1.2 The UninivtedMature

Mama laughed faintly, “You’ll learn to control it.”

“I want more,” I pouted.

“Another time.”

“How come we don’t hunt humans?”

“Because they aren’t food.” She answered simply.

“Animals are food,” I pointed out, “and they have blood, so why not humans and humans have better tasting blood then animals?”

Mama still held me close to her, “Humans are people sweetie. They have rights, you can’t just treat a human like a cow that you can slaughter.”

“Cows, chickens, pigs and goats, people consider that food in which they eat and they hunt, keep them trapped in barns and slaughter them when they’re hungry.”

“That doesn’t make it right,”

“I don’t understand mama, blood is our food, yes?”

“Yes baby, you’ll understand in time.” She loosened her grip forcing me to face her and when I met her emerald eyes she spoke. “Listen to me, your father is not food. Humans are not food for you to feed on when you want, am I making myself clear?”

I nodded just ‘cause’, I didn’t agree how something could taste so good I could not have when I wanted.

Mama continued, “You will get another chance to feed on a human, that much I can promise you,” And I smiled at that promise- something to look forward too.

“Mama,” I said interrupting her melody.

Her fingers combed through my hair, “Yes.”

“Is papa angry with me?”

Her brows came together, “No, never sweetie.”

“Did I hurt papa?”

“You didn’t hurt him, more weakened him. He will just need to rest up for the night, longer sleeping time.”

“Mama?” I questioned again after a while, I loved her humming.


“Me and you are different, right?”

“In a sense mijo,”

I remembered my twin, “Then why does Dante have fangs, pointy teeth like me and you?”

Mama frowned, “What are you talking about?”

“When I was feeding on Papa and before you did that crashing thing into my mind, I saw Dante hiding behind the door and he had fangs. But when he saw that I saw him, he covered his mouth and disappeared.”

“Interesting…” was all mama said before I felt another wave and this time the powerful convolution was filled with pure hatred, hostility and bitterness-  and it was coming for us. Something was outside, coming towards our house! All of them with one goal in mind. I looked up at mama fearful, whose brows were pulled tightly and her expression grim- she was up and out the door within seconds. Before she left mama said, “Get your brother, find your father and leave out the back door,” and she was gone.

I jumped off the bed leaving the room before peeking out the door and into the hallway, something is coming. I hurried down the hall to our bedroom, “Dante,” I whispered. Why was I whispering?

“Dante, seriously I’m not playing.” I glanced around our room and he wasn’t in here. I peeked back out the hallway- I could feel them closer. I hurried down the hall, calling out Dante’s name and still whispering. “Dante!”

I stopped when I heard something banging against the wall- he was in the storage room. I opened the door and there he was rocking back and forth, his back banging on the storage walls covering his ears.

“They’re coming, someone’s coming!” he cried, “They want to hurt us!”

“I know, we have to get out of here. Come on let’s go, we have to find papa,”

He didn’t move, he stayed rocking back and forth. Repeating what he just told me and another wave of pure animus poured into me. Dante shook his head violently, banging against the storage walls even harder.

“They’re closer,” he cried.

I heard papa calling out to us, “Papa,” I answered, “we’re here!”

He came from around the corner and his wrist were bandaged, “We have to go now.” I’m guessing Mama told him what was happening.

My twin continued to bang his back against the wall and papa glanced down at Dante stirring. “Dante…” Papa said not understanding why my twin was acting like this. Why would he understand? He’s human after all.   

“He senses them, they’re evil papa, real evil and they want to hurt us.” I cried.

Now realizing and understanding the situation at hand, Papa scooped up Dante and we headed towards the back doors. However we didn’t make it close enough before I heard mama call out to us and within seconds she was in front of Papa and I.

“Not the back door,” She said her back to us and I went over taking mama’s hand in mine. She tightened her grip and turned looking at me with the most tremulous expression I had yet to witness. I myself suddenly felt a little frightened for my mama is always cool, calmed and collected. But this expression that’s painted on her face is new to me, the worry visibly striking behind her green eyes is something that I’m not used to seeing. What’s going on outside? And who’s dropping by for a visit?  

The End

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