Sour Like a LemonMature

I was in no hurry to get back to my step father's house, but I did want to get out of the rain.

My jeans were soaked through and it was becoming a little uncomfortable in certain... areas. I walked past some shops, deciding which one I wished to escape into.

I came across a small little coffee shop I'd only been to one other time with my real father. I turned under the awning and peered into the windows. It was really busy, and I wasn't one for crowds. I pressed my back to the window and slid down onto the wet ground. I figured that I was already soaked to the bone, what harm could sitting in a puddle do?

A girl I recognized from that wretched place called school stepped outside with her little sister.

"Hi, Clair. Waiting for someone?" she stopped to ask. Hiding behind my mask of indifference I shrugged.

"Not really. Just killing time," I answered honestly. No need to lie.

"Oh... You know, it's not illegal to go inside," she said jokingly.

"I know." was my only reply.

"Okay. Well, I guess I'll see you next month, if not sooner. Bye Clair." It was obvious she was uncomfortable standing out in the rain talking with me. I nodded and watched her as she and her little sister made a mad dash for their nice car.

A white 2005 Buick Lacrosse. I squashed my envy like a bug. I was no Mary Tend. I didn't have the beautiful long, curly brown hair, the pretty sea green eyes. I didn't have the money, nor anything else. Our lives were entirely different.

I keep telling myself that I can go without all the luxury, without a normal family. That I shouldn't want what I can't ever have, because it will turn me into a sour, bitter, and lonely girl.

Not that I wasn't close enough to that image already. I was lonely. I was bitter towards anyone who smiled.

My step dad says that I'm sour like a lemon. But can he honestly blame me?

I've lost the things most important to me, all before I was even in double digits. And he thinks that have anything to be grateful for? Yeah right.

That jack ass can shove it up his ass.

I didn't need him to come into my life and make it worse than it already was. I don't even speak to my mom because of him anymore; she's so wrapped around his finger all because he has a steady job and can support us.

I dug my long finger nails into my palms, trying not to throw a punch at the innocent window behind me and end up getting kicked out again, for good.

Jack, short for jack ass,  as I secretly call the man who invaded my home, got my mom to kick me out for a week for not doing the dishes and bringing him a beer in a timely and fashionably manner. I was supposed to come back in today at five.

I peeked at my dripping watch, thankful it was waterproof. Seven twenty eight was what the little digital numbers whispered to me. I'd lost track of time, sitting here and thinking to myself. Four hours had passed.

I was two hours late, but I didn't care. They weren't worried.

I debated whether I should even come back at all, but where would I go? What would I do? I have no money, no friends. Jack made quite sure of that last year.

The rain lightened up, and the storm blew west, away from the city. It was still cloudy, but a little bit lighter. I stood up and stretched, realizing just how much damage a cold puddle and a few hours could do to a sore and tired body like mine.

I followed the storm, heading west, and got off of main street. My heart sank further, beneath my toes by now, as I walked the familiar streets back to the place I dreaded most.

The End

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