outside our door. Soaked from the rain. The wind shrieked blowing drops of rain into our home and thunder clapped flashing brightness. Dante flinched clinging to papa’s hand.

The End

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